March 28, 2007

this will be a summer
of oversized shades
and small dogs in large hotelrooms

to much red
i think
too much
would look better


March 26, 2007

Of affluence...

Somebody asked me the last week, what I thought in the western society created a proportional over-representation of striving artists compared to other less affluent societies?First, I had to make her repeat the question to get it right, and then secondly, my best answer came out short: "Time," I said, "but, I can`t say, it`s one of those big questions..."

It stuck with me, the question, because, I thought she was right, though I havn`t read or heard of any research confirming the thought, it`s more a gut-feeling. I know she is right.

Then over the week, what could be p a r t of an answer started taking shape. Each morning, cycling my young Carl to his kindergarten I pass another kindergarten. This particular kindergarten is a "forest-kindergarten", which means that the siblings each morning, by bus, are being transported to a recreational area outside the capital. In it self a good idea, though saddening as it is that the capital can not supply sufficient green and the blue for future workers...or what not.

Saying goodbye is never easy, but saying goodbye, each and every day should certainly make things easier, which however in the case of the forest-kindergarden doesn't seem to be the case. Parents, and many of them, waving at their children sitting in the buss awating departure, is understandable. But waving at their kids for up to 30 minutes is...sick.

Passing the kindergarten, and leaving young Carl the professional care at his kindergarten and driving the same way back, takes me a good 20 minutes. And there they are, the parents, still waving. I stopped my bike one day, to observe:

I checked the time to the before mentioned 30 minutes. 30 minutes, come on. 30 minutes and then of to the nearest latte-joint and flash the lap-top and palm-pilot and discuss how incredible stressed (the double-connotation: stress is annoying, but has also become a quality in it self: to be busy, to be needed, to be anything than expendable) they are as modern-day parents, and jeeeesus-the-sushi-they-had-last night-from-next-door-was-crap-and-I-gotta-make-it-to-the-hairdresser-before-1500-today.

Then it hit me: Shower them in attention and they will forever demand attention: They will become artists! Maybe their parents are artist, and never got attention, and didn't become good artists either, so now, believing their own psychological development to be a do-able parameter, they turn the table, and shower the kids, not with love, but attention. Everything they do is "gorgeous", "great" and "fantastic", gets framed and they stick it on the wall, mail it to their grandparents, sign the kids up for impressionistic art-classes at the age of 3, and thus:

we have a lot of artist in the affluent society.

I think. Is partly why. Affluence. Be that good or bad.

March 20, 2007

If you are caught up in suspense awaiting the verdict on Phil Spector, I strongly recommend the full body of work by american novelist James Robert Baker. Especially his high octane rock gothic thriller FUEL INJECTED DREAMS, with clear references to the life on a wanna-be Phil Spector.

Also his gay-terror novel "Tim and Pete" comes highly recommended.

March 17, 2007

With a great chance of coming out like a bitter aunt... I have to air this:

Over the past years, and in particular related to the current danish goverment, it has become more the rule than the exception, that different members of parliament from the goverment-political parties, expresses radical and populistic viewpoints, only to pull them back the next day, due to central admnistration, following the working mantra: the indiviual must fit the organisation and not the other way around.

Last (and again) Louise Frevert of DANSK FOLKEPARTI have said this:

She has (again) plastred public space in lies, but what are the consequenses? It seems that politicians hooveres above the lawful waters that mortal citizines drown in. I mean, had it be me or anyone I know, telling or placing a rumour like Louise Frevert did about Lisbeth Knudsen, the consequens would be cleared: You are fired.

She wont be...fired.

I see this as a consensus sneaking in among high profiled leadership. Theres is three big cases running these days:

The case over Denmarks Radio over spending in connection with the over ambitious new DR - Ørestaden. Its is clearly a lack of political leadership and leadership in general that have cuase the shit to hit the fan, but who takes the wrap: The little Guys! 300 DR employees are facing unemployment!

The war in Iraq: The constitution was clearly bend! Denamrk had no (lawful) right to enter join the coalition-forces. The consequenses the responsible politicians are facing: none!

The case of Ungdomshuset: The house is gone, the problem remains the same. Nørrebro is left with the ball while major Ritt Bjerregard pulls back and decides to build a SuperDrome at Østerbro (with the ever present Don Ø) because Østerbro, as a part of town, is clearly "understimulated" when it comes to leisure-activity and sports-facilities.

yes i am a mad. and i hate it. i feel ... populistic and I hate that too. Its just pure and plain abuse of power.

