December 31, 2008

pfffffffffff, the small apocalyptic feeling, the sisyfosiac hustle and pushing, the great curve, all in all counting, crawling through the retroport to 2009...

happy whatever in the year to come...

December 30, 2008

Always have ridden me like a nightmarish paradox that The Holy Land 2000 years ac still is the epicenter for one the most deveasting imbalances feeding the consistency of war. And having just celebrated christmas and the Coming Of The Lord Jesus Christ, just adds to the paradox and utter loss of meaning.

Oh Oh Oh The Isarelites! (Desmond Dekker)

May 2009 become yet another a-rambling year for democracy!

December 23, 2008

One more flag man that should make familyfascist Langballe have a better christmas, The Pope Poul Benedikt:

And to eloborate the mental where abouts of the Pope, heres a posting from april 21 2005, about the popes religious and progressive approach to The Modern

Today, For a brief moment, after having neglected it and my house- mantra of “revolution starts at home” , I`ll return to the ongoing soap of WHY THIS secondrate poet doesn’t LOVE BIG BUSINESS™, this being part 45, and turn to the fuzz about the new Pope:
Joseph Ratzinger aka Benedict XVl.

In an earlier posting in December 2004, I emphasized the conflation of state, big business and church, and in the same go I generally outlined the Church as being an equivalent to Big Business™, with the following three arguments:

Why is religion currently to be identified with economy = Big Business™? There are 3 significant features.
1: With the free market religion has changed and is now anchored in three specific capitalist characteristics: competition between religion and churches, commodification and choice. This makes it a part of market economy.
2: Religious ethics makes people choose economics, that is, religion determines economic decisions.
3: The sacredness of religion is applied to the understanding of economy.

So that allows me to consider the new Pope as a CEO – Chief executive Officer – who, as a young man was a passionate Hitler Jugends Luftwaffe – reigning abusiness controlling the mindset over a vast amount of catholics worldwide, with a set of values on 6 important issues, that goes as follows:

Secularism: “We have moved from a Christian culture to aggressive an intolerant secularism. A society in which God is completely absent self-destructs.” (J. Ratzinger, November 2004)Other religions: He has repeatedly condemned ”religious pluralism” and relativism, the idea that other religions can hold the way to salvation, and has been instrumental in blocking the advance of priests who think differently.“This trhuth of faith does not lessen the sincere respect which the church has for the religions of the world, but at the same time it rules out, in a radical way, that mentality of indifferentism characterized by a religious relativism which leads to the belief that “one religion is as good as the another”: (J. Ratzinger in The Vatican Document “Dominus Jesus, November 2000)

The Catholic Sex Abuse Scandal: “One comes to the conclusion that it is intentional, manipulated, that there is a desire to discredit the church” (J. Ratzinger, December 2002)

Women: He is pro-prohibiting on women as priests and criticises feminism for ignoring biological differences. In a church statement august 2004 he called on governments to “mange conditions so that women do not need to neglect their families if they want to pursue a job”

Sexuality and Marriage: He is a leading voice enforcing the traditional doctrine on homosexuality, extramarital sex and artificial birthcontrol, writing a letter to American bishops in 1988, for example he critized their acceptance of condoms to stop the spread of AIDS, saying the American view supported “the classical principle of tolerance of the lesser evil”

About homosexuality and same sex-marriage he rams on: “There is absolutely no grounds for considering homosexual unions to be in any way similar or even remotely analogous to Gods plan for marriage and family. Marriage is holy, while homosexual acts go against the natural moral law”.

Abortion and euthanasia:“There is a last border we cannot cross without becoming destroyers of creation itself. (J. Ratzinger, “God and the world”, October 2004)

December 21, 2008

man of the year, Klaus Doering.
Please, check it out, this is as humanas it gets

December 19, 2008

Jesper Langballe (DF)
The attempted go for a ban on gay marriage seems to have failed for the Danish government, now that the proposal to allow it have been put forward. Following yesterdays posting on the governments declared cultural war, the same government wish to ban gay marriage really just adds to a picture of mono cultural entity.
“Its an ideological attack on the marriage institution,” says flag-man Jesper Langballe.
Langballe is really showing his true colour here: After also earlier this year, opening for the debate on parents a right to violently punish their children, and his utter homofobia, he more and more resembles those of the radical Islamic milieu he so desperately also wants to blow from the face of the earth. Convert my man, convert!

The discussion of whether or not gay couples should be allowed to adoption, might as well be followed by an debate whether or not to ban marriage. It is, if anything a rightfull debate on marriage as an institution, because it has become evident that the idea/institution/construction no longer is a contemporary and fit idea. The debate of gay-adoption, is only one of the much needed debates to develop the free choice (ironically so celebrated by liberals ), and to develop a form and new consensus under which the individual is free to choose – you could say life-form, and so mirror contemporary and modern thinking, instead of desperately, as Langballe, look back in anger
The attempted ban on gay-adoptions is more an ideological attack on democratic institution than gay-adoptions is an attack on marriage as an institution.
The considerations of whether two men can raise a child to be “normal", is so lame and practically saying that a dad (man) in and man/woman relationship has no influence either.

A gay-relationship adopting should and would of course undergo the same public scrutiny. And let it be said loud and clear: The demands put forward now in Denmark, concerning lesbian couples wanting to have an insemination is already close to discrimination. I am convinced that, when you are confronted with those demands and still choose to go forward with the idea, the decision of whether or not to have a child is so thoroughly considered, that there should be no doubt depth of that decision or the competences the couples in question holds.

Stating that a man/woman relationship, and that is what they say – generally has a better statistic chances of succeeding in a long term marriage and relationship and upbringing to me, seems blindfolded and of the perception that only in the company of pigs can we truly become men.

December 18, 2008

The berlusconi-esque colourgrade of danish official govermental cultural policy is still, that culture is a matter of figthing, eradicating the benefit of doubt, being judgemental (rindal-mental), being prejudice, afraid, in other words: lets breed the mono-culture: in more words: culture is something you can win by stigmatizing, control and supression, The Arts is best under strict control and quota regulations...beautiful up to date approach. Drop the bomb!

December 15, 2008

While everybody awaits the return of Stein Bagger from his US prison, danish multimillion corporation, PFA, a company with an economical foundation based on the obligatory pension payments of joe average, is deeply involved in yet another scam masterminded again by a celebrated Wall Street investor Bernard Madoff. PFA faces loss in the area of 165 million danish coronas, Danske Bank(Bank of Denmark) and insuracecompany Nordea, another estimated 350 million danish kroner. Bank of Denamrk is already looking at a 350 million corona loss in the Stein Bagger soap. Thats approx. a 500 million corona loss for Bank of denamrk within three weeks, and I speculate weather its fair if the goverment has considerations letting their crisis-pack for the banking-world cover that loss.

Following a downfall of the economical sytem per se, I cant help to wonder if a ladder part of the hot-air balloon that consituted the capitalistic hard-on over the past years, is anything but a hypthetical construction, an economic wild west, a klondyke, a New Era Goldrush, that understood the subtle art of individualizing the profit merely on socializing the risc, thus, as raw capitalism in its soulless core-value is, a self-consuming monster set to crash hard, pulling a flappergasted half breathing world to it knees, to the abyss.

The conflation between capitalism and democracy is dead in the cradlle, and the cultural war still racing, terrorising and vacuuming the US and large parts of the MiddleEast in particular, into utter poverty cant never be said to be a mission accomplished.

Save our Souls. There is no more moral highground. Stop praying and start running.

A New Order classic "blue monday" here: to kick off a week of more Hammergeil Cereal Box Life and Leisure Structuralism...

December 14, 2008

Following Rene Schmidt - of - around Berlin, to check out the gallery scene, you gotta get up early and et ready for a nitty and consequent show-down.

48 galleries in 48 hours. With galleries clustered together the number it self isnt the issue, its the amount of galleries that stand out: We ofcourse encountered less furtunate exhibitons, boring exibitions, bad exibitions, bad art and bad taste, but that said, The Berlin Gallery scene adds flavour to a the city that comes out super-dynamic, open and welcoming. It also elaborate the problem and many issues in the progression of the commodification of art.

But that aside I was blasted away by the works of photographer Yeondoo Jung (For Your Loneliness II), painter David Schell, photgrapher Jay Mark Jonhson, sculptors Tony Cragg and not the least american sculptor Chris Larsson.

Larson, Minnesota-based scupltor, was represented at gallery, with a midevael looking contraption, build in wood. What firstly came out as a giamt toturre instrument was dotted with references to mythlogy, magic, music, science, farming and neurology. The complex constructions was clearly functional, and created a strange dark but somehow romatic feeling. A truly original and new form, a new scuptoral language.

Moreover or besides the arts. I made it to HARDWAX, treptower park and some plastered night life and openings, and I`m looking forward to spring in Berlin.

December 10, 2008

from today, a virgin trip to berlin. at last....

December 06, 2008

after a long visual nadir, check out the new uploads at my flickr account.

December 05, 2008

Never been a great blues fan and this just adds to my pleasure. Gary Moore ripped off his pathetic hymn to heartbreak "Still got the blues" from an obscure german band....Gary No Moore royalties...

