June 20, 2008

things are pretty messed up...im taking a break from blogging, some weeks, the ice of modernity is ... thin. that how dry it is. the unrest and the uncertainties, the impatience and the loss of control meaning purpose and logic luring behind every corner.

have a great summer. im allright, i mean it more the state of things.

June 17, 2008

Today I would have written about the head to head meeting between chiefeditor of Ekstra Bladet, Poul Madsen, and tv producer Thomas Heurlin, concerning the mediafrenzy-soap of Anni and Erik that I attended yesterday.

But it turned out to be a hush hush meeting, and everyone there, made a silent promise not to go public with anything from the meeting because it could be of personal and sensitive character.
To that I can only say: I am really glad that we have Ekstra Bladet to uphold that principle.

...., what I thought of the meeting....I will return, I think, I think because I also think it is to some degree is indiffenrent, because it became so clear how much a construction that type of commucication is, how little they actually tell and write, only by writing more of it, how TV thrives on newspapers, how newspaper thrives on TV, and aint it just a sad small reality to kling on to, aint it letting go of journalistic principle of fucking enlightment of the public, and not a conformation of the lowest common third.
That it is a highly shrude, backstapping, illoyal and bottomless machine is no surprise, but I must admit to being surprised (or sur-pissed) with the patronising, prejudice and calculating joy the representatives of the press came out. Or at least that was what i think I saw. I was distracted by free sandwiches, cold drinks, and famous people...

A conclusion: The speed of revisionism is shitscary. The sound of the common third is hollow and very loud. And me: I am pissgrumpy hypocrit little piss-ant for even caring....

Democracy: There are days where your opinion matters, and as a natural consequens here off, also days where...yeah! You do the math!

June 16, 2008

Business here at NOASRP. Three weeks to deadline on new pixs, but I face it rocksteady:

On day four POLITIKEN on sunday presented a hammering critic on the Govenmental rubbernecking with TV2! And I admit to having been more outraged than thorough in my research, as Politiken, spoke of the case as the "most talked about news this week".
I cant agree on that, but there most have been a lot out there I missed, which basically doesnt mean shit, or meaning I have no reason to be righteous, but: Im still worried, or some would say: pissgrumpy...

postings this week will be random

June 13, 2008

Day 3:

No! Nothing. On day 3. Apart from danish newspaper Politiken, mentioning the fact, nothing. Zilch. Nada. Not even on Tv (no, ofcourse not but...).

I admit to maybe having done lousy rsearch. I have only been over TV, newspaper, radio and the internet, but still havnt found anyone having a critic approach to the stunt performed by minster of Culture, Brian Mikkelsen and the govermental occupation of TV2: We squirt, you swallow!

If in fact, the critisim is out there, please help me and tell me where....

June 12, 2008

When I once said here on this here blog that I believe in a strong State, i didnt have this in mind: You gotta be fucking kidding me: We now have, in denmark, STATE TV at full throtlle, just steps away from berlusconi-esque terms, minister of culture Brian Mikkelsen, now denies to go public with the terms on which he have guarenteed TV2 economical aid to survive.

It is without doubt the most massive propogandistic stunt to gain control on medias that has gone down since...jeeeeeeeeesus I dont know when. A clearcut mediascandal, as hillariously funny as it is saddening and as it is curiously silent.


June 11, 2008

liFE SUPPROT FOR tv2 to ensure that the government has at least one 100% loyal lapdog and these statements from PM Rasmussen: http://politiken.dk/politik/article521562.ece
just adds to a picture of a thoroughly infected and propogandistic political climate in Denmark, that the term and the energy spend - by the same government - on defending "freedom of speech" seems utterly t a m e.

I need a break or a diet or a guru or directions or a good beating or just....what a fuckball real life.!

June 10, 2008

What was unthinkable when DR (Denmarks Radio) faced a severe economical crisis and had to let go of numerous employees and lobotomize a historically unique program profile last year, is now official goverment policy, when it comes to the economical crisis that partly commercial danish tv and radio station TV2 is facing.


Not that I have doubted the very visuable conflation between The State and TV2, but is this manouvre from minster of culture, Brian Mikkelsen gonna go unnoticed, the Propoganda Apparatus must...for fuck sake, I am dry. One word: Roadrage.

