September 29, 2006

hmmmmmmmm....a ladder step to fascism?

Captain One Eyed Jack is jumping exillerated up and down on his pirate-cruiser Ship Of Fools headed to the fierce and turbulent waters of the East:

"Ohoy shipmates" he shouts from the bridge, "only those with arms gets a piece of the cake..."

September 28, 2006

really clever comparesment. wellchosen metaphore. stunning brainfart. it just adds to the picture of a very concious and persistant, almost stifffrozen and stigmtized debate. Freeze, noboby move!

Imagine...if we moved on.

But then again, why should we? We are so rich we could buy the fucking world.

September 27, 2006

new pixs on flickr:
wrapping up yet another apartment I found the missing memorycard with some of the last pictures from thailand...

"We are so rich we could buy the world", said danish minster of finance, Thor Pedersen, recently.
I`ll leave the flickering image of pure stupidity or just humanity, hanging...

photo: courtesy of L. Grahn/ viborg, winter 2006.

September 26, 2006

"...I once knew these people..." (opening line, Travis (Harry Dean Stanton), in Wim Wenders 1984-movie "Paris/Texas").

Me, I phone people. I talk to people and I see people, I make people and I am people.

But it is old news: stress. What is it with stress that has made it an almost modern qualifiing condition? Stress that I phone, stress, I fucking talk to it, I make it, and I am stress.

What is it about the modern historic conditions that almost states, that if you are not stressed, you are morally corrupt? What is this work-buy-die mantra? Its old news, but what is the blindfold made off, that makes it so fucking dark?

Stress is the foremost symptom diagnosed on youngsters with physcic issues between 13 and 18 years of age, states WHO is newly published report. A link? No, believe the hype.

A shipwreck. The naked propella whipping up dirt from the muddy banks.
Fucked up travel-destinations. Voodoo in the swamps.

September 24, 2006

an arabic joke in danish, send to me by Ricardo Torres:

En gammel araber har boet i New York i over 40 år. Han vil gerne plante kartofler i sin have, men han er alene, gammel og svag. Hans søn er i Paris, så den gamle mand sender en mail til ham, hvor han klager sin nød:
"Kære søn, jeg er meget nedtrykt, for jeg kan ikke plante kartofler i min have. Jeg er sikker på, at hvis bare du var her, så ville du hjælpe mig. Hilsen din far"
Den følgende dag, modtager han et svar fra sin søn:
"Kære far, hold dig venligst fra haven. Det er der, jeg har gemt du-ved-nok! Hilsen, din søn."

Klokken 4 om morgenen kommer den amerikanske hær, Marines, FBI, CIA og specialstyrkerne til den gamle mands hus. De går straks i gang med at grave hele haven op, endevender hver eneste kvadratcentimeter, men finder intet. Skuffede forlader de hans ejendom.

Næste dag modtager den gamle mand en ny mail fra sin søn:
"Kære far, jeg håber at din have nu er gravet op, så du kan plante dine kartofler. Det var alt, hvad jeg kunne gøre herfra.
Hilsen Ahmed"

September 23, 2006

nightbreed. escaperoom. time is the ultimate luxury.

September 22, 2006

I erge you to go see this piece by theatrical wunderkind Signa Sørensen:

Seven Tails of Misery.

September 21, 2006

Strange how these days go by. After having received the phonecall from Nuuk about Rajuls accident on Tuesday, new of the coup de etate in Thailand started coming in. The first thing I read was that every bank in Thailand had been granted a day off, while the remains of governance was recuperating from the shock and facing devalution. The 1200 danish kroner we send Tuesday morning was by Wednesday worth 200 dkr less.

The only good news in all this is that Rajul is getting much better. He was on the verge of a severe bloodpoisening, at the doctors at Nong Bun Mak had been considering amputating his leg, but had managed to stop a serious infection, so, for now, the worst is over and we are in no desperate need of contributions. But don’t be surprised if you get a phonecall from yours truly one of these days. Rajul will not be able to work for at least two months.