December 04, 2008

without being judgemental or in any other way taking part (except for the high entertainment-value) in the on going soap of IT-mutant and crowdpleaser Stein Bagger, who seemingly have disapearred with 500 mill. danish coronas and leaving hundres of individuals in the dust, danish tabloid Ekstra Bladet, in their editorial today emphasis a point about Stein Bagger that seems, firstly very ekstrabladsk, and secondly...really really strange. They write:

"The system was so blinded by greed, that Stein Bagger, standing only 170 centimeters tall..."

Ill leave it open for interpretation...

December 03, 2008

A little aftermath of the american presdential-election was left in my inbox today, from compadre extraordinaire, Kris Badkar, from across (and beyond)the pond. I quote:

".....Finally, I was so wound up and expectedthe Republican bastards to steal the election that I had a sense ofimpending doom... riots in the streets, an overthrow of government,revolution and rebellion. Fortunately, my boy Obama won and I was allemotional and relieved. Then O addressed the crowd and I thought, man, isthe guy really going to be our President? I mean I don't want to puke whenhe speaks. He speaks English, like an educated person, can he really bePresident of the US? Isn't it elitist to be so eloquent? Won't "Red State"America grab their guns and a 6 pack, hop in the pick up truck, and juststart shooting at schoolyards because it's UnAmerican to discuss politics inan intelligent manner? Is it possible that America has turned around andgrown-up after Bush beat the brains back in them? I was in Las Vegas for a business convention, watching the election resultsin my hotel room. I had to go down to the casino floor to see thereactions. I half expected to see people throwing dollar bills in the airand celebrating, dancing on tables, making toasts to the New One. No, Iknew it was just a pipe dream. I came down and there was no change indemeanor, just business as usual in the gamblers' den. So I got myself adrink at the bar, shoved $10 in the video poker machine, and listened toconversations floating by. Red State bastards. They are afraid, veryafraid. He's going to increase taxes. He's a socialist, going to take fromthe rich, hardworking whites and give it to black welfare mothers. He'sgoing to infringe upon the right to have a loaded gun in every room. It'sthe damned "liberal media" that elected that mutt. He's going to killbusiness and capitalistic principles. The terrorists must be celebrating.He's not an American citizen and he's really a Muslim. He's acceleratingthe Apocalypse and the End of Days. He only won because all those blackpeople voted for the first time. Blah. Blah. It just took the wind out ofmy sails. No celebrating now Morten, I've got 47% of Americans to convert, kill, or bekilled trying. There is a serious divide in this country. Someday soon,there's gonna be civil war. Even if Obama is a grand success and can turnthis economic and global relations mess around, "they" will find a way ofblaming him for all the evils in the world. He'll have to be our nextLincoln to save the Union, or be killed trying, and I'm like John Brown on arampage to alert the people, something is rotten in the state of America...."

squirt or swallow...

December 02, 2008

Oh Yi Come decemberreligion worth billions
away the mystique from the shopping spree
this is what we see and can truly believe

December 01, 2008

Like every christmsmas is basically a rerun of emotions, rituals, consumerism and urban tales I join the corps of howling wolfs with a 2004 tale of poverty, which I intend to do every chritsmas for as long as I blog: Through repetition to create a plausible cultural narrative.

In the first days of december I was poor, and that in it self is a very good reason not to be head over heels in love with Big Business. I was poor and poverty is embarrassing and paralyzing. I was poor and I was out of cigarettes. Two things that is not a sociological surprise in The States; being poor and a passionate smoker, but nonetheless: I needed my smokes, and I’ll be damned not to get them.
I had about 3 dollar and 75 cents in coins, that’s about 140 coins because I was down to counting one-cent and five-cent pieces, and 2 dollar 16 cent, sitting on my debit-card. I took the car down to the local Seven Eleven Foodstore(!), on the mercy of big business reluctant to shop there, but that was as far as the car would take me, running really low on fuel. When you are poor, it’s hard to uphold your principles.Once in the shop not wanting to disclose my poverty to the afro-American woman at the register, I asked for a pack of American Spirit Lights, and ran my card through the slit.And no surprise to me: the display says: “Declined”.“Let me just try again” I told her, and I did, and it did. The card was declined again. “I don’t understand. I’m awaiting a transfer from Europe, and it should have gone through…like…days ago” I lie in total self-denial. I’m ordering the transfer tomorrow, and only threw in the Europe fact to deroute the focus of my situation.“You know what, let me just run to the ATM-machine on the other side of the street to see if it looks different.”I actually did it, and I almost believed that it would look different, but I knew very well that it didn’t, I was in other word HOPING that it did, knowing that it WOULDN`T and it didn’t. No tengo dinero!The three dollars and seventy-five cents I meticulously had counted before leaving and left in the car in a plastic bag, were just waiting to picked up and spend. And so it goes: I picked up the coins in the car, which I wouldn’t even call money, and went back into the shop.“Well, the money hadn’t come, but if you would be very patient with me, I’ve got my parkometer coins here, and I think if I count them, it’ll pay a pack of smokes..”“No problem” said the clerk, and I emptied the bag on the counter, just as about a group of people entered the shop, and lined up behind me. I had counted as long as 2 dollar 80 cents, and piled the coins up, when the sweat started to drip. I looked at the price tags under different pack of smokes and saw the cheapest, a pack of Gold Coast: 2,79.“Allright, give me a pack of those” I said and pointed to the Gold Coasts.“Which?” says the clerk, and brings out a pack of Chesterfield, 3,89 dollars, from the rack next to the Gold Coasts.“No, no, the ones left…”“Oh, the cheep ones…-of course…sorry” she says.“No problem” I reply, as I get the pack and scrape the rest of the coins into the bag. I leave the shop stumbling, pushes the door instead of pulling, though it says PULL on a big sticker. Once outside I rip the pack open, not having smoked for hours. The smoke is good, but loose, and disappears in 6 drags. A one-minute fag to ease the long pain of being poor. A week later when the money had finally come through I went back to the same shop to buy more smokes and in that sense expecting to prove my credibility to the same clerk: I`m not poor. It was a freak situation. But she wasn`t working.Instead it was this incredibly fat, toothless woman, who almost took my craving for a glassy donut and a cup of coffee away. On the counter lay a laminated pricelist stating the many prices of different donuts, which I by accident push of the counter with my coffeecup. The woman then picks it up places it on the counter again and with a smile saying.“Oh you guys! All you wanna do is to see me bend over….”

I havn`t shopped there since.

November 25, 2008

Danmark er i minus, skriver Politikens web-site idag. Økonomisk. Vi udvider billedet lidt. Men horisonten fader og perspektiverne falmer

November 23, 2008

denne fornemmelse der spejles plat som en reklame for merci chokolade i heavy rotation, den rungende hule taknemmelighed over at være til, der bare bliver til det, idyl der suttes af på overtrækschokolade, er det virkelig så simpelt?

inden jeg flader ud og falder i søvn foran tv`et og min ældste søn bemærker det og går i seng fordi han ikke gider at høre på mig snorke, dukker det alternative billede op, jeg overhaler reklamens billedsprog indenom som en færge i et folke-race.

November 22, 2008

Baby went to Amsterdam She put a little money into travelling Now it's so slow, so slow Baby went to Amsterdam Four, five days for the big canal Now it's so slow, so slow And I was heading up north To a place that I know Eating well, sleeping well But still I was way, way out of line Amsterdam was stuck in my mind Oh, it's a kind of stupid groove That you can't ignore Oh, it's a kind of natural fact Sometimes you're just left to be alone Baby went to Amsterdam She put a little money into travelling Now it's so slow, so slowBaby went to Amsterdam Four, five days for the big canal Now it's so slow, so slow And I got to go away To a place of my own Working hard, fill my timeFrom that day on, till I hit the bed Amsterdam was stuck in my head Oh, it's a kind of stupid groove That you can't ignore Oh, it's a kind of natural fact Sometimes you're just left to be aloneBaby went to Amsterdam She put a little money into travelling Now it's so slow, so slowBaby went to Amsterdam Four, five days for the big canal Now it's so slow, so slowBaby went to Amsterdam She put a little money into travellingNow it's so slow, so slowBaby went to AmsterdamFour, five days for the big canal Now it's so slow, so slow, slow

November 19, 2008

gud er den hund jeg altid har troet. den hund, skriver jeg, jamen definerer det ikke gud. nej, jeg kender hverken gud eller hunden. jeg ved bare at hunden ikke er den gud. gud er den hund. kast den et gnaveben, og gud suger til marven.

November 18, 2008

idag går alle mine bedste tanker og lykønskninger til Heidi og Henrik, der fik en søn iaftes klokken 21.14. Historien skrives...

November 14, 2008

den rummelige adskillelses dybeste mening er afvisningen eller afbrydelsen af al kommunikation og den dermed tvangsmæssige fastholdelse af fremmedheden.

November 11, 2008

"A new burger every second week" stod der på et imponerende vulgærpatriotisk banner foran McDonald på Tårnvej, Rødovre. Den mest naturligste fortsættelse af de statement var selvfølgelig at tænke: "èn? Èn burger hver a n d e n uge? Hvad så med alle de andre brugere, er de for gamle?"