But mo `bitching about the blunders of DR. Though I find DR a proud cultural institution, tide is coming and flatning the profile.
Yesterday for 10 minutes I watched the show "Pull the Plug" hosted by Morten Lindbjerg aka Master Fatman. A program basicly cut out to teach celebreties to relax.
Yesterdays guest were: Zindy (washed out singer) Simon Ammitsbøll (politician) and Jeanne Boll (actor, havnt seen her in anything since 1996)
With the current situation in the back of my head it really puzzles me why DR sees it as their job to save the carriers of a washed-up singer that noone will publish, a mediaslot politician who goes with everything (he also participated in the DR production SHOWTIME) and blah blah...
Why they have to fly them in from the "deserted island" after four c r a z y days without contact to the world is just... Fuck it! The cost of producing the show is pissing in the face of the ones facing unemployment. The show has nothing to offer. Except the the contender can win a trip to Brasil, which I guess isnt cheap either for DR. But maybe cheaper than sending DR bosses on mangement-workshops in Silicon Valley, as it also currently the case!
And of Master Fatman: The total sellout! Something that was a little funny in 1991: the ironic usage of "karma" as a trademark, which is now just embarrising and almost humiliating to anyone in fact believing in it, an approach The Fatman also uses this profile in a tv-commercial for SYNOPTIK. He has nothing. He is just...fat

I am a babbling here, I know: I a piss ant piss mad piss poet! Im sorry this aint very subtle...

March 16, 2007

Ian Dury


Stumpled upon a favourite dwarf punk rocker Ian Dury album today. Being a greatest hits album containing tracks from 1977 - 1980, the visionary Ian Dury stands out clear as daylight. Tracks like "Sexs and drugs and rock`n`roll", "Hit me with your rhytm stick", "I want to be straight", and "Plaistow Patricia" is hip hop before hip hop became hip hop with the likes of Grandmaster Flash and the furios Five.

Moreover the records holds every concievable memory of when where and why I as a young teenager in 1979 went astray from Mainstream Boulevard. Surely, ideal reasons to be cheerfull.

March 14, 2007

On November 14th 2006 I wrote on this blog...

"...However, the cases constitutes a problem, that in particular points back at the media-machinery. The TV2 reporter, Cecelie Beck, kept hammering the minister with one question: “Is it humane? Is it humane? Is it humane?”, to which Rikke “sympathy doesn’t count and I wouldn’t piss on you if your face caught fire” Hvilshøj answered, as always, that one law, one rule, applies for everyone, and that theres is no room for single-cases. Bullshit I say. Every case of a potential deportation is a single case, and the answer just shows the government lack of political will and tendency to treat these issues with the generalizing approach: One size fits all.On the other side of bad news for a good story, sits 600 iraqian rejected asylum-seekers in Danish asylum-centers in total limbo. Politicians from the opposition is trying ease the pain for them, by introducing law-proposals that will allow them to work while they await a verdict, while the absolute horror, I think, goes totally unnoticed: Not one politician, or media, and in particular TV, seems to point out the dilemma of sending 600 iraqians home to a country in which Denmark is very active in war...."

Over the weekend a group of danish celebrities, including among others: Lise Nørgaard, Claus Meyer, Kjeld Hilligsøe, Holger Bech Nielsen, posted a letter to the danish goverment, expressing their concern over the situation: that 600 iraqi rejected asylum seekers are facing deportation.

That has fired up ugly duckling Pia Kjærsgaard of DANSK FOLKEPARTI. In yesterdays edition of NYHEDSAVISEN and in Ekstra Bladet today she, expresses her disgust over celebrities trying to seek influence on politics. She is of the firm belief that cooks will forever be cooks, soldiers will be soldiers, and writes should write, and stick to their trade and let "the competent and responsible authorities handle the complexities of immigrations-issues."

In Ekstra Bladet today she says, visiting an old peoples home: "It simply makes me sick to my stommick. Why those celebrities think they can allow them selves to criticize the government. Who would listen if it was you guys?"
In other words: Her opinion seems to be that The People know nothing of politics, so they should shut the f... up, but on the other hand she has this eery talent of also victimizing The People!