The coup: What can you say? Allthough coups rarely are a promise of better times, there is no doubt that thai-primeminister Thaksin is a higly dodgy character, and foremost a bonafinde hardcore oldschool capitalist. However, at the mercy of globalized economy, Thai economy have since 1997 been booming and have without question bettered the lives of as many as it has ruined.
WTO defines Thailand, not as a third world country, but as an emerging developing country. The question now is, how the free market logistic will react to the coup. Will the international investors pull their dicks out as quickly as they stuffed it there? There is enough open and willingly markets in Southeast Asia, and if theres one thing you can say about global economy, it is this: Fuck feelings! The rules of engagement are way different. You pay not to have feelings, obligations or in anyway be visually and physically connected to the different regions in question.

On the other side of the pond, in the US, I read in danish newspaper Information, that a private PR company are hired by the US government to do productplacement accordingly to pure commercial principles aimed in particular at US citizeins, among which there is a rising opposition against the war.
20 million dollars has so far been posted into the project, acknowledging the fact the the war is way over due and quickly on the way to hell. But what really gets to me, I mean that’s just too fucking democratic isn’t it: They don’t claim anything else. They openly admit there is a massive need for PROPOGANDA, and they by all means are doing the nessecary to manipulate, control, register and what not, to keep a constant wave of positive news flowing from Camp Victory in Baghdad, wher the communicationcentral for starters will wee placed.
In our own pond, Denmark, primeminister Fogh Rasmussen, is sorry that of of his low-profiled ministers, Helge Sander, have appeared in a commercial for Tehcnological Institute. I just wonder how he relates to the abovementioned.

A couple of words:

September 19, 2006

from the world of strange coincedences:
today, doing more work in the apartment I tore the last door of off the fittings. Clearing the dust and different materials they used decades ago, I found stuffed in the wall a newspaper, or more exact, Politiken, from september 19, 1949. Alas, the paper had been stuffed there I could presume, exactly 57 years ago. Even in those days Systemet Politiken had its way with our minds and ways.

Rajul and Nuuk, with their children.

today, my thoughts go out to Rajul and Nuuk and their two children in the village of Yokam, Thailand.
This morning Nuuk called us up, ridden with tears, she explained that Rajul had been serious injured working in the champingon-hothouses just outside the village.
Working in these hothouses, which are basically tents made of plastic, the temperature often rises to around 60 degrees celcious. More over, the fertilisers used to produce the chamopignon makes the air - with the heat- in tent, somewhat of a deathtrap. And that for a daily salary of approximately 6 danish kroner.
Rajul had somehow fallen in the tent, and ripped his thigh open and are now hospitalised in nearby Nong Bun Mak, where I also recieved treatment for my wounds after the elephant thrashed me in early june. Being a rich white dude, I was pushed in front of every line, because paying the few houndred kroner to get absolutely perfect treatment was no problem to me.

Rajul on the other hand has migrated to Thailand from Bangladesh, and fell in love with Nuuk selling rotis at Bangkok Central Railway Station, Hualampong.
Being a working migrant in Thailand, or being a working migrant in general in the ladder part of the third world, often means that you are persona non grata, wanted, but not officially existing. And with social security in Thailand still has a long way to go, Rajul is now hospitalized having to pay at least 1000 thai-baht a day, which is absolutely devasting for a family unit. You do the math.

And no, they are not pulling us a trick, we lived with them for a month, and I consider them some of the most humble and non demanding people I have ever spend time with.

Tonite we send enough money to pay the hopsital bill. If there is anybody out there wanting to help, you are more than welcome to contact me at, call me at +452892 2293, or leave a comment if you want to reach out.

I know, the world is fucked up, but sometimes, you just help where you can help.

September 18, 2006

only this:

The Egosaurus© has landed. Kick, tusk, kneel, head, dead.