Derfra fortsatte jeg til Høje Tåstrup, hvor jeg i CSCs hovedkontor hængte 14 nye maleri op under sikkerhed opsyn, og 24 fotografier fra bagkataloget. Desværre ikke en udstilling der som sådan kan
Og måske ikke får lov til at hænge så længe der, fordi symbolikken aldrig tørrer op i mine billeder: Pointerne er skåret ud i pap, og disse billeder er en erklæret reaktion på "den poetiske retfærdighed i kapitalismens nedsmeltning..." som har udfordret "demokratiet i dets grundform..."

Jeg hørte noget brumme "spændende, spændende, men er det nødvendigt? Vi kunne bedre lide ham den skizofrene fra sidste udstilling."

November 08, 2008

er blevet inviteret til utallige initiativer der hylder valget af barack obama som ny amerikansk præsident, jeg har selv trukket vejret nemmere, men i nat så jeg hans første pressemøde efter valget foran de samme kulisser, de samme slipsedyr og uniformer, de samme farver, en lidt anden retorik og det slog mig i et par sekunder: er han bush uden bush`ansigt?

men amerika er sulten og håber sniger sig ind og afbalancerer pessimismen.

November 07, 2008

November 05, 2008

det mindst original indlæg i bloggossfæren idag må lyde: tillykke med den ny amerikanske præsident.
og usikkerheden, den fremadrettede erindringen, flugten fremad.
men jeg trækker vejret lettere.

November 03, 2008

Afsted på dansk med en upoplær omformulering af de indledende fraser af Natasja`s "Gi mig Danmark tilbage".....Nørrebro, hvad har du gang I?
jeg har sagt det før og jeg vil sige det igen:
Hold kæft hvor er jeg træt af the triggerhappy fuckups...

Virkelig virkelig træt...

October 27, 2008

a reminder:
Thursday I merge into dj buttplugster alongside with dj fejlfix aka johnny luger and do a two hour dj stint at Wonderland Art Space, at their grand opening of their new exibtion:
"Who`s afraid of America?" featuring among others, filmmaker and photographer Larry Clark.

the location

more on Larry Clark

October 24, 2008

having only just scratched the surface of what the mind can reviel. its starting to look like one big major incompetence. sliding in afternooncum.

they must hate before they can love.

October 22, 2008

October 21, 2008

taking a break from blogging untill november first, where i once again will change to my native lingo: danish.

the future so bright Ive got to wear shades

October 17, 2008

follow the thread at youtube of ingenious cartoonist/folk-fun-punk-singer Jeffrey Lewis

October 09, 2008

not being a very amble blogger these days I have found myself entangled in various paradox activities, less worth mentionable: work, but foremost an addiction to come home in time to watch The Tonite Show....which could or should silence most bloggers. Jon STewart most be the shrudest mind on the face of the earth: As the US presidential campaign at full speed exploring the tamest of the tamest linguistic and average joe signal I fully trust mr. Stewart to nail it good.
Secondly that I have joined a fittness studio, took up smoking again, deeper in debt and general mindfucks and brainfarts like a fish on a hook with that far away look.

October 08, 2008

the movie title "DROWNING BY NUMBERS" refuses to leave my troubled mind. Oh Yi Adult Loosers queeing up, the flicekering after image of idiocy and craddle death, the downfall of capitalism is if anything, poetic and just.

October 01, 2008

Recently a friend asked me to paint a picture that defined capitalism. Though I to a degree recent a message that clear the job itself is a challenge. So I was thinking, thinking how to visulize what I defined:

That capitalism is a question about privatizing the profit and socializing the riscs...

I will start of with purple, dripping from the womb...

September 29, 2008

Sorry, today in danish. After many postings on sexwork and affiliated issues, this ticced in my inbox today.

Sexarbejdernes InteresseOrganisation (SIO) politianmelder ledelsen i Reden international

Sexarbejdernes InteresseOrganisation (SIO) har i dag meldt ledelsen Reden International – tidligere Reden Stop Kvindehandel - til politiet. Ledelsen i Reden Stop Kvindehandel bestod ifølge vores oplysninger på tidspunktet for lovovertrædelserne af bestyrelsesformand Bodil Kornbek, forstander Dorit Otzen og Trine Lund-Jensen.

I det såkaldte beskyttelsestilbud, som Reden International driver på vegne af Ligestillingsministeriet, har kvinderne været spærret inde bag en låst dør, er blevet frataget deres mobiltelefoner og nægtet at forlade stedet på egen hånd. En sådan indespærring mv. i beskyttelsestilbuddet, er foregået uden lovhjemmel, og indespærringen kan anses som såvel en overtrædelse af Grundlovens § 71, stk. 2, hvorefter frihedsberøvelse alene kan ske med hjemmel i lov, samt som en overtrædelse af straffelovens § 261, stk. 1, hvorefter den, som berøver en anden friheden, straffes med fængsel indtil 4 år og under skærpende omstændigheder, eksempelvis når frihedsberøvelsen sker for vindings skyld, med fængsel indtil 12 år.

Disse alvorlige juridiske krænkelser begået mod udenlandske sexarbejdere fremgår af en klage dateret 25. april 2007, som fire tidligere medarbejdere i Reden Stop Kvindehandel har fremsendt til Ligestillingsministeriet. Sexarbejdernes InteresseOrganisation er i besiddelse af en kopi af denne klage. Også af ministeriets evaluering af den første handlingsplan mod kvindehandel fra oktober 2006 fremgår det, at praksis i beskyttelsestilbuddet var betænkelig i henseende til menneskerettighederne. Klagen fra de tidligere medarbejdere specificerer dette forhold.

SIO er ikke vidende om, hvorvidt frihedsberøvelserne stadig finder sted. Men hvis de gør, opfordrer vi ligestillingsminister Karen Jespersen til at få ændret denne praksis hurtigst muligt.

Klagen viser også en række andre horrible forhold i beskyttelsestilbuddet. Mange af kvinderne, der kommer der, er ikke ofre for menneskehandel, men ledelsen i Reden International vil med vold og magt gøre dem gøre dem til ofre. Foruden ved frihedsberøvelserne sker det for eksempel ved at søge at narre kvinderne ind i en 'terapi', som de udtrykkeligt har frabedt sig.

Sammenlagt tegner det et billede af en organisation, der ikke skyer nogen midler i sin kamp mod sexarbejde og sexarbejdere. Det er vi nødt til at beskytte os imod. Her og nu rammer det vores kolleger fra udlandet, som vi stiller os solidariske med. I morgen kan det ramme os selv. Derfor politianmeldelsen.

Vi har anmodet om, at der straks beskikkes en bistandsadvokat, og vi ønsker, at denne advokat skal være Bjørn Elmquist.

Med venlig hilsen
Sexarbejdernes InteresseOrganisation, SIO
Kontakt: Sus - 501 501 60

September 26, 2008

nifty and dripping like a wet painting the businesstyle contract as attractive as a social disease and labatory disasters the poetry of downfall echoes scenic romances gone bad fannie mae left freddie mac for the lehman brothers that turned out to be jewish so she couldnt marry into that family the system stopped breathing growing backwards like nifty bonsai nano technology capitalism for midgets like a pink plaster dad architects my dreams emptying lidl in a basketcase shopping spree just before going terminal impossible to shake off any suggestions to do it differently tight like a dick tie and bad breath the intertextual addiction pronto your shoes rest your feet with the avangtgarde of king chickens takeaway gang up or fall down friend colour my deeds candy science fiction and a turnsignal to the freeway a deep deep chord the mist hanging cold over watery meadows

September 16, 2008

it comes to all it comes in pieces and it ends with a cross...
bang bang bang you are dead. in search of respect, the greater domino effect have set in....

rockers and 2g gang-jerks: nørrebro have so far been the only place that have accepted your presence because nørrebro have always been a dark spot, but could you p-lease use whatever dried up brain cells that might be left and widen your perspevtives to more that that of a four year old only being able to think a week ahead?

and for outsiders: please stop buying their dope. move to the country side and grow it yourself. and for those with different needs. it is a great mushroom season.

September 15, 2008

Help Me, no patience but loads again, more shootings at Nørrebro, Copenhagen. More fucking stupidity, more simpleminded testorone no brain leisure activities.

If they (!) could demolish the ifamous Ungdomshuset (which now serves as a 144 millioner kroner parking lot with room for 6 cars could they please torch The hells Angels hanhout and caste at Svanevej, consider some serious socialpotical regular warfare in Mjoelnerparken and Lundtoftegade...

ay Caramba! These shootings...I mean...Should I organize a PeopleBlocade of the localities in question? Or should someone...

Random violence and stupidity are original sins

September 11, 2008

if I was a believer the 7 horrid years should have an end today

September 09, 2008

jesus I am a tired of the shootings in my neighbourhood....Nørrebro, 2200 n dk. thats it, tired and low on empathy....

September 04, 2008

Gather more than 14 people and you have an industry and thats a beautiful contribution to the state of things but a questionable application because the system is running out of contradictions to feed on. 

