October 31, 2007

It had to be said. A rare clearcut opnion on the hasardous cut backs at DR.


The immensely sad death of Natasja Saad can be remembered today. She would have turned 33.

The world needs shelter.

October 30, 2007

Though I am a strong believer of a nearby renaissance of maritime art and in particular paintings, this newsflash caught my eye today at eb.dk.

At earlier occasions I have bitched about A.P Møllers massive profit and earnings on weapontransport on behalf on the US in connection with the forgottoen war in Iraq. A profit and affluence which made it so much easier to hand over the People of Denmark, The Operahouse.

So I await impatiently the disclosures, that Ekstra Bladet will air, come thursday.

October 29, 2007

Dr. Art Lennard Grahn with The Rocking Pallete at ROLLING WITH THE PUNCHES opening on saturday.

A grand opening it was: Nice turn out, nice people, nice artstudents, nice art, nice music, nice legs and smiles, very few mistunderstandings and a lot of rubbernecking.

My thanks go out to Lennard for initiating the thing, forcing me to state my point within a deadline.

ROLLING WITH THE PUNCHES is open untill november 11th.

October 25, 2007

Election is on. Turn of your telies, ban exit poles, close the newspapers, toss your radio through the window, close your eyes and mark with your X the crossroad....no?

DPP leader Pia "ugly bitch in small pond has big impact" Kjærsgård races out one day one and publish the Partys new campaign poster: A cartoonish sketch of Mohammed, with the text: fREEDOM OF SPEECH IS DANISH, cENSORSHIP ISNT.

The bitter and highpitched bitch! Freedom og speech isnt danish, and it isnt really functional within the boundries of Danish Peoples Party either. But once again she strokes the generalzing, nonreflected tone and demonizes islam and muslims per se, and claims at the same time that theres is a definition to danish values, or: that danes and Denmarkk is a homogenic unit. It is as false as it sounds boring.
I only hope that the different organisations, imans, and individuals within the muslim society have the stamina to let her pitch as she wants, ignore her, dig her own grave, let her stubborness and hate be her capital punishment, leave her be...

A tuff election campaign aheda. I bet. But I also bet you that come november 15, the primeminister is still Fogh Rasmussen, tougher than ever.

October 22, 2007

The Formula One season ended yesterday at Interlagos, Sao Paulo, Brasil, with the long awaited world champion title to Kimi Raikonnen. And what a race it was!!!
The rookie Lewis Hamilton had a fairly easy run ahead of him from 3rd pole, though the pressure was immense after missing the titel in Shanghai two weeks ago, where he from 1st position crashed going to the pit, and thereby blew the competition wide open.

Yesterday, Hamilton had a smooth start until turn 3, where he lost his car and went off track and respostioned himself at an 8th place. From a 5th place the championship would be his, and considering that he in his last season in GP2, once won a race by overtaking 20 cars, yesterdays start posted no impossible task.

From pole Felipe Massa pulled off with Kimi close at his tail, while third contender Fernando Alonso, lost his pace and got stigmatised in a no good 3rd position. Meanwhile Hamilton slowly gained pace again and made it to 6th, when his gearbow haywired. That dropped him back 14 positions. From there on the race for the title was open, but with 17 laps to go Massa made a pitstop and iceman Raikonnen did two incredible fast laps, shaved off 4 seconds, and Massa came out behind from the pit, and the championsship was at hand.

Absolutely the best race of many season, that - to me and my favourite driver ended totally just. With 6 races won this year Raikonnen has proven he is a true champ, but whoa it was close. The final result goes:

1. Raikonnen, 110 points.
2. Hamiltion, 109 points.
3. Alonso, 108 points.

And so the crazy season starts.New cutting edge designs, Contracts, firings, new engines, partying and frolicking. F1 2008 kicks off in march again.

October 20, 2007

Feel free to to join the opening on saturday october 27th at 1700.

October 12, 2007

Silence on the blog for a few days. Off to Sweden (Smaaland) to contemplate in the deep deep forests on how to join the winning team without pain...
And maybe I have. Think I got a job today. I mean I got it, now I am wondering if I should accept it. I got it the same day as The Left (Venstre - the government party) suggested that socialworkers, teahers and those of the likes within the SSP collaboration (school, social, police) should expand that collaboration to include PET (Police Intelligenge Service, think CIA; KGB; FSB, Stasi). Purpose: to cut evil at its root, or as stated: "to help prevent radicalism among certain youngsters".
The message is clear and not very reflected, it is to prevent radicalism among young muslims.
It constitutes numerous problems.
Firstly it totaly undermines the essential trust that is crucial between sociaclworkers, teachers and troubled youths.
Secondly, the idea itself is prejudice and one-eyed: I doubt it very much that the lawmakers have considered if socialworkers should report radicalism amog ethnic white youth. Meaning, a son of white thrash parents from lets say Greve, who is flirting with nationalsocialism or just a passionate member of Danish Peoples Partys Youth-organisation.
Thirdly: Its a mindfuck in the midst of liberal democracy to experience proposal with such totalitarian stem.
All in all, enough for me to consinder to turn the job down. I cannot participate in this kind of a STASI like apparatus. Torture and snitches, what else have we?