"Its getting out of order, the new world order..."

Political debaser, spring 2008, has been awarded here at NOASRP:

Margrethe Vestager.

(see posting on june 4th)


June 09, 2008

Prosaic recyclings:

Cultural distress in taxi on Petchepuri Road, Bangkok, march 2008:

I know not where I could be going but the taxistand on the corner three blocks from here is having a sign saying “Taxi to anywhere”, and that covers the commotion well. It could go anywhere, anywhere matters or don’t.
I grap a cap even though driving taxis in this city stinks and reminds me way too much of the way I feel, I cant close the book, I cant get out of the taxi because most of the time its jammed, it is too public, I sit there, stare from taxi to taxi constantly relating to the choices that takes me – or should take me from a to b, and just that – it should take me, more and more means nothing has really changed.
So anger finds no room, love is contained and cribbled by conditions, it moves in and out of consistency, blood rushing or piss boiling, neither red or sound, just pale and compromising.
Morning comes with the deftones of unconditional love and devotion. I should travel in time alongside or beyond but what is there? Solitude, circular ménage and my ass. I love people more than I hate stuff. Traveling doesn’t do anything for me here. Tim said it. Backpacking is so 90s.
I yield and I don’t understand, should have been in Vietnam by now but who the fuck cares or why should I even bother? I have had it with emerging developing countries but then again, where does shit work?

Spending most of my day in a kingsize bed times two, I am a tourist in me. My life. Thrust towards the shore, a wash up, everything is left behind and then what is there? Democracy doesn’t eventually feed you enough, and if it does it is because eating is the root of democracy.

The choice here is really whether or not to move into a topend hotel of boulderless charm. A luxurious pile of bricks with seaview, pool patio and flatscreen and breakfast included maids offering happy endings to ensure affluence, odourless.
Anybody can do this and everybody does. There is noting to it, tourism is more about stigmita than confronting new frontiers.

June 08, 2008

Well, the last words of ANNI AND ERIK hasnt been said, and in many ways I am glad that the case havnt passed untoiced. I, for one, intend to partipate in the following event June 16th:

(in danish, sorry)


Fri jagtret på tv-kendisser
Er der rimeligt, at en forholdsvis ukendt kvinde skal pryde forsiderne i flere måneder, blive hængt ud på grund af fortidens synder og slået over næsen for at have stukket både den og de kunstige bryster for langt frem - bare fordi hun har optrådt i et tv-show?

Af Gordon Vahle

Dét spørgsmål og mange andre kommer til debat ved et arrangement, som TV-Gruppen har inviteret til den 16. juni kl. 18 i DJs lokaler i Læderstræde 11B i København.
Arrangementet er gratis for DJ-medlemmer, men ikke-medlemmer er også velkomne til den beskedne pris af 30 kr. Ikke-medlemmer skal dog tilmeldes via et DJ-medlem. Tilmelding til
Merete Jeilman fra Journalistforbundet.
Ekstra Bladet vs tv-producer
Debattørerne er tv-producent Thomas Heurlin fra Koncern TV – produktionsselskabet der står bag ” Erik og Anni goes til Hollywood” og chefredaktør Poul Madsen fra Ekstra Bladet.
Da ”Erik og Anni went to Hollywood” blev planlagt kunne ingen have regnet ud, at man derved satte en af de største mediebegivenheder i nyere tid i gang, mener tv-produceren, mens chefredaktøren svarer på, hvorfor fascinations-tv skal fylde i aviserne og hvad der gør Anni til forsidestof.
Kunne man på forhånd have forudset Ekstra Bladets kampagne, og kunne den være undgået? Skulle den overhovedet have været undgået?

June 07, 2008

June 06, 2008

...shopping and somewhere between fakta and netto I started to wonder why the a majority of senior feminist in dk are so busy singeling out the problem of the hijab as a symbol of surpression, why not be as high pitched when it comes to equal pay for equal work in dk 2007? Is that not, if anything, a symbol of surpression in a functional democracy thats needs the same attention or even more? or is it just a qustion about money?

