April 30, 2007

A metaphore:

If the dansih medialandscape was to be percieved as a brain, you could say by removing the ladder part of DR P1, a frontal lobotomi has been executed, alas:

brainwash. or brainblock.
i still believe today denmark is the smallest country in the world

April 25, 2007

I believe today denmark is the smallest country in the world.

With the full disclosure of the seroius cutbacks on production and programs, and firings within Denmarks Radio (DR), due to total lack of budgetcontrol and political responsibility, the new political right, a new discourse, the most thorough mediapolitical shift of paradigm stands out clears as daylight. DR became the final scapegoat in the liberal political project to finalize the victory. The arrogance is however feeble, complete.

A full frontal political blunder...do I hear the fat lady sing? Is it over? Subject overrules matter.

to be continued...

April 23, 2007

HAPPY 20th.

In the saddening shadow of the shooting at Virginia Tech, so many more reasons to celebrate the 20th anniversary Americas dysfunctional family numero uno, The Simpsons.
Enjoy this and others clips at YouTube: "Inside The Simpons" - The Voices of The Simpons.
A highly entertaining interview with amazingly talented and hilarious crew of actors. A must see..

April 15, 2007

2 hours a day kids. no more. consider this little one from YouTube as a warning.



Cover story of danish tabloid Ekstra Bladet writes today:

The curse of Fogh Rasmussen: Victim of gay rumours.

The headline referes to the danish mocumentary AFR, in which the primeminister is being portrayed as a gay, and later killed.
The headline, and the picture in Ekstra Bladet today, however shows a scary homophobic approach.
Are you rightfully being cursed by gay rumours...meaning, being a gay you are cursed?. As in: poor guy or poor gays, cursed, dead men walking, no rest for the wicked.
The picture of Anders Fogh today, also shows a slighty worried primeminister "photoshopped" with a discrete eyeliner and lipgloss: there you have it: the gay stereotype. Thats how a cursed man look.
Victims: if victims, only to anachronistic homophobia.

Jesus Christ Ekstra Bladet, it`s 2007!

April 11, 2007

Today in court,

the good people of www.gk2003.dk lost the first round in court. The case against primeminister Anders Fogh Rasmussen for bending the danish constitution by sending Denmark in a one-front war was rejected by the second highest authority in the danish legal system, The Country Court (landsretten). The next natural step is of course to try and get it before the High Court, but the perspectives of a definitive verdict then is postponed to 2010.

The verdict today however leaves a series of dilemmas, which to me points out a serious conflation between state and court.

The prime argument for going to war in Iraq, was that the terror threat had its prime-source in Iraq and Afghanistan. Meaning, that the world in general post 9.11 was a more insecure place, why Operation Enduring Freedom (yes!) was the mean to annihilate the terror threat, also meaning: we are all living under an increased terror threat.

The accuser (gk2003) argued in court that this was in fact the case. That not only had 9.11 and the war that foolowed meant an increased terror threat, but it had also changed and affected the life`s of the accusers, among these, the parents of a young danish soldier killed by a roadside-bomb in Iraq.

The court ruled today, this in not the case.
The accusers could not be said to be more affected by the war in Iraq, than any other average citizen, so that argument was neglected. And thats the dilemma: The same argument that send Denmark into war (the general terror-threat) is the same argument that the court ruled out.
In other words: if there is no terror threat, there should no engagement in Iraq. But alas...

The accounts of day-to-day changes in the ordinary lifes of the 26 accusers, the f e e l i n g s, and more rational experience's of the consequences of the war in Iraq was totally neglected. Meaning: 26 people ( and 3000 supporters) now has a court verdict stating, that their inner life, their emotions and personal freedom to act rational upon a threat they experience, is considered bogus and.

To me, that's unheard off. Basically the verdict rules: You - as a person - suck!

Then theres all the facts and figures leading up to the decision leading Denmark into war, which is getting more and more blurred. But generally you could say, that the righteousness exposed by the danish government, the "we know whats best attitude" should contain a fearless approach towards a high court ruling. But they are fighting with arms and legs to avoid it, which in my book, and in the book of nearly every legal expert in this country, points to one of the greatest political blundres since WWII, and that it is of the outmost importance to place responsibility and to define whether or not the Constitution was bend. If not by the governments own work, then why a Constitution?

Minister means servant but instead we are seeing the dawn of a new and untouchable political upper class.

April 10, 2007

An interesting clip here on YouTube, on chinese teenagers playing World Of Warcraft and other on-line games, ordered to do so, by others who do not have suffient time to play and do powerlevelling.
In other words, these chinese players - known as gold farmers, sell their services - at home from China, based on a predominantly western demand.

An interesting twist in the migration debate and a new discourse: Cyber-migration.
These might migrate in cyberspace but at least they stay at home, I am sure some would reason.


April 08, 2007

my all time favourite f1 racing car, the JPS 1977

the second race of the season has just finished. the season has begun. the race is on.

April 07, 2007

every danish mailbox is read but not everything red in denmark is a mailbox.

April 06, 2007

April 04, 2007

it gets to me.

whats the rage political on pigs on a 127 hours transport to russia compared to the total lack of control on housing prices?

i understand. pigs in distress, poor pigs.but, i mean. you want to control the ethics of pigs you you want control the ethics of man: but time flies when you are having pork and other white meat and the rest is getting busted

driving while black.