September 17, 2006

I got up early, hadnt been able to sleep right, and somehow I find that early mornings awake, gives me as much rest as a nights sleep. My mailbox had received a hit from El Badkar, compadre superior from across the ocean, way beyonder in LA, Estados Unidos. Among other stuff, he wrote this stuff:

"Welcome homish, though the DK you describe isn't the DK I remember. Shit, it's been like almost 15 years since I lived there, but it seems as if my memories are of some distant HC Andersen fairytale land of ideals, progressive socialism, and liberal touchy feely philosophy... the place where bubble gum pop culture and modern design is the colorful gravy on socially realistic grey potatoes. Vesterbro was a place where the whore named Tivoli got a heroin needle in the neck. It was a place where the problems and outcasts weren't swept under the rug, but considered a by-product of a tolerance that valued Kierkegaard's solipsism above productivity. Now DK sounds like the dawd dammed paranoid upwardly mobile middle material class anxious American nightmare. Welcome to the machine. If you don't bend over on your own volition, they WILL strap you down, and it WILL hurt twice as bad."

That had to make me think. Carl got up, we had breakfast, and around 0730, I decided to take him for a walk at Assistens Churchyard. No need in pointing out how absolutely chilled the churchyard was, because it is in fact always....very calme. We wandered around for a good hour, and just before leaving I tumbled across two stones not far apart. One marked the grave of Finn Einar Madsen, "rebel", as it said on his tombstone, and the other marked that of Ebbe Kløvedal Reich. Allthough I am not truly updated on their full body of works and doings, they have both ment a great deal to the political and cultural agenda in Denmark over the last three decades, and I got kind of sad, not at least because I in my 2 year absence simply hadnt noticed them disapearring.
And sometimes I have wondered if the 60s ever ended.They so absolutely did for me todayere. Things change. But that is as simple as it is true: Things has changed. Things changes Denmark. Kris couldnt be more right.

so to honor their memory, a link

September 16, 2006

fashion is more facsistic than democratic. copenhagen summer of oversized shades. girls on granny bikes. only welfare luxury states have retro-trends.

one word: Sydslam®

September 15, 2006

All Hail The Working Boys and Girls. By Jove. The Pope did a brainfart and we are at it again.
The End will be not be a silent End.

September 14, 2006

"The security of the United States are won in the streets of Iraq" says El Presidente. That says a lot doesnt it?
What about the security on US streets, the gun-issue, sticking out like a sore thumb: More kids have been killed by handguns over the last decade in the US, than there were US soldiers killed during the duration of The Vietnam War.

It sucks doesnt it, makes you want to fuck a lot more dont it?

September 13, 2006

today, back to migration-issues and a few words here to put things in perspective linked to yesterdays posting.

The most striking features of globalization are growth of cross-border flows of various kinds, including investment, trade, cultural products, ideas and people, and the profileration of transnational networks with codes of control in multiple locations. At its core, globalization results in increased transnationalism: behaviour or institutions which simultaneseously affect more than one state. The terrorist attack on 9.11 2001 in fact constituted transnational political behaviour, as those perpretrating were aliens engaging in violence against mainly civilian targets in order to achieve a political goal. Al-Qaida can be seen as an extremely effective transnational network, with multiple codes of control.

from "The age of migration" by Stephen Castles and Mark J. Miller

September 12, 2006

I watched TV. Yesterday, with the volume off and with half an eye I watched the bonding between one of Denmarks finer in print, Henrik Nordbandt, and the always furiously present Pia Kjæærsgård of Dansk Folkeparti - Danish Peoples Party.
What struck me first was the clear physical resemblance of the two. They looked like twins, and they came out like twins having made up after troubled years apart. Evenly pale in the studio, washed and combed, and not at least, very content.
They have been collaborating on a book which basically is a series of conversations on religion and state, and contributing more I think, to a stigmatation to of the "them and us" termonology, than actually forwarding the debate. Ofcourse, I really cant say, we had the TV muted, and I admit I found it utterly irrelevant to listen to them, all full of myself, I waspretty sure of the outcome.