Take or gather every leaving organism on the face of the earth and define the only thing they have in common? should i introduce the answer as a quiz? No.
Its the ability to move, mobility, its the outreach of the mobilty that defines the impact you finally have. The most common thing is the ultimate commodity. As industry. Run till you can run no more.

September 03, 2008

his longings and thrives cut off at the achilles and the problem, the past tense: the anecdotes sneaks in and aways the realm.

September 01, 2008

this summer ends on a monday. it had to.

August 29, 2008

"That is so you. You promise to stupid up my day, and then you stay away. In spite of the rhime, thats just plain...yes, stupid."
"I gave it up when it dawned upon me that you still think we can change anything.."
"But you was the first to say it, that you change constantly..."
"Yea, I do, but stuff doesnt, thats the problem."
"What stuff?"
"Stupid stuff..."
"I give up."
"There you have it see?"
"You are dining alone today honey..."

August 27, 2008

"Thats about the stupidest thing you`ve done for a very long time, I just started respecting you again...".
That was the first she said, and he could almost see her saying it before she said it.
"Stupid, stupid, stupid..."
They had an old habbit of meeting for a quick morning coffee before heading to work.
"Why am I not surprised of your approach?" He said to himself.
"About what?" she replied. "Dont start defending yourself or the decision..."
"It wasn`t a decision, it never is -it was a need, can you respect that, and why do you care or why should I care what the you think? If you have already lost respect once, why should I wanna regain it. What are you, pricemoney?"
"But when you start smoking, I most probably will too..."
"Now thats stupid! How can you even talk about respect or not having respect? Hurry up and look like someone who didn`t say that". He laughed.
"Now you are being stupid agian...You are not nice, you change when you smoke..."
"I change constantly, thats the sad truth of it all. The more I try to stick to a center the more it slips...Do want to know what is really stupid? Something that you should care about...?"
"No! dont be like that!"
"Be like what? You started this issue..."
"But I don`t want to know.."
"Well, you are gonna know, later, tomorrow, today, -whatever - there to much stupid shit you apparently ought to know off."
"Don`t patronise me you fuck!
"I dont, I am just being a stupid prick. Tomorrow! I tell tomorrow its gonna be shitstupid!"
"See you at lunch..?"
"Allright then."

August 26, 2008

He took up smoking again-  cigarettes - knowing after a while that he would surely stop. Not because of the health issue, but because he would - as before - have to face the fact that after months of smoking the mere fact of lightning up the smokes and tipping the ash from them would constitute a project.

And, this was the third time he did so. Three strikes and you are out.

August 25, 2008

So there he was. in the hammering mist, central to modernity, but with no digital solutions to his problems. Isolation is the one thing that is selfsufficient.

August 23, 2008

Except for the beaches, rivers and creeks in forests. Thats nature at its best, there is sense and purpose. Bridges scared him shitless, flying over over the ocans likewise. Nature though did what nature do best, engulfed him, but that he thought is really just another way of disappearring. Fuck it, he thought, where is it he could roam free without negotiating the terms? Or was it, he thougt, precisely that, negotiating the terms, that would ultimately set him free, to find or regain the balance, to experience fairness, loose the naivity, face the facts, work harder, be real and openminded, act like, you know, that life is basicly like driving a car in traffic - there are rules that makes a lot of sense: Was that, he thought, slightly disappointed, it? Wroooum. He stock his head a little more firm, deeper up the crown of the tree till it went dark and nothing but smells remained.

August 22, 2008

He was thinking that these waters doesnt care whether or not the bridge is down, it flows right through. Clear but cold. The fear of drowning was always way to close.

August 21, 2008

They left the pub having celebrated his 49th bitrhday. The streets were crowded, warm but dark and noisy and he wanted to head home, obviously drunk:
"I think my streetcred is at a historical low..." he said trying to wave a taxi.
"I really hope that you thínk so", she answered.

August 20, 2008

A little further into Naomi Kleins book (The Rise og diaster Capitalism) I remembered that I forgot to mention that the good people of have been granted free proces making it possible to take their case to The HighCourt.

Their case being about Denmarks involment in The Iraq war, which leads me to quote from the military doctrin and Klein`s book) that constituted the strategy and approach to the Iraq invasion, the infamous "Shock and Awe, achieving rapid dominance" (blitzkrieg(?))-doctrine:

"...Shock and awe is constituted by actions that creates fear and destruction, which people in general is incapable of understanding, in specific element and sectors in society or the administration. Like in nature in the shape of tornadoes, tropical storms, earthquakes, tsunamis and flash floods, uncontrollable fires, hunger and diseases can provoke Shock and Awe."

And so, onward we went headon to war...

August 19, 2008

starting another new job today from which I will probably get sacked within a year I will also regretfully have less time for this:

(I have current status of approx. nr. 600 on the highscorelist. Its stops at 500.)

August 18, 2008

I am not buying it, I am not listnening to it but I bet I am gonna hear a lot about it. Allthough I do believe that the blogosphere has too many blogs dissing without content, to much aimlless bitching, feeble demarktionlines and backstapping.... dispite this, the increddible silly and tame danish popdua ZIDIDADA release a new album today which I will spend time hating. Oh the simple minds... but as they so brightly sang earlier on: "everyday is a holiday a zididadaday zididada day...."

August 17, 2008

Yesterday I bought and started reading Naomi Kleins new epic book: "The Shock Doctrine. The Rise of disasterCapitalism". I have over a longer period been a bonafide fan of Naomi Klein and is a firm believer that she is one of the most sharpminded critics and observer of The State of Things. I heard her speak at UCSC in 2005 - it gave me a lasting impression, which leads me to today to re-post this little memoriable from then:

"...downscale the doom and gloom attitude of my earlier posting..? No can do! After yersterdays lecture by superwoman Naomi Klein, I`ll have to use days to percieve and swallow the magnitude of her wit, her research, her harsh and fresh to the point critique of US and Big Business involment in Iraq.

She had me scribble like a madman, but during the Q&A session she never made it to my question written on cards that was passed around. My question was: "Do you find the republican and general rightwing determination to get what they want stronger than their belief in democracy per se? If already answered, turn the card over. .. How can I possible get a date with you?"

august sounds of copenhagen. dub it down. some sweet tunes here from the infinite nice guys of


I like infinite nice stuff...

August 16, 2008

She said: "All the places I fucked are mine forever. They are not that many, and quantity is not the point here, the point is they are mine and only i know where. It helps me make sense, to wave that little flag you see?"

August 15, 2008

colours of consumerism sucking it up and spitting it out all brands will do anything to please only to get it right Oh what a blow that phantom ghost gives me it outs all colours and match the transpenrency of water like numbness blue reds on the green
white while breathing flat on the sand
surfing kicks of addiction that surrender your expectations hope and competence
no will whatsoever
muscle dicks and cunts rivers of lust vast corners of dispair
jet hat mothers and daughters fathers and sons sin
climb up the moutains
and down
to the moonshape valley and onward to yardsale city

everybody leave before thy neighbour
locked and loaded

August 12, 2008

Mom calls because I previously had called her. She just learned how to check out her incomings on her new cell. I hadn`t talked to her for months, not since dad died, not really, and everytime she calls its a reminder of how trifle our communication really is. We talk, or rather she talks and most things are terrifying in her words. It isn`t inly her aging, it has been like that for years.
Its early morning, around 0900 - June - I have thrown myself in the smoothing shadow of a wheeping willow at the cementary. Havn`t slept after an almost impossible night on too much brown vodka playing pool with way too young girls in way too disturbing proportions. Having had nothing else but coffee and cigarettes this morning, halfway into the conversation, I really need to take a dump. I`m trying to fight it off, I bite my answers and sentences.
"Mum, I am in a bit of a hury here", I lie. "Was there anything special you wanted to say?"
"Mrs. Larsen called me the other day, to tell me how much you reminded her of Dad when you gave that s h o r t speach at his funeral..."
"I take that as a compliment mum, and give my best to mrs. Larsen. Now, I really gotta run."

I race home, but it is obvious that I cant make it. I am sick, my stommick is sick. I stop at a cafe, order a coffee and head straight for the toilet. I dispite the loss of control.
Damn, if I remind so much about my dad I might as well have been dead with him. Ofcourse, I remember the funreal and emphatize with the lack of strategies to cope with death. I remember the speach, that brought tears to my eyes, my voice blurred and insecure. But I had tought that it was a good speech, not too long or emotional. It was love and forgiveness and sportsmetphor as a badly hidden critic of Dads almost infantile reluctance towards phsysic activities. Non the less it was a speech that I worked on, and wanted to give, I even planned to finish by playing one of Dads all time favourite jazz-track - "Hymn to Freedom" as perfomed by Oscar peterson- as an attempt to refine the emphaty and to express to the guests that I knew dad better than most, them, the guest, mostly remembering me for being a longhaired a´buser they hadnt seen for some 20 odd years, and everything that had happened - or rightfully hadnt happened in their mindsets, was that abuse is non-negotiable - its locked in theri in your barcode, and even if it would be scientifically proven that facts were different, the brand sticks, I come out as a lesser person because it is still morally corrupt.