October 11, 2007


not one of the major danish newspapers (I still watch less than three minutes TV per week...) has anything relating to The Parliaments accept of the use of torture.

That could mean more things:

1. I watch too little TV

2. Morten, you are missing the point. Get in the game and join the winning team, we are having so much more fun.

3. Instant historic revisionism.

4. Nobody really gives a shit.

5. Theres no free lunch compadre!

Despite the indifference, read this to your kids tonight:

October 10, 2007

It`s not so much that the majority in the Danish Parliament now seemingly supports the use of "selective torture" - I mean, I am not so surprised that they do - it`s more that they, (be)headed by primeminister Fogh Rasmussen tries to sell the impossible graduation of torture, and apparently believes it. It would become them really well, if they instead of trying to shop the impossible, came clean out and said it like it is: We are pro-torture.

And face the consequence: The abolishment of democracy.
Watch the illustration a little closer. Watch the man at the womes feet driving the spike into her vagina, and watch the man at her right taking notes: He is per se not participating in the torture. He is merely taking the notes he can present to whom it may concern. He is merely being danish.

October 09, 2007

The same day as parts of The Free World celebrates the death of Ernesto Che Guevara (the terroist murdering scumbag) we, The People of Denmark, enter the Real World with full accept of the use of torture. I do not believe in acceptance of toture can be bend or graduated. As the saying goes: You are either for it or against it.

So in Denmark we now have a minister of integration that doesnt believe in sympathy, a minster of foreign development who believes that thirdworld aid is a realtity tv show, a primeminister (and minister of justice) who accepts the use of torture, a minister of science who sees China as a rolemodel, and all that in a goverment based of the goodwill of Danish Peoples Party.

Ay, Caramba! Donde esta la Revoloution?

problem, I don`t see a problem...

October 08, 2007

Watched outtakes from Danish People Partys annual rally on tv yesterday. Chairman Pias Kjærsgård persistant and nonreflected hatespeech on "the muslim scarf and everything it represents" was as radical as those friday-prayers by the most radical imans within the muslim community.

The selfrightiousness, the bitterness, the arrogance and the ignorance, the intolerance they try to sell as tolerance (a one way street). I mean, I welcome them witin the democratic tradition - one they ironically have great diffulties to match, being the one party in Denmark with the highest number of exclusions - but as people, their intention and visions and will to power, I am deeply concerned. That said, this was what I saw when the camereas turned to the audience:
Fat and pale humans: ignorance, lousy tv habbits, small town traumas, bad cirkulation, dogs with silly names, vouyeuristic royalism and vulgar celeb obsessions, drunks and villageidiots, borderline nazis, national anonachronism, inferior complexes, motionless cum-swallowers, campsite hardliners, gardentractor enthusiasts, Mr. and Mrs Do Rights, middleclass white thrash, saddening dreams and anxieties, lust without means, symbolic suicidebombers from the suburbs.

Hate is an underestimated feeling.

October 06, 2007

Having a morning break at Assistens I noticed a big black bird nosing around at a thrashcan. It re-emerged from the there with a paper bag in its...mouth, took off and flew to a nest in a tree nearby. The bag clearly had a breadroll in it.Providing.
Later that night I told my dad-in-law, that it was a 7-11 paper bag it flew off with, thought it would make the story more edgy, a tale of birds, civilisation and urbanization of animals. I lie to cope with real life.

I started blogging 3 years ago today sitting a mile and half from the Pacific. I miss the vastness of the sea. I miss the stillness and simple power and purpose. To clear my head of memories and things to come. To dive in and be lifted, only concerned with the amount of oxygen that keeps me afloat.

October 04, 2007

"(T)he feminist agenda is not about equal rights for women. It is about a socialist, anti-family political movement that encourages women to leave their husbands, kill their children, practice witchcraft, destroy capitalism and become lesbians."

quote Pat Robertson, the mainman on the new christian political right in USA.

Why I choose to quote him today? To point to the dawn of a global new-puritanism that problemizes the continiuum of democracy, sense and logic.

October 03, 2007

Danish semi public insurance and pension-company ATP have invested heavily through French oilompany TOTAL in Burma. Following the critisism qua the situation there, an executive from ATP states in todays edition of Nyhedsavisen:
"As long as the EU haSnt pulled out of Burma or initiated any sort of blocade we wont pull out. We cant perform a private foreign policy."

However right he might be in the fact that EU should have closed down business years ago, he represents an unfortunate approach of total neglect to the issue. By investing in Burmese economy, by already being in there, they are so much performing private foreignpolicy.


I think its about time to revitalize the ongoing WHY THIS SECONDRATE POET DOESNT LOVE BIG BUSINESS...

October 01, 2007

My Van Der Valk after undramatic bike to bike crash, though 700 kroners reapir have an impact when you have been awake for less than an hour, like I had today, fresh though with the blood filled with fish oil.
Didn`t get her name but I know where she lives. And she was to blame. And that helps sometimes. To know who to blame.