January 27, 2009

an idea to level out the ongoing drug-war between the homo-erotic granddads in the biker/rocker-milieu and immigrant related gangs: ´

stop buying their shit.

to all the hippie-esque peaceloving consumers: consider it like boycotting mcdonalds or some other hardcore super capitalistic outfit.

January 24, 2009

the roAD and how to get to the very end

January 22, 2009

Yesterday I went to a pizzaria near my studio to purchase a six-pack of beer, which always reminds me that I have to do more situps, the juxtapoze betwwen the fusiological concept "sixpackk" and drinking a sixpack is laughable. At thepizzaria though they didnt have sixpacks, but only italian beer, in a "three pack". I bought two. But still, thats the senior solution: At my advanced age I can settle with a three pack stomiick.
Cant wait till summer: "Hey chicanas, check out the upper three-pack."

January 15, 2009

Though - again The israel army regrets having bombed a UN stronghold within the GAZA strip, I cant wait to see the news tonight, the excuses, the on-going defence of Israels right to defend themselves as represented among others by our dk PM Fogh Rasmussen, apprently headed to become general secratary of NATO: what properous perspectives.

January 10, 2009

oops. I was wrong. The Israelic attacks has so far onlt taken 800 lives. 230 of those infants. Not 900 lives as I wrote a couple of days ago.

and Hamas is firing away at random not hitting a lot, like a beehive gone haywire. but unless thesee attacks will annihilate the palestiians for good, theres bad blood and utter hatred enough to feed and breed very loyal Hamas footsoldiers for generations, and so: this thourougly MiddeleEastern cancercell can eat up lives forver.

Just get the International Forces in there accordingly to the consensus of the Iraq war! Hamas` demand on not deploying forces on the egyptian/palestinian border should be easily overcomed. And I doubt that the Israel Army will take ona battle with a UN stronghold, allthough they have already proven diffenrently but....

Peace in the valley

January 07, 2009

Lit up like a fucking christmas tree with lights in his eyes the royal ideologist of DPP (Danish People Party), SØren Espersen, yesterday at more than one occasion (DRp1 and DR Nyheder)defended Israels right to selfdefence, "figthing off the terrorists in Gaza". In´that sense he supports the carte blanche supported espcially by US administration, and in particular Dick Cheneys interpretation of the conflict, which is narrowed down to only that: That Israel is fighting terrorism, personalized by

Søren Espersens statement to the press came on a day when more than 50 kids was killed in two seperate attacks on UN schools, and his statement was followed by a clearly confused danish minister of foreign affairs, Per Stig Møller, who reluctantly had to join the choir supporting Israel. Søren Espersen in the background with Per Stigs arms twisted and bend, was clearly satisfied with this prove of power: DPP yet again defines the politics, and has the danish goverment on its knees.

How saddening it is to live in a country proudly selling the democratic constituion and identity as one the most profound national characteristica, represented by a govermnet that is incabaple of seriously distance themselves from the in-proporionality in the Israel massacre on Gaza. 900 civilian killed, 3000 seriously wounded.

The historic background for the founding the State of Israel, can no longer be said to be an issue, or have any value in the ongoing war. Its a bad excuse for acting out a racist approach that is close to nationalsocialism; or the natonalromatism as practiced by the bonafide danish onepartysystem aka: DPP.

January 04, 2009

Idea for a new Palestine?

So 2009 came to a promising start, with Israel (Is real?), sending landtroops into Gaza, and the UN Sceurity council unable to come to an agreement on how to relate and approach the problem. as they have been for the last 60 years, only establising the historic continuum of a second world war gridlock.

With the intense activities in both Afghanistan and Iraq, I wonder what keeps the international society, and have kept it for so long, from deploying military forces (peacekeeping) into the area, or sanctioning colloboration on both Israel and the Palestinian administration, or whats left of it.

The in your face state-terrorism as performed by very righteous Israelic government, this time seem to have reached a level (again) of brutality, that could blow the conflict wide open, it certainly will not contain it, more likely globalize it - wider than ever before, breed more poverty, more victimisation, that again will breed more hate and fanatism, and more textbook-consequenses.
The conflict need a dire international attention, and will never be solved merely by Israel controlling both the West-bank or Gaza.
Maybe we could start thinking in more alternativs sollution, and for example look to the innovative engeneering in Dubai, and start a international sponsored project of building an artificial island in the Middeterrenian, and then flip a coin as to wheter who is gonna inhabit it.

January 01, 2009

This only to see the graphic layout change from 2008 to 2009.

It reminds me of once, years ago when I lived alone in flat at Østerbro. After days of drinking and cheap drugs I ended up in bed for days, and just lay there in the dark, sometimes reading but mostly doing nothing. I heard my alarmclock ticking, and it was my only companion for days. Then at some point, the battery in clock went dry, the ticking stopped, and so did time, that was the feeling. Everything stopped, and I wasnt convinced that purchasing a new battery could stop the end of time.

Set sail.