Its the world that wont go away.

August 11, 2008

great, so we have another Georgia on my mind and China fires rockets to control the weather(!)....dry monday. Though ressourcefull in the core of things it is starting to look like one big major incompetence.

August 10, 2008

"I am afraid" said the storekeeper "that if we talk about the future too much right now, it will be too cheap in the end. The world might be a car without a steeringwheel, but to me it seems that everything is lined ud in endless staight and discplined lines and ques, and that is" he said looking away, "how it will also end. The more foreseable, the cheaper..."

August 08, 2008

His hair slick and calmed back, tight, tight like he does it every sunday. As sticky as the well ironed grey trousers and the brown shirt tugged in, he really looks like a wet towel and everything ends in a nightmare of white socks and matching white sailor-shoes. 

It only all to well matches the amount of shit he allows himself to say, indifferences, it most be his ass talking but I can see his lips moving, and I hear him being cheered to go on, I dont know, I could be wrong and him right, I know I am in the wrong place, but that doesnt help me. He ass is wider than the barstool, he seems to merge with it, It aint nice of me to think like this, that is what I consider before I leave and why I must leave: This really aint good. 

In their smile an idea but I dont know which. That smile have come home from somewhere.

August 07, 2008

I am serious, Im firm, I am grim, sad and severe. I am unpleasent, profound, harmful, as venturesome as i am stern: acute and crucial, deperate, major, vital and dignified, uemotional and heavy, important and most of all pathetic in the attempt to pin down my day.

I will never come around to nailing her by playing cards.

56o acres of forest went up in a fire, ablaze and the sun didnt show, we stayed in and got drunk, then tried shopping and baking bread, got misunderstood by locals and ran along the shore, sardine missiles, then by lucky chance we fucked and washed and fried potatoes in the remaining oil from yesterdays food, finished books began new ones, washed clothes and did the dishes, acted up like in a straight flush. Norm in and norm out. The bright fair, tranquile unflappable life. Consistent and reliable. I fold.

race class and gender sexes in all shades oh yi gather round for di man is coming our way in all shapes red face mostly hives and tail enjoying the view from the hills to the luxury of doing good afloat jesus like on a fucking raft piece of shit it is so dark in that sea.

nothing flows on bonsai coast.

August 06, 2008

the excuses are many, none are good, but still working and in progress.

August 04, 2008

Here we go again. In more ways than one...

The dangerously potent DF (Dansih peoples Party) is at it again with yet another media campaign feeding the danes with more fear of the unknown.

Protesting against an EU court ruling, that might or might not, have definitive influence on the danish migration legislation - accordingly to DF, a ruling that will neglect and underminde danish democracy - DF turns to what the do best, namely and as mentioned: Whip the people with fear, make the scapegoat your populistic stronghold.

The headæline in this campaign reads: Who is in charge in Denmark? The danes or the EU? Basicly what they (DF) are saying is, that if the EU court ruling is assimilated to dansih migration laws, they - as in DF - will or intend to overule the government and pull the support, and thus, they anihilated their own campaign by gaining the power, just as the accuse the EU.

Ergo: The headline could therefore have read: Who rules Denmark? The Danes or Danish Peoples Party?

DF fears that the EU ruling blow the borders wide open allowing migrants from the "most remote corners of the world" to flood Denmark. The retorics are clear as daylight. Everything remote is candide, to be feared, a threat, with a crimainal or subversive intend.

But what is remote? Or by saying remote it is done. Its a question of colour, race or religion.

But is not Alaska remote? Or The Philipines? Or Chritsmas island? Or The Far east, or the Middle East. Or by saying anything remote, are they really saying that Denmark is the center? Compared to what? Denmark?

Im looking forward to see PM Rasmussen balance this one home.

August 01, 2008

though she filled the lake with tears
the water stayed plum
the night dark
and daylight failed to show

July 31, 2008

lost the bite on politics. the state of things. offed news and internet and orientation for a long time. sommers coming to an end and slowly I start chekking up againg. did i expect everything to change, or just something to ease my cultural sceptinism or is that really what i feed from: thats things are generally haywire:
The the US rules out the WTO, and yet again has left deveploping countries to the merci nonregulated marketeconomy, that china controls the weather and have expanded workcamps for dissidents to free the streets of the critic masses before the upcoming olympics, that Das Neue Uberclasse again seems to surf the sine waves and jump to economic set back threatening world economy, that man is niether good or evil but weak and no arms are wide enough to hold it?

July 29, 2008

call 114

He had enough off violence. When a friend dies meaningless violence - if violence can be graduated at all - come out utterly idiotic, and should be tried stopped.
The three geasers at jfk square wasnt people he in anyway associated with but be just picked up his son and was standing there with him on stressfull but nice summerday, and really didnt need this appliction to the already troublesome reality. The geasers went head on into a serious fight, moving around the square like degenerated balletdancers, hitting and shouting, dogs barking, people yielding. Blood.
He decided to call the cops.That was his right and his obligation. Fuck violence, he hated it - so be it - he called: 112.

"Hello my name is Donald, I would like to report a fight gone really bad..."
"Allright, but then you want to call the police..."
"But isnt this the emergencynumber for anything...?"
"Yes, but, reallly no, if you want the police you need to call 114."
"Can you redirect me then?"
"No, but I did give you the number..."

He then called 114, waited till a something on duty answered the phone.

"Hello, my name is Donald I would like to report a serious fight. I am standing at..."
"Hold on there my good man, firstly can I have your social security number..?"
"No, you can not, I gave you my name. I would like to report a fight..."
"But before I can pass the info on I really need to get your socialsecurity number.."
"But you cant have it, I am not obliged to give it to you. Could you just please send a policecar around, this is serious..."
"What was your name again sir?"
"Are you gonna send a car around?"
"My name is Donald Hansen...I can see the fight from where I am standing, It is really nasty"
"Donald, you say...Can you spell that for me..."
"For fuck sake, are you sending a car around?"
"No need to get rude sir..."

He hung up, the fight continued. He took his son be the hand, walked in the opposite direction. The police-station was less than 600 meters from here. He let it go. The train back would leave in 10 minutes. He always trusted the precision of public transport to be able to surpress frustration. But he had grown to doubt it.

July 27, 2008

consecutive dreams of nudity, phonecalls I dont answer, and when I redial theres no answer but a tight and frightening noise. I recognise the number from the display, I get empty sms messages, the phone runs out of juice, I dream I wake up, and then I wake up.

July 24, 2008

I tilt the salt-jar, drop the coffee, spill the soda in the car, is a hazard in traffic, tumble in my lazes, forget my keys, talk nonsense and generally just lost the ladder part of my motorics.

He is dead now. Gone. Or somewhere in between.

He died the night of july 10th. My friend, soulmate, brother and verbalizer extravaganza lost the battle against racing cancer. That he got sick in the first place is the injustice thats fills me the most. And that so many people does freezes the indignation. We are all loosers and up for graps.

april 6th 1968 - july 10th 2008.

we simouoltanesously left university in a one cocky move, I didnt now him then, but that decision - leaving university, was the only time our friendship shared consensus, the only time we experienced it, ando the start of a life long friendship.
I had known him half my life when he passed away. Bit farewell there, his wristclock still ticking.

Motherfucking helsinki. Its how you get there more than being there its seems.

Meeting jakob was like moving from a protected enviroment, the smoothness of a shoppingmall - to omaha beach. Take cover or stand up for your self. Way your words. Be what you are, not the least, be what you say you are.

motherfucking helsinki. It is as evil as it leaves me cold. A stranded jet on the runway. snow covers every exit. You have to go, you do not have a choice. the simple fatalistic purpose or lack of the same. it aint moving. unless you get in there.

It was even better than I dared imagine and always grew stronger by the minutte, dispite firery differences, msungo jakob stayed in close orbit. I could always get a clear signal. I could always count on presence and outlines. I never waited and I never doubted.

Not as in motherfucking helsinki.

The books always clearly and without doubt overuled the press and let the press stand naked in its own thruth which is very small. Thats was the joke. Till tears ran from our eyes. Puke out the fire, literally. Was that the beginning, or the end starting to show?

motherfucking helsinki. That was dark. Without grace. I promised you a five day hike to the peak of Kilimanjaro and I am gonna do that: Make the whole Serengeti echo your name. Ill carry that tshirt for years like a tatoo, like a motherfucking cold in motherfucking helsinki. africa tugged away under the horny shadow of europe. The curse of europe you said, is that you can be lonely, but you can never be alone.

The simple truth dripping from the scorched mountains of Andalucia. The circus days: There is good shit and there is bad shit. You called it fugaism. That stuff should mean stuff. Home is where your jamon is. I loved that shit. That - ultimately- there is only good shit and bad shit remembering that it is never as white as it looks.
I learned to love you, without going cold like in motherfucking helsinki, like racing an ambulance on the freeway, safe, but under the influence of the basic insecure and blurring terms of constant change.

It just never should only pay to be good.

Thats why motherfucking helsinki wouldnt do the trick. Its frozen, the soundtrack was brilliant. but not enough. Get that plane off the ground. Liftoff.