One thing is striking though: I have also on this blog described my reservation about the government's highly profiled third-world-aid program called DILEMMA, which in its core is founded on celebreties screening and choosing development projects on a "reality tv concept".
My point? pointing out the huge contradiction between Pia Kjærsgaards unmasked hate towards the initiative first mentioned and the fact that she and Dansk Folkeparti is the sole reason for the danish government to hold the power. A government that t h r i v e s among celebrities and now uses them for political purposes.

In some ways, I think Kjærsgaards is right: It is to a extend not the best idea to bias your political work around celebrities. But theres a difference between having an opinion and taking an initiative, and being invited by the goverment to participate in their official politics.

The conclusion: Ugly Duckling in small pond have big impact.
My wish: Had she only remained a ugly duckling. Though she is still an ugly fuckling she has...developed.

March 13, 2007

Danish writer Carsten Jensen surprises me with a stigmatized short sight in danish newspaper POLITIKEN on sunday 11.3 2007. Asked about his opinion of UNGDOMSHUSET he says under the HEADLINE: The young havnt contributed with shit.
" was a working museum of a stone cold and dead youth culture, that haven't contributed with anything...(!) They played p u n k m u s i c in there. Punk is 30 years old."
His main point characterizes the users of UNDOMSHUSET as a bunch of political naivists and anachronistic individuals biased around marxistic and leninistic ideologies from the 70s. He accuses them of not taking action in contemporary political issues, such as the war in Iraq, nor relating to problems connected to immigrants-issues. And last, Carsten Jensen as many others, accuses t h e m as being without the humour that in someways were a trademark of the squatter-movement (BZ-bevægelsen) in the 80s.

First of all the shortsight of Carsten Jensen is constituted by him thinking the users of ungdomshuset as "them", meaning: all is one, all is alike. That just want do. Typical, he in this way represents a viewpoint that conceives the UNGDOMSHUSET as a youthculture in it self. UNGDOMSHUSET was a important part of a youthculture, a youhtculture that has contributed with loads of stuff, but most distinctly: the selfsufficience autonome organasation, away from the established political apparatus.

Moreover the youthculture in and around UNGDOMSHUSET includes an alive and kicking musiclife, which in no way can be narrowed down to punk. Hiphop, techno, deathmetal, twang and more has been represented to full extend on UNGDOMSHUSETS concert line-up over the years. And not the least did the the pirate radiostation (the only oned taking air in DK since the 50s) become a very humoristic tuning-point, among other flatlined and commercial radiostations hosted by the cultural icons like Casper Christensen, and the narssisitic motormouths of DR P3.

What Carsten Jensen means by "they played punk in there, and punk is 30 years old" baffles me. I mean, he isn't that conservative. Rock is 60 years old, literature is thousands of years old...does it say anything about quality? I am sorry mister Jensen, but it just comes out plain stupid.

As heard before by representatives from the the well-off -but-well-meaning-softcore-liberals-lefties-generation, Jensen is also disappointed that the users of UNGSDOMSHUSET seemingly is taking no action concerning for example, the war in Iraq. I find it strange the way hr. Jensen apparently would find it more acceptable if the youngsters fought his battle. That his conception of what youthculture should be, is enough to highlight it is as an error, is - in my book - conservative.
More important political initiatives are on-going in Denmark concerning the war in Iraq: On april 11th 2007 a important verdict will be given, deciding whether or not the good people of can take primeminister Rasmussen to court for violation of the danish constitution. I mean the battle is being fought, and would it be a better battle if activists of UNGDOMSHUSET took part? Maybe. But not a necessity. wouldn't surprise me, that if among the active people in, you can most possible find youngsters who in fact used the UNGDOMSHUSET, but have no apparent reason to link the two.

"Ungdomshuset have been a selfgoverning ghetto with the back against the rest of us." continues Carsten Jensen.
Well, to me that just goes to prove that he again tends to over-homogenize. An average friday night in Ungdomshuset was open to anyone. With the pro and cons that is expressed and accepted by various cultural hang-outs, nightclubs, restaurants etc. I mean, I dont think you can enter the restaurant at D`angleterre flashing in a classic punk-outfit and hair-do. What I am saying is: Ungdomshuset was not more excluding than many other (celebrated) places.

Conclusively Jensen disappoints me by not being able to see that the groundwork that is expressed and was on-going in UNGDOMSHUSET most likely in a near-by future would create and contribute to a richer cultural life. That youth spend away from mainstream consumer culture most like likely will nourish more (hopefully) free-thinkers, more (needed) criticism towards some of the same tendencies in The Modern as hr. Jensen over the years have spend page up and page down in various books critisizing.