Tne first women wearing a hijab - in Denmark- has been called to courts in a function as "member of the jury...".
The first...after a good fifty year of immigration from muslim countries. Yep, I have always been certain that integration is more a question about time than political lobbyism and work, treating integration as a foresseable size, that acts accordingly to rules and regulations, which is needed ofcourse, but also to some extend naive.
But a hajib-wearing women amongst the jury has ofcourse proven to be a new battlegorund for DFP (Danish Folke Parti) and following the beforementioned case from North-Jylland, cultleader Pia Kjærsgård, hurries out with a proposal to ban religious symbols, also among jurors.


On another danish turf chairwoman for Women for Freedom Vibeke Manniche ("my cunt is to precious for muslims", see earlier posting), is harrasing a 16 year old muslim girl, who got drafted for the U16 National Soccerteam. The girl insisted on wearing a hijab-looking scarf during games, which everyone seemingly accepted, untill s o m e b o d y drew attention to the attrociti, among these Vibeke Manniche, who was of the clear convinsion, that this teenager shouldt be banned from the turf, untill she voluntarely dropped the hijab, cause only then would she be able to truly feel the outreach of freedom.

Nice one Miss Manniche!

June 05, 2008

poetic recyclings

A tale of cultural relativism. (1998).

I have come to the point where time has gone. I have come to a point where I have left. I have left because I simply became suicidal listening to that music, that band, and i now sit on a bar trying to surpres the erge to blow my head off. Shitty art, shit-feelings: How can a band that totally indifferent kickstart that flush of negativity is beyond me. I shouldnt care, but I do and I drink, and notice how the erge vanishes as alcohol floats into the veins. I drink up and I drink again. Escape? No, selfhelp, a how-to feeling, there was something there that needed attention, something latent that got projected through the music, the shitty music I even paid to listen to. Maybe I got suicidal on behalf on the musicians and it that way it was all a symbolic lust to fuck up reality.
I raise my hand to order another 50 gram of Starka Vodka, and as I move to place a cigaret between my pale and tight lips, the bartender asks me if I want a lighter, and I think he means fire for my smoke. But no. He is handing out lighters as part of a merchandise campaign for Allan Olesen new cd "songs for smokers". The other guests at the bar, all smokers, all have each and similar lighters. The syncronicity of the situation makes me wanna join in, and I tell the bartender "yes, I want a lighter." I wanna be in, I want to smoke more, spree my monthly pay here and now, be a comrade, buy the rounds, make friends and talk, and not the least stop what I am also thinking: That I should be at home working om that goddamned manuscript.
But is it worth, is it good shit I am writing, does it mean shot to anybody, couldnt I settle with less, be happy with my day job, isnt that as essential as it gets: Go to work?

Maybe I should just drop the manuscript and publish a lighter.


timing seems right for another repetition of an alltime favourite teaching:
The precision of technology is more appealing than the uncertainty of social culture.

June 04, 2008

After the bombing of the danish embassy in Islamabad - clearly a catastrophy waiting to happen - Margrethe Vestager, has outraged The Parliament by stating that the bombing could be an occasion to question danish militaristic proactive presence in Afghanistan, and earlier in Iraq. The not very surprising reaction from PM Fogh Rasmussen, opppsotion-leader Thorning Schmidt and cultleader Kjærsgård is ofcourse that an approach like that equals supporting terrorism.

Allthough the Radical Left as represented by Margrethe Vestager, voted in favour of supporting the shock and awe invasion of Iraq, titdoesnt mean that the longterm results of the engagement in The Middleeast shouldnt be scrutinised on a daily basis, especially taking into account that it seems more and more impossible to measure or foresee the actually outcome of western military presence in Iraq and Afghanistan.
The fronts and the contradictions, the dilemmas, the rising number of civilian casualties, the pressure on world economy clearly is a reason to revisionize the outcome of the (cultural) war, not as a kneefall for terrorism, but more as a much needed search for a longterm alternative solutions, that is not a continuum of decades of neo-imperialism.
Instead of isolating and pinpointing Margrethe Vestager as a supporter of terrorism, Ill give her 6 stars for having the guts to go out and respresent a brave and proggressive approach to the haywire situation.

And tomorrow being june 5th (Grundlovsdagen: celebration of the danish constitution), gives me even more reason to commemorate the good people of
http://www.gk2003.dk/, who tomorrow tries yet again to draw attention to the highly questionable interpretation of the Danish Constitution, when the danish Parliament on february 18th 2003 decided to lapdog the american led invasion of Iraq.