It doesnt stop here. It aint that white.

June 20, 2008

things are pretty messed taking a break from blogging, some weeks, the ice of modernity is ... thin. that how dry it is. the unrest and the uncertainties, the impatience and the loss of control meaning purpose and logic luring behind every corner.

have a great summer. im allright, i mean it more the state of things.

June 17, 2008

Today I would have written about the head to head meeting between chiefeditor of Ekstra Bladet, Poul Madsen, and tv producer Thomas Heurlin, concerning the mediafrenzy-soap of Anni and Erik that I attended yesterday.

But it turned out to be a hush hush meeting, and everyone there, made a silent promise not to go public with anything from the meeting because it could be of personal and sensitive character.
To that I can only say: I am really glad that we have Ekstra Bladet to uphold that principle.

...., what I thought of the meeting....I will return, I think, I think because I also think it is to some degree is indiffenrent, because it became so clear how much a construction that type of commucication is, how little they actually tell and write, only by writing more of it, how TV thrives on newspapers, how newspaper thrives on TV, and aint it just a sad small reality to kling on to, aint it letting go of journalistic principle of fucking enlightment of the public, and not a conformation of the lowest common third.
That it is a highly shrude, backstapping, illoyal and bottomless machine is no surprise, but I must admit to being surprised (or sur-pissed) with the patronising, prejudice and calculating joy the representatives of the press came out. Or at least that was what i think I saw. I was distracted by free sandwiches, cold drinks, and famous people...

A conclusion: The speed of revisionism is shitscary. The sound of the common third is hollow and very loud. And me: I am pissgrumpy hypocrit little piss-ant for even caring....

Democracy: There are days where your opinion matters, and as a natural consequens here off, also days where...yeah! You do the math!

June 16, 2008

Business here at NOASRP. Three weeks to deadline on new pixs, but I face it rocksteady:

On day four POLITIKEN on sunday presented a hammering critic on the Govenmental rubbernecking with TV2! And I admit to having been more outraged than thorough in my research, as Politiken, spoke of the case as the "most talked about news this week".
I cant agree on that, but there most have been a lot out there I missed, which basically doesnt mean shit, or meaning I have no reason to be righteous, but: Im still worried, or some would say: pissgrumpy...

postings this week will be random

June 13, 2008

Day 3:

No! Nothing. On day 3. Apart from danish newspaper Politiken, mentioning the fact, nothing. Zilch. Nada. Not even on Tv (no, ofcourse not but...).

I admit to maybe having done lousy rsearch. I have only been over TV, newspaper, radio and the internet, but still havnt found anyone having a critic approach to the stunt performed by minster of Culture, Brian Mikkelsen and the govermental occupation of TV2: We squirt, you swallow!

If in fact, the critisim is out there, please help me and tell me where....

June 12, 2008

When I once said here on this here blog that I believe in a strong State, i didnt have this in mind: You gotta be fucking kidding me: We now have, in denmark, STATE TV at full throtlle, just steps away from berlusconi-esque terms, minister of culture Brian Mikkelsen, now denies to go public with the terms on which he have guarenteed TV2 economical aid to survive.

It is without doubt the most massive propogandistic stunt to gain control on medias that has gone down since...jeeeeeeeeesus I dont know when. A clearcut mediascandal, as hillariously funny as it is saddening and as it is curiously silent.

June 11, 2008

liFE SUPPROT FOR tv2 to ensure that the government has at least one 100% loyal lapdog and these statements from PM Rasmussen:
just adds to a picture of a thoroughly infected and propogandistic political climate in Denmark, that the term and the energy spend - by the same government - on defending "freedom of speech" seems utterly t a m e.

I need a break or a diet or a guru or directions or a good beating or just....what a fuckball real life.!

June 10, 2008

What was unthinkable when DR (Denmarks Radio) faced a severe economical crisis and had to let go of numerous employees and lobotomize a historically unique program profile last year, is now official goverment policy, when it comes to the economical crisis that partly commercial danish tv and radio station TV2 is facing.

Not that I have doubted the very visuable conflation between The State and TV2, but is this manouvre from minster of culture, Brian Mikkelsen gonna go unnoticed, the Propoganda Apparatus must...for fuck sake, I am dry. One word: Roadrage.

"Its getting out of order, the new world order..."

Political debaser, spring 2008, has been awarded here at NOASRP:

Margrethe Vestager.

(see posting on june 4th)

June 09, 2008

Prosaic recyclings:

Cultural distress in taxi on Petchepuri Road, Bangkok, march 2008:

I know not where I could be going but the taxistand on the corner three blocks from here is having a sign saying “Taxi to anywhere”, and that covers the commotion well. It could go anywhere, anywhere matters or don’t.
I grap a cap even though driving taxis in this city stinks and reminds me way too much of the way I feel, I cant close the book, I cant get out of the taxi because most of the time its jammed, it is too public, I sit there, stare from taxi to taxi constantly relating to the choices that takes me – or should take me from a to b, and just that – it should take me, more and more means nothing has really changed.
So anger finds no room, love is contained and cribbled by conditions, it moves in and out of consistency, blood rushing or piss boiling, neither red or sound, just pale and compromising.
Morning comes with the deftones of unconditional love and devotion. I should travel in time alongside or beyond but what is there? Solitude, circular ménage and my ass. I love people more than I hate stuff. Traveling doesn’t do anything for me here. Tim said it. Backpacking is so 90s.
I yield and I don’t understand, should have been in Vietnam by now but who the fuck cares or why should I even bother? I have had it with emerging developing countries but then again, where does shit work?

Spending most of my day in a kingsize bed times two, I am a tourist in me. My life. Thrust towards the shore, a wash up, everything is left behind and then what is there? Democracy doesn’t eventually feed you enough, and if it does it is because eating is the root of democracy.

The choice here is really whether or not to move into a topend hotel of boulderless charm. A luxurious pile of bricks with seaview, pool patio and flatscreen and breakfast included maids offering happy endings to ensure affluence, odourless.
Anybody can do this and everybody does. There is noting to it, tourism is more about stigmita than confronting new frontiers.

June 08, 2008

Well, the last words of ANNI AND ERIK hasnt been said, and in many ways I am glad that the case havnt passed untoiced. I, for one, intend to partipate in the following event June 16th:

(in danish, sorry)


Fri jagtret på tv-kendisser
Er der rimeligt, at en forholdsvis ukendt kvinde skal pryde forsiderne i flere måneder, blive hængt ud på grund af fortidens synder og slået over næsen for at have stukket både den og de kunstige bryster for langt frem - bare fordi hun har optrådt i et tv-show?

Af Gordon Vahle

Dét spørgsmål og mange andre kommer til debat ved et arrangement, som TV-Gruppen har inviteret til den 16. juni kl. 18 i DJs lokaler i Læderstræde 11B i København.
Arrangementet er gratis for DJ-medlemmer, men ikke-medlemmer er også velkomne til den beskedne pris af 30 kr. Ikke-medlemmer skal dog tilmeldes via et DJ-medlem. Tilmelding til
Merete Jeilman fra Journalistforbundet.
Ekstra Bladet vs tv-producer
Debattørerne er tv-producent Thomas Heurlin fra Koncern TV – produktionsselskabet der står bag ” Erik og Anni goes til Hollywood” og chefredaktør Poul Madsen fra Ekstra Bladet.
Da ”Erik og Anni went to Hollywood” blev planlagt kunne ingen have regnet ud, at man derved satte en af de største mediebegivenheder i nyere tid i gang, mener tv-produceren, mens chefredaktøren svarer på, hvorfor fascinations-tv skal fylde i aviserne og hvad der gør Anni til forsidestof.
Kunne man på forhånd have forudset Ekstra Bladets kampagne, og kunne den være undgået? Skulle den overhovedet have været undgået?

June 07, 2008

June 06, 2008 and somewhere between fakta and netto I started to wonder why the a majority of senior feminist in dk are so busy singeling out the problem of the hijab as a symbol of surpression, why not be as high pitched when it comes to equal pay for equal work in dk 2007? Is that not, if anything, a symbol of surpression in a functional democracy thats needs the same attention or even more? or is it just a qustion about money?

Tne first women wearing a hijab - in Denmark- has been called to courts in a function as "member of the jury...".
The first...after a good fifty year of immigration from muslim countries. Yep, I have always been certain that integration is more a question about time than political lobbyism and work, treating integration as a foresseable size, that acts accordingly to rules and regulations, which is needed ofcourse, but also to some extend naive.
But a hajib-wearing women amongst the jury has ofcourse proven to be a new battlegorund for DFP (Danish Folke Parti) and following the beforementioned case from North-Jylland, cultleader Pia Kjærsgård, hurries out with a proposal to ban religious symbols, also among jurors.

On another danish turf chairwoman for Women for Freedom Vibeke Manniche ("my cunt is to precious for muslims", see earlier posting), is harrasing a 16 year old muslim girl, who got drafted for the U16 National Soccerteam. The girl insisted on wearing a hijab-looking scarf during games, which everyone seemingly accepted, untill s o m e b o d y drew attention to the attrociti, among these Vibeke Manniche, who was of the clear convinsion, that this teenager shouldt be banned from the turf, untill she voluntarely dropped the hijab, cause only then would she be able to truly feel the outreach of freedom.