It seems to me that Carsten Jensen has based his whole perspective and feeble insight of UNGDOMSHUSET and the cultural significants surrounding it, exclusively on the medias, which for a man of his postion is highly critisizable. But for being hr. Jensen, a man of many opinions and often brave and in solitude, I give him a star. *

March 11, 2007

Great timing. Pissing in the nest seems to be a favourite leisure activity. After flatlining the Ungdomshuset, this HEADLINE hits Politiken today. Timing means everything!

March 09, 2007


today in freebie 24timer:

Ritt: I can not solve the conflict.

Major Ritt Bjerregård said yesterday with a straght face and firm voice, that Københavns Kommune (Copenhagen City Council) has no responsibilty for the conflict concerning Ungdomshuset what-so-ever, and that they can not, nor intend to, solve the conflict.

What selfdenying bs. Calculating elitist powerplayer only holding the job, not on the mercy of the voters, but as goodbye present and a golden handshaeke from central administration of Socialdemokraterne.

One record springs to mind: The icecold waters of egocentric calculation (Ballet Mechanique, 1981)

March 08, 2007

Taking a break from the hostile and zombie-like volksstimmung at Nørrebro, I went to watch a flick about someone having had a harder time, just to keep things in perspective:
"The Last King of Scotland" (2006).
The story is set around fictional character Nicholas Gerrigan, a young white male doctor, who in the early years of Idi Amins rule, is hired to be his personal physicist. From there on the story follows the downfall of Amin`s diabolic and insane rule over Uganda from 1971 - 1979.
But finally here is a movie that succeeds in putting the african-black perspective in the front line, free of white selfrigtheouness. The presence of whiteness in the african problem is on the contrary, minimized to a question about "fucking and taking away", which for a good part of the movie left me with great sympathy for the principles of Amin`s project. An interesting twist.
Enough said: of six stars I give it seven. An immensely together and important movie.

March 07, 2007





March 06, 2007

Idag, på dansk. Denne meget interresante artikel7mail blev sendt til mig fra en ven. Artiklen rummer en opfordring til videre formidling. Det være hermed gjort:

Ruth Evensen’s “sejrstale” søndag d. 4. marts 2007 til menigheden i Faderhuset:

“Dette er kun begyndelsen”

Ruth Evensen jublede i sejrsrus til gårsdagens gudstjeneste i Faderhuset. De unge på Nørrebro er dæmonbesatte, men vi er lige nu vidne til at Gud sejrer over Satan. Næste skridt for Faderhuset er at bekæmpe praktiseret homoseksualitet, pædofili, pornografi, abort og satanisk legetøj. Hverken de autonome eller resten af Danmark kan undgå Guds kraft. Velkommen til Ruth Evensens virkelighed.

I går var jeg til gudstjeneste i Faderhuset. Jeg fik hilst på Ruth Evensen, hendes søn Simon Peter og alle de andre banditter.

Oplevelsen var især speciel fordi» det var første gudstjeneste efter Ungdomshuset blev ryddet» det var første gudstjeneste efter de massive uroligheder i København» der var et forholdsvist stort opbud af politi uden om kirken (men ingen demonstranter)» der var enormt meget sikkerhed ved indgangen og under gudstjenesten i form af et privat sikkerhedsbureau» jeg og mine tre gruppemedlemmer efter alt at dømme var de eneste ikke-medlemmer af sekten, som var til stede» fordi Ruth Evensen under sin tale direkte adesserede mig og de tre andre og bad os om at bringe et budskab videre til Danmark

Vi blev ved indgangen kropsvisiteret, og der blev under gudstjenesten placeret en sikkerhedsvagt lige bag vores stolerække.

Inden selve gudstjenesten gik i gang, blev vi først budt velkommen af Simon Peter Evensen. Ruth kom derefter ned og hilste på og spurgte venligt til, hvem vi var, og hvorfor vi var kommet. Vi forklarede sammenhængen, og hun sagde, at vi var meget velkomne (vi skriver projekt på RUC om fundamentalistisk kristendom).

Lige inden Simon Peter startede gudstjenesten, blev vi spurgt, om vi havde optageudstyr med, tydeligvis fordi de ikke ville tolerere, hvis vi optog under gudstjenesten.

Ruths sejrstale

Efter en times lovsang og en times prædiken ved Martin Bergsøe om postmodernismens og humanismens forfærdeligheder, tog Ruth ordet. Her er et lille udpluk, lettere sammenskrevet.