And the tacky timing off the interview, 9.11, didnt it make it too hard for Pia Kjærsgård to emphasize for what she feels when she "talks on behalf of the danish people..." as I think I heard her say, when I watched it a little closer, not fearful, but full of hate.
I tried to zap, but on three or four international channels, DR1, RTL; RAiUno, the same TV program was shown, the rooky account from ground zero, I had no escape, nor had anyone watching television. We are whiping our tears, we are whiping our asses in personal accounts from 9.11, up close, the fireman, the mother, the almost victims, in general the (conviniently) most documentated catastrophe in world history.

Two weeks ago I found out reding a book, that US bombers whiped out as many lives in Tokyo as in the release of atomic madness on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. And the japanese raped and killed more than 300.000 in NanKing (China), and now both the countries, US and Japan are best mates, and thats just democracy. Should we learn to live with that? Thats the narrative El Presidente Bush stated during in Graceland with Japanese primeminister whatshisname-sato on statevisit not one month ago. Oh yes. We can. We are so, and only human.

So how about cutting us some slack here? Can we forget about 19 terrorists killing 2.986 american citizens in one blow? When will history, or, when will, the foreign policy strategic of The Coaliton make that convinient? What will the narrative become? Because it will change.

And we have TV for that. Narrative changes to fit the tapestry.

September 11, 2006

diego rivera: flower carrier. you do the math.

every decent household should have one, and please close the door after me.

September 10, 2006

One month ago I stopped watching television. I still dont. Watch.

September 09, 2006

and when it all gets a little too serious theres always:

saturday morning, I get up real early to bend the hours of a long day ahead. Breakfast and shower with youngest son Carl, before we set off with the rising sun to drive rent a trailer for this days labour. A ton of debris has to be removed from my apartmennt.
The streets are empty but a few early birds at local gas tanks. Of ten cars I see, six of them were renting trailers at the tank.
"Mobility" I think "What luxury" and I continue to think of the new apartment, 2 floors and lebensraum that will be done in hopefully six months. "Mobility and a permanent base".
I most do something right, or: This feels right, and yes, I do feel better, in fact I feel allright.

September 08, 2006

somewhere in june 2005 I lost count, as it seems the crisis have somewhat hushed. This account however gives every thinkable statistic detail. A sad count though with one serious gap, the toll of lost iraqi civilians, a number, that is still only counted by estimates.

September 07, 2006

formal equality rarely leads to equality in practice. thus, very shrude, the liberal discourse now hammers: in-equality is dynamic.

too black and white?

September 05, 2006

1. ethnic clustering and community formation may be seen as necessary products of migration to global cities.

2. cultural and political interaction is negotiated around complex processes of inclusion and exclusion, and of cultural transference.

September 04, 2006

everybody is always somewhere between A or B, and the only thing that really matters is how you get there, the process that becomes the construction, and the construction that becomes what you leave behind.

no goverment can pursue policies which ignore the imperatives of the global market. the nexus between power and national boundaries is declining.

September 03, 2006

migration is hardly ever a simple individual action in which a person decides
to move in search of better life-chances, pulls up his or her roots in the place of origin and quickly becomes assimilated in the new country. It is a process that affects every dimension of social existence.

September 02, 2006

Migration-month at NOASRP:

The next week or more I will dedicated to migration related issues. International migration constitute a key issue in the much-celebrated globalized world, and Im trying to grasp the vastness of the issue that too often seems to escape the political agenda dealing with the issue.

But today I cant put two words straight, and I shouldnt even try. Yesterday I attended a state sponsored cultural event, a movieopening, and then later continued to a state sponsored bar (no entre fee, and cheap imported beers), so now I sit with state sponsored hangovers. Doesnt culture just rock?

anyways: to kick this week off: would this make you wanna move to...too?

September 01, 2006

An estimated 185 million people, thats 2% of the worlds population, can today by condsidered to be refugee, or dislocated from their origin. 2%!

It really puzzles me that they can stur so much xenofobia. So Søren Krarup and the likes: What I really want to know is: Which worldview do you posses? What is it, that you want to say, that you say you cannnot say, ultimately because of global migration? What is it you cant do? What is it that the western civiliazation hasnt done north east west and south, that you can not bear coming on to a border near you? Who ripped your heart out missionary man?