Nice one Miss Manniche!

June 05, 2008

poetic recyclings

A tale of cultural relativism. (1998).

I have come to the point where time has gone. I have come to a point where I have left. I have left because I simply became suicidal listening to that music, that band, and i now sit on a bar trying to surpres the erge to blow my head off. Shitty art, shit-feelings: How can a band that totally indifferent kickstart that flush of negativity is beyond me. I shouldnt care, but I do and I drink, and notice how the erge vanishes as alcohol floats into the veins. I drink up and I drink again. Escape? No, selfhelp, a how-to feeling, there was something there that needed attention, something latent that got projected through the music, the shitty music I even paid to listen to. Maybe I got suicidal on behalf on the musicians and it that way it was all a symbolic lust to fuck up reality.
I raise my hand to order another 50 gram of Starka Vodka, and as I move to place a cigaret between my pale and tight lips, the bartender asks me if I want a lighter, and I think he means fire for my smoke. But no. He is handing out lighters as part of a merchandise campaign for Allan Olesen new cd "songs for smokers". The other guests at the bar, all smokers, all have each and similar lighters. The syncronicity of the situation makes me wanna join in, and I tell the bartender "yes, I want a lighter." I wanna be in, I want to smoke more, spree my monthly pay here and now, be a comrade, buy the rounds, make friends and talk, and not the least stop what I am also thinking: That I should be at home working om that goddamned manuscript.
But is it worth, is it good shit I am writing, does it mean shot to anybody, couldnt I settle with less, be happy with my day job, isnt that as essential as it gets: Go to work?

Maybe I should just drop the manuscript and publish a lighter.

timing seems right for another repetition of an alltime favourite teaching:
The precision of technology is more appealing than the uncertainty of social culture.

June 04, 2008

After the bombing of the danish embassy in Islamabad - clearly a catastrophy waiting to happen - Margrethe Vestager, has outraged The Parliament by stating that the bombing could be an occasion to question danish militaristic proactive presence in Afghanistan, and earlier in Iraq. The not very surprising reaction from PM Fogh Rasmussen, opppsotion-leader Thorning Schmidt and cultleader Kjærsgård is ofcourse that an approach like that equals supporting terrorism.

Allthough the Radical Left as represented by Margrethe Vestager, voted in favour of supporting the shock and awe invasion of Iraq, titdoesnt mean that the longterm results of the engagement in The Middleeast shouldnt be scrutinised on a daily basis, especially taking into account that it seems more and more impossible to measure or foresee the actually outcome of western military presence in Iraq and Afghanistan.
The fronts and the contradictions, the dilemmas, the rising number of civilian casualties, the pressure on world economy clearly is a reason to revisionize the outcome of the (cultural) war, not as a kneefall for terrorism, but more as a much needed search for a longterm alternative solutions, that is not a continuum of decades of neo-imperialism.
Instead of isolating and pinpointing Margrethe Vestager as a supporter of terrorism, Ill give her 6 stars for having the guts to go out and respresent a brave and proggressive approach to the haywire situation.

And tomorrow being june 5th (Grundlovsdagen: celebration of the danish constitution), gives me even more reason to commemorate the good people of, who tomorrow tries yet again to draw attention to the highly questionable interpretation of the Danish Constitution, when the danish Parliament on february 18th 2003 decided to lapdog the american led invasion of Iraq.

Demo from AXELTORV (CPH) tomorrow @ 1300h.

June 03, 2008

Went to see the new INDIANA JONES with oldest son Julius (12) yesterday in new favourite cinema Falkoner Bio at Frederiksberg.

You can say many things about the movie, but Spielberg definetly havnt lost touch, and the beginning of the movie where you are more less dumped into a hotrod on a carchase in Nevada, near Area 51 (, 1957, is a fat reminder of what context to see the flick: Pure entertainment.

The storyline is as in the other three IJ movies ofcourse of importancte but generally you could say that they are also the hardest to remember as they overlab a lot. But still, what distracts from this fact - to me - is how Spielberg squeeze in numerous historic details and references; in this here movie: a neonsign For Atomic Cafe in Nevada, references to Area 51 and Roswell conspiracies, The myth of Eldorado etc.
And even though the nazis are out of this movie, in comes a new enemy, a cartoonish funny portrait of the KGB and partly the FBI, so we have ourselves some narrative coldwar framework, that however do not as such have an influential role: It is as always with IJ: A very clean fight between good guys and bad guys.
In spite of the almost infantile and superficial layout of the movie, it runs smootly for 88 minutes: Good and constant laughs, spookyness, fights, very controlled sexual references. In the words of danish senior-rockers DAD: Good clean family entertainment you can trust.

It doesnt loose speed, it just layers up to the grande finale, which I think in a way is a hommage to the man. Stephen Spielberg, himself. I wont go into details by giving away the end, but it does draws a circle for his collective work in movie production.
From here hollers a enthusiastic recommandation. 5 of 6 stars *****

The whole design and to some degree the mindframe of the film also reminds me of magazines that started being published during, and especially after the second world war, particuarly in th US: Magazines like Man`s Story, Champion of Men, Mystrery Tales, True, Stag, Male: Magazines that all were frontrunners for Playboy magazine and others. Before Hugh Hefner, theres was one Berhard Macfadden to kick of the industry:
The magazines were mostly men accounts of figthing in strange battles in strange places with strange peolple and animals, and was to some extend a result of the fact that the US governmant censored any critic journalism regarding the atrocities of WWll. Therefore a brand new market opened to magazines who spun out horrid and famtastic tales of naziterror and US heroism.

That is a long story, and I recommend reading for example: "Mens Adventure" by Max Allan Collins (out on Not only is it a informative corner of history, its also a marvellous account of fantastic potent illustrations, by for example an artist like Norman Saunders:

June 02, 2008

headaches and doubts at noasrp

God! I have been a fool for letting ANNI BLADET suck me into their web of indifference. I mean who can truly be surprised that Ekstra Bladet is a piece of oppurtunistic bullshit paper with no ethics and editorial direction but sensation and rigtheousness?

So the last word of ANNI AND ERIK have been said, I will try to widen my perspectives, but can definitely feel the smalltowntrauma sneaking up on me.

June 01, 2008

I am sorry, but it cant be real.
Ekstra Bladet is at it again, revitalising the ongoing soap of Anni and Erik so intense, I think Ekstra Bladet should seriously consider taking on a the name: ANNI BLADET.

Today an article appearently p r o v e s with no doubt as they write, that Anni is back, or at least is fraternising the danish brothels. Oh!My!God! Could you imagine anything worse?
And that wearing dark glasses (on a beaming hot sunny day) and a new hairdo c l e a r l y a disguise, writes ANNI BLADET, allthough she visited her the place in her flashy car with nametags on the licensensplate which could mean the visit was n o t tried to be disguised.

What I am trying to say with these persistant postings on my favourite celeb couple?
The moral panic, the stigmatisation, the limitless pointless pursue as practiced by ANNI BLADET, which journalisticly does nothing to the problem they claim to adress: prostitution.

A vague reminder to ANNI BLADETS surprising survival is still the 8 to 12 daily pages of adds from massageparlours, prostitutes, sexworkers, that puts ANNI BLADETS moral pursue of the case of ANNI AND ERIK in a sickening perspective....

May 31, 2008

after a good 30 articles and frontpages in Ekstra Bladet, Erik and Anni is back together again, leaving that same Ekstra Bladet baffled: Anni and Erik hasnt got anything to say to them.

Or as stated by Bob JR Dobbs, while reading the news:
"Forgive them not for they know exactly what they do."

Party On! Celeb-couple 08 of the year here on NORSP has been awarded.

some grime to party on

May 30, 2008

Cleaning and sorting out my AddictRoom today, that means sorting out tons of books, I - ofcourse with this presence, was lead to rediscover:
"Revelation X, The Bob Apocryphon - hidden teachings and deuterocanonical texts of J.R "Bob" Dobbs."

It a time of dire needs of directions I will go to sleep safe. Note that on the wikipedia link that on november 19, The Church of The SubGenius celebrates a "hate for the sake of hate" day.
Could we narrow down the stupidities of the current danish political climate to a few celebrations - an ambigious goal, I know, but it might be able to burst a bubble or two.

May 26, 2008

I simply have to take a break after a month of wondering from as to why two of the most vunerable and seemingly low status socialgroups in Denmark - prostitutes and (female) hijab wearing muslims - also seems to constitute a crucial moral battleground for Das Neue Ûberklasse. Does it really matter to them or is it merely a question of eradicating sociocultural terms that is a thorn in their socks, and reminds them of their own vunerability but at the same time expresses a strive for moral immobility and that wonderful bitchy feeling of being sovereign and right?

Meaning: anything that sticks out is their symbolic battle, not to save the object but to save themselves from the objects.

Tomorrow off to Jylland for a few days.