“Det er jo sjældent, at vi taler om Ungdomshuset her i Faderhuset. Men i dag vil jeg gøre en undtagelse,” sagde Ruth Eversen.

“I fem år har I finansieret den månedlige husleje på 60.000, som vi har skullet betale måned efter måned, mens huset var besat. Jeg er stolte af jer, og jeg vil gerne rose jer, for jeres udholdenhed. Faderhuset har sejret!” Sektens medlemmer, der tæller ca. 40 personer, brød ud i vild jubel og hujende tilråb.

“Det er kun lykkedes, fordi der var en kvinde, en Guds kvinde, som turde stå fast. Kun fordi der var en Ruth Eversen, som ikke rokkede sig en millimeter, men hele vejen igennem holdt fast i det, som Gud havde pålagt hende - dvs. mig. Mange medier, og også Ritt Bjerregaard under mødet på Rådhuset, har spurgt mig, hvorfor jeg dog ikke bare sælger huset og høster gevinsten. Jeg griner af dem - hvor dumme er de? Vi har oplevet at Gud har pålagt os, at købe det hus, og fordi jeg har holdt fast i hans løfte, har vi nu sejret. Det er den magt vi har, når vi tilhører Gud.” Vild jubel og stor klapsalve.

“Medierne har hængt os ud. De autonome håner os, og påstår, at de forsvarer en kultur, som vi angriber. De kaster med sten og sætter ild til uskyldige menneskers biler, går i mod politiet og spærrer gaderne, så fødende kvinder på Nørrebro ikke kan komme på hospitalet. Undskyld mig, men hvis man opfører sig sådan, hvordan kan man så påstå, at man forsvarer en kultur? Det er ikke kultur, men bare Satan, der kæmper en håbløs kamp mod Gud.”

“Gud har store planer med Faderhuset. De fleste tror, at vi snart kan ånde lettede op. Men sådan bliver det ikke. Er det ikke fantastisk, at en menighed af rettroende og disciplinerede kristne, har kunne have sådan en samfundsforvandlende kraft? Vi er eksponeret ikke bare i hele Danmark, men også det meste af verden. Hvad siger I? Hvad synes I det næste skal være? Hvad med homoseksualitet?”

Ruth hævede stemmen mere og mere.

“Danmark har tilpasset sig tidsånden, og Folkekirken vier i dag homoseksuelle. Det er ikke naturligt for to mennesker af samme køn at være sammen. Undskyld mig, men vi er bare ikke fysisk indrettet til det! Og hvad med lesbiske, som åbenbart skal kunne få kunstig befrugtning? To kvinder, der får børn? Det er ikke Guds vilje!”

“Og hvad med pornografi, hva? Hvad med abort? Hvad med incest, hva? Det bliver det næste. Vi har styrken, og vi har troen. Vi lever i et samfund, hvor børn leger med satanisk legetøj. Leger med monstre. Faderhuset vil forandre Danmark. Vi har kraften til det, den samfundsforvandlende kraft. Hvorfor har andre kristne ikke den magt? Fordi de er lunkne. Vi kan kun sejre ved at have et stærkt lederskab, og en disciplineret menighed.”

Det var nu, at Ruth henvendte sig til os fire: “I gymnasieelever (Ruth Evensen tror åbenbart, at RUC er et gymnasium) kan godt gå ud og fortælle alle de andre, at det er sådan, det er.” Hun pegede ned på os. “Det er sådan vi er. Vores kraft vil forvandle Danmark!”

Atter henvendt til sektens medlemmer: “Det er klart, at når man oplever forfærdelige ting, som det der sker på Nørrebro, så bliver man lidt bange. Men det skal I ikke være. Nørrebro har ikke en chance.”

Gudstjenesten sluttede med sejrsjubel, dans og kristne rocknumre om at kæmpe Guds kamp i denne verden.

Jeppe Kabell,,, 5. marts 2007.

Jeg og de tre andre personer, som var til gudstjenesten, har ingen tilknytning til Faderhuset eller Ungdomshuset, og vi tager afstand til både religiøs fundamentalisme og vold.

Journalister der er interesseret i en kommentar, kan sende mig en mail med et telefonnummer.

Artiklen må spredes vidt og bredt, så længe indholdet ikke ændres, og så længe Jeppe Kabell og krediteres som kilde.