Demo from AXELTORV (CPH) tomorrow @ 1300h.

June 03, 2008

Went to see the new INDIANA JONES with oldest son Julius (12) yesterday in new favourite cinema Falkoner Bio at Frederiksberg.

You can say many things about the movie, but Spielberg definetly havnt lost touch, and the beginning of the movie where you are more less dumped into a hotrod on a carchase in Nevada, near Area 51 (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Area_51), 1957, is a fat reminder of what context to see the flick: Pure entertainment.

The storyline is as in the other three IJ movies ofcourse of importancte but generally you could say that they are also the hardest to remember as they overlab a lot. But still, what distracts from this fact - to me - is how Spielberg squeeze in numerous historic details and references; in this here movie: a neonsign For Atomic Cafe in Nevada, references to Area 51 and Roswell conspiracies, The myth of Eldorado etc.
And even though the nazis are out of this movie, in comes a new enemy, a cartoonish funny portrait of the KGB and partly the FBI, so we have ourselves some narrative coldwar framework, that however do not as such have an influential role: It is as always with IJ: A very clean fight between good guys and bad guys.
In spite of the almost infantile and superficial layout of the movie, it runs smootly for 88 minutes: Good and constant laughs, spookyness, fights, very controlled sexual references. In the words of danish senior-rockers DAD: Good clean family entertainment you can trust.

It doesnt loose speed, it just layers up to the grande finale, which I think in a way is a hommage to the man. Stephen Spielberg, himself. I wont go into details by giving away the end, but it does draws a circle for his collective work in movie production.
From here hollers a enthusiastic recommandation. 5 of 6 stars *****

The whole design and to some degree the mindframe of the film also reminds me of magazines that started being published during, and especially after the second world war, particuarly in th US: Magazines like Man`s Story, Champion of Men, Mystrery Tales, True, Stag, Male: Magazines that all were frontrunners for Playboy magazine and others. Before Hugh Hefner, theres was one Berhard Macfadden to kick of the industry: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bernarr_McFadden
The magazines were mostly men accounts of figthing in strange battles in strange places with strange peolple and animals, and was to some extend a result of the fact that the US governmant censored any critic journalism regarding the atrocities of WWll. Therefore a brand new market opened to magazines who spun out horrid and famtastic tales of naziterror and US heroism.

That is a long story, and I recommend reading for example: "Mens Adventure" by Max Allan Collins (out on http://www.taschen.com/). Not only is it a informative corner of history, its also a marvellous account of fantastic potent illustrations, by for example an artist like Norman Saunders: http://victorian.fortunecity.com/summit/501/pulpgall.htm

June 02, 2008

headaches and doubts at noasrp


God! I have been a fool for letting ANNI BLADET suck me into their web of indifference. I mean who can truly be surprised that Ekstra Bladet is a piece of oppurtunistic bullshit paper with no ethics and editorial direction but sensation and rigtheousness?

So the last word of ANNI AND ERIK have been said, I will try to widen my perspectives, but can definitely feel the smalltowntrauma sneaking up on me.

June 01, 2008

I am sorry, but it cant be real.
Ekstra Bladet is at it again, revitalising the ongoing soap of Anni and Erik so intense, I think Ekstra Bladet should seriously consider taking on a the name: ANNI BLADET.

Today an article appearently p r o v e s with no doubt as they write, that Anni is back, or at least is fraternising the danish brothels. Oh!My!God! Could you imagine anything worse?
And that wearing dark glasses (on a beaming hot sunny day) and a new hairdo c l e a r l y a disguise, writes ANNI BLADET, allthough she visited her the place in her flashy car with nametags on the licensensplate which could mean the visit was n o t tried to be disguised.

What I am trying to say with these persistant postings on my favourite celeb couple?
The moral panic, the stigmatisation, the limitless pointless pursue as practiced by ANNI BLADET, which journalisticly does nothing to the problem they claim to adress: prostitution.

A vague reminder to ANNI BLADETS surprising survival is still the 8 to 12 daily pages of adds from massageparlours, prostitutes, sexworkers, that puts ANNI BLADETS moral pursue of the case of ANNI AND ERIK in a sickening perspective....