May 25, 2008

I had a mail from a cyberfirend, got me through on feeble hope this weekend, but not with the energy to translate. He wrote:

Jeg sad og så 10 min. TV i går med Tara Reid i hendes rejse-program Taradise

or /Wild On Tara!/

outside the U.S., was a half-hour television <> show hosted by actress/model Tara Reid <>. The show was centered on Tara's visits to other countries, such as Spain <>, Greece <>, Italy <>, France <> and Monaco <>, where she sampled the local cuisine, visited nightclubs, and shopped.

og hun var i sydfrankrig,
hvor hun over et par dage hastigt glemte hvor helvede hun var,spurgte de mange assisterende røvslikkere hvilket land det var hun var i lige pt.og de svarede bare med områdets navn, men rettede aldrig at stedet var en del af enstørre nation. man tænker selvfølgelig på disse dumme amerikanere, som tara reid eren plastic-udgave af, som rejser til 'Europe' hvor alt er gammelt og alting mindre end ithe States. Alt fragmenteret i små, mærkelige lande hvor alt alligevel ligner hinandenog deres sprog er uforståeligt, med mindre man selvfølgelig går ud fra at alle talerdet samme sprog som én selv. Med Dansk Folkeparti er det som alle andre nationalistiske partier, at de fremtvingerså mange love at højredrejningen først opdages for sent og et u-turn er umuligt.Det kan godt være at der er mange bonderøve i partiet, men dem der sidder øverstforstår stadigvæk at dreje den således at selv en del øko-flippere ikke når at fåhovedet op af jorden, inden de har sagt ja så meget at klappe-pølsen er bleveten del af deres kropslige funktion. Jeg har altid været fascineret af det let skjulte irrationelle der at finde i den slags,paranoidt tunnel-syn, det ubevidste manifesteret osv. osv.Vores egen redning vil være dér, hvis ikke vi havde denne nationale følelsei os. Hvis vi så den umiddelbare skønhed der opstår også blandt idioterneog skaber vores eget taradise, sprænger hele lortet i luften i vores hoveder;smelter vores yndlingssted i Thailand sammen med koloni-haven på Amagerog Himmelbjergets souvenir-butik. Whatever, saml det selv. Da jeg en kort tid selv var koloni-have ejer, blev jeg oprørt over at deter forbudt at flage med sit eget hjemmelavede flag. I hvert fald på denofficielle type flagstang. Det er ikke tilladt at tænke anderledes og jomere man bevæger sig indenfor det samme rationelle tankemønstersom medierne hælder gødning på (ubevidst eller bevidst), så er har mantil sidst malet sig selv op i et hjørne og kan kun vende øjnene væk fraden mareridtsvision som ikke er én selv, men som er alle affaldsstoffernevæltet ud af porrerne; ikke længere en del af deres, men dog intet for sig selv. Jo længere man intellektuelt befinder sig i disse cirkler, blandes blodet igenog igen til en incestoid klappe-seance der er ligeså dum som hvad-end.Enhvers personlige opgave; Sæt det hele i blød og lad det opløse sig selv.

May 23, 2008

Please consider the irony, distance and differences to between these two articles from same tabloid BT one day apart, a newspaper that over the last few weeks has proclaimed them as frontrunners in the "war against sexslaves..."

article 1:
article 2:

Please consider the difference between the selfrighteous frases in the first article, such as "the authorities as liberators" till the phrases in the next where the authorities is narrowed down to being the police - really meaning, "oops lets pull out in a hurry.

Hideous journalism, but nontheless the work by BT reporteres does shine a clear light on more of the irony. The capture of the cynic pimps means protection of the sexslaves, bot no longer than till the next article where protection means imprisonment of the sexslaves untill deportation their homecountries.

Imagine the irony the sexworkers swallow of being nothing less than emancipated by wellmeaning but almost dangerously morallly wrong NGOs and mediacampaigns who set sail to help andproduce sensationalistic news, and then really just send the sexworkers back - the much feared repatriation - to a uncertainy future.
If you read between the lines in article two, to me it stand out clearly that the Police is in crucial opposition to the laws that the are intended to administrate, but as being a reprensentative of the State, the paradoxs and dillemas of their work and the results are terrible, and have the opposite effect of the intended.

a continuum and elaboration of posting may 5th 2008.

Think this abstract into the debate and context on prostitution and issues on feminism, islam and hijabs that have fed this here blog over the last month clear and as a result of the mental global heating outside in society...

"In a time with moral fundamentalists on the go(!) sexual salvation, health and rights has become hard topic on which many fight: Reactionaries movements in The States are on the rise - again, and in Africa and parts of eastern Europe. In The East and Southeeast Asia similar religious movements and clear tendencies are seen within islam and hinduism. Moreover the tensions between religious spheres has increased since 9.11. Religious ideologies are being applicated on sexuality and are used to increase political power in this fight (...)so ask yourself, who is that is against abortion and contraseptives, who is it that thinks sex only should be acted out in marriage, who is that thinks homosexuals and sexworkers are sinners?"

outtake from article in ALBERTINE, a norweigan magazine published by PION (Prostituertes Interesseorganisasjon i Norge, )

And to that, listen to the music of dubsteppers DET SEJLER I EFFEKTER:

May 22, 2008


After having outsmarted Birte Rønn Hornbech, which takes a lot(!) with yet another stigmatising and troublesome overruling, concerning the hijabs in danish courts, the meanspirited people of DFP (Dansk Folkeparti) finds no rest for the wicked, so to speak.
Being the democratic tradionalist(do not mistake that for pacifist) sucker I am, I admit to being impressed by the poiltical will, the energy level and effficienct ppowerplay as practiced by DFP, however there is no end to my discust and thorough concern - soon to be expanded with utter fear - for what and how they so clearly see the danish society constructed.

In yesterdays edition of freebie 24hours, cultleader Pia Kjærsgård presents her visions for a further and per se general ban on hajibs in public space. Not religious symbols: No, hajibs! Single them out and fry them.
If females wearing hijabs - inspite of a ban - insist on wearing them, heres is the consequenses DFP has in mind, and I qoute:

"Clearly there has to be sanctions. It is a question of whether or not the woman will be able to keep her "cashhelp", because she with the hajib will oppose the law, and the possibiliy of having a job-offer."

Women who already works as teacher, socialworkers, nurses and what not, "shouldn`t feel save either" she continues.
"The women will be told that this is no place for wearing a hajib. If they insist they will be fired, because then they will be breaking the law."

What stands out even more is the way Pia Kjærsgård in the qoutes connects the mere fact of wearing a hijab with a criminal intend.

Allthough DFP tries to escape over and over the realms of racism, these one-eyed quotes must forever nail the fact: The primarery goal of DFP is to construct a complex of law only intended to point them out, single them out, harass them, feed the pressure, punish them for what they also are, namely muslims. The article is not followed up by any others arguments, its just that: make the laws so that we can turn back time and righteously fuck them up even more.

But it leads me to a question:
Is not the clearcut rascism of DF as dangeously a "religious/ideologicla" symbol as the hajib?

I mean, if they succeed with the ban, the logic continuum in my book would be to ban DFF, or to work for a public general"ideological" ban: No T-shirts stating that you are either pro that or con this, no political campaigning whatsoever, scrutinising squadteams to act like mindpolice on a collective front covering all medias, a ban on all religious and political other words: the horrid visions of George Orwell.

Its a impossible battle, but a battle it is, and allthough I do not watch TV I am to some extend worried by the silent trail the debate drags. I mean if DF have set out to work for a general ban, we - with the current political status in DK - very well knows what its means: It means we are going to have the ban! It means we are going to have an even more seculare society and impossibles debates and inhumane overrulings, loss of highly qualified workforce, and an added erection to the national "klappe-pølse" (*)

So no the crises at NSROP is defintinely over - there is bigger potatoes out there but I am seriously considring wrapping up a few belongings and leave this country behind.


inflatable applauding device in the shape of a sausage, much used by danish spectators at sport-events. Banging two klappepølser (plu) together makes it out for a loud applauding sound. First introduced in the 1990s the klappepølse was kind of a compensation for the socalled "klappehat" (appluading-hat/cap, no, sing.) which was a cap with two hands and a pull-string attached, that together illustrated the movement of clapping hands.
The "klappehat" was introduced with massive success, during the heydays of the Danish Nationak Soccer team in the mid 80s, but faded as a fanobject, accordingly to the deroute of the soccerteam.

May 20, 2008

poetic recyclings

they all have heads like balloons and minds like slotmachines or just tired
thriving on a fresh three week ejaculation greener than green
then wash up or wash out
burned scorched and cramped
away in a mental lagoon
where the smell of overdue fish constitutes the dream of pitifull being

May 19, 2008

a pause here in the midst of political and religious frustration....
who said:
"succes is the random factor fraternising the religious ghost" ?

anyho, check this fun link out.... good for a five minute break:

and oh: why are the ongoing strikes in Denmark these days o n l y about payrolls?
Wheres the debate on values, the well argumented implicit sceptisism towards consumer culture, elitist society, free market economy, global warming, modern slavery, wars without end, hunger because hunger is bad tv, against bad tv and reruns, sweatshops, lousy food, phalater, e-numbers, alienation, animalabuse, greed, hunger and deadlines...?