March 05, 2007

"Yes Father. It was me, I cannot lie, I did it with my little hatchet..." admitted George Washington, after he cut down his fathers favourite cherry tree, following a familiar and domestic dispute, says an american piece of folklore about George Washington, 1st president of the USA.

Take a closer look at the picture, and the plausible narrative:

Two boys, approximately 10 years of age, have finished building a treehouse. Maybe as a result of a new friendship, or a re-gained friendship, the result in any case a clear symbol of friendship, and not the least a symbol of achievement: an early sense of independence, initiative, talent and self-confidence. A symbol of youth.

The Youthhouse - UNGDOMSHUSET - in Copenhagen is no more.

A 24 year old tree in the copenhagen would-be metropole, has been cut down. Copenhagen, the dark forest, has strangled a feeble cultural symbol. Forgive for getting tacky here: It sucks. Though days of street-rioting only served to confirm that the possibility of violence attracts idiots on both sides, violence has become the definitive argument for the politicians to stand firm and rule them out.

The discussion as whether to open the possibility for a new UNGDOMSHUS is over, the governance of icequeen Ritt Bjerregård and her followers (in particular Martin Geertsen) has smacked the door shot in their faces, and so the violent outbust - the street riots - became the activists greatest blunder. Which can come to nobodys surprise.

However there is so many sides to this case, and I first and foremost find the lack of political will and arrogance towards the problem the most threatening. Its a continuum of a moral and puritanistic panic that seems to have followed in the still waters of a powerful political consensus grounded on the far right in approx. 2001, based ultimately in national and romantic hallucinations of a one-way street society, ruling out any influence and consequences of The Modern and the, in other cases, oh-so celebrated globalization.

Secondly: thats why I choose, the photo, of the two boys in their tree house...The whole approach to the problem of Ungdomshuset, and in particular, in the way that it was left up to the police, the anti-terror-squat, the army and more to solve the problem, is first: embarrassing, and then, just plain stupid. It proves a groundbreaking record in the lack of basic lay-man psychological knowledge. Even though its like stealing candy from a kid, stealing it means a roar. If there is one thing that is common in youngsters universe, it is a immense feeling of justice. An being treated unjust...yea, well: I do not think there is anyone out there, who can not remember that feeling.

How do I explain my 11 year old son, watching the riots from the our window, the complexity of the matter? For him its good guys versus bad guys. He is me, he is my son, he is partly like me watching western movies at his age, always sympathising with the natives when they were being slaughtered by the Yankees. I can tell him that it is more complex, that violence never seems to solve anything. He will then ask me about the war in Iraq and other places, and I can answer him that that is even more complex, and he will answer, that he doesnt think so. He thinks its like this: There is good guys and there is bad guys, ironically representing the world view of George Bush and lapdogs. And watching the riots at Nørrebro, he is - or could be - of the new breed.

Pressure - antipressurre. The problem, the sollution, the problem again, the anti sollution.

And that is the reaction WE now face. And with WE, I especially mean the the citizens living at Nørrebro. A hood in Copenhagen that has always been neighbourhood characterized by its social multitude. Its the most crowded place in Denmark, and has a over representation of social inconvenient issues. Problems and facts that in no way gain the attention or powerplay, though clearly more relevant and needed, that Ungdomshuset did. Ungdomshuset might have stuck out like a sure thumb to many politicians, and thus demanded a instant solution. But is it not saying: You can have all the other social issues, but this one - Ungdomshuset - is just to bend? Thus, defining the right to exist for Ungdomshuset represented, as merely a moral issue.

For the next year or so we, at Nørrebro, can anticipate intensified policecontrol, becoming a rooky trainingground, the constant hoovering of news and police choppers, more riots, closed schools...more idiots, more violence.

And selling the UNGDOMSHUSET (The Youthhouse) to a religious sect called FADERHUSET (The Fatherhouse)...I mean, the connotation alone, is evil. Daddy says no.

Thats as far as I can take, I babble in disbelief and disappointment. In many ways the last word in the case has been said with the demolishing of the Ungdomshus today, there is without doubt more to be said, but sense has gone: The house is no more. The power apparatus have unfolded to full extend and then some.



1982 -2007

March 01, 2007


Celebrating the coming of spring by watching the annihilation of Ungdomshuset, Jagtvej 69, 2200 København N. Celebrating the right of ownership and the updated version of democracy year 2007:

"Cure the disease and kill the patient" (Francis Bacon)