February 27, 2007

more reasons to some cultural pessimism, check this out


To the reader or readers - where there is one there is more - of this here blog: I have been accused of being a piss-grumpy secondrate poet which I partly understand.
But to summ off and end that discussion, I can say it is not about to change: This blog, this piss-grumpy second rate poet breeds on aggresive cultural pessimism and uses my positive approaches to life in more pragmatic settings.
My postings here at NOASRP can be summoned with this quote from the writings of Aldous Huxley:

"I can sympathize with people`s pains, but not with their pleasures. There is something curiously boring about somebody else`s happiness..."


And to elaborate my point, a posting in the ongoing HEADLINES, this one part 7.
Freebie newspaper 24timer writes today:


Think about that: and aggresive cultural pessimism.

February 26, 2007

On wednesday last week I attended a seminar focused on the thirdworld development project, DILEMMA (www.dillema.dk) as introduced and facilitated by danish minster of development, Ulla Tørnæs.
The project has been the subject of much critisism and discussion, mostly based on the fact, that five danish celebreties was by a "popular" vote on the website, chosen among many other celebreties, to screen which development-project was to recieve support.
I have in an earlier posting bicthed about the dillema project being "third world plitics based on reality-show concept", which I stick too.

The seminar just added more:
Firstl: Though only taking 20 million danish kroner from a 13,9 billion kroner aid-budget, Ulla Tørnæs never answered what was the actual purpose of the project, and how celebreties can add quality to aid-programs.

The project is based upon an idea to communicate the purpose of third world aid to "the danish people" and thus, have very little to do with actual relief work.
On one the ministers central arguments to greenlight the project, was that a survey had shown that only 11% of the danish population had knowledge of the goverments 2015 - goals (
http://2015.danida.dk/da/menu/2015maalene/) for third world aid, which she found was an"embarresingly low" number. That in it self an ok reason. On the other hand 4000 hits on the webpage dillema.dk had impressed her enough to call that project a succes. So be it.

Thirdly: The minister was asked to consider how the danish population would react if, in an attempt to highten the level of information concerning, lets say, social-politics, went ahead in a similar manner, by hiring celebreties to decide whether to up cancer treatment or cut back on senior welfare. No answer.

The project now, after three of five celebreties, have withdrawn from the project, must be considred a blunder.
Timm Vladimir (untalented actor) pulled out after finding out more about the true nature of danish third-wlfare politics, Master Fatman did the same, seemingly because he is to busy hosting a danish telvision show teaching celebreties not to be...busy.
Left now to profile the project is Mrs. Butt of Steel Charlotte Bircow, and Hummel executive Christian Stadil. Othes pulled out for reasons I dont know but the general attitude seems to be: "I dont know shit about third world aid."

Non the less it seems the goverment, fronted by Ullands Tørnæs, is going about their business as usual: "No comments, there is nothing here to criticize, you are just being a bunch of anachronistic troublemakers...".

The soap continues by the goverments serious cut-backs of NGO fondings, because, argued Ulla Tørnæs "they are just too many experts", neglecting their work, monopolizing the approach, and, emphasizing a picture of Denmark with an intellectual scare. Meaning: one thing rules out the other.

February 24, 2007

black fresh water drinks snow night awake fierce wind not cold but insisting on purpose water needs water like people need people to become first water then man from swamp summer green to winter graphics.

carl the younger turns 3 years today.

February 13, 2007

my oldest son Julius is celebrating his 11th birthday in London. The cosmopolitan.

Tonite, lets all make love in London.


February 08, 2007


Ann Nicole Smith

1967 - 2007

A busty blonde, flamboyant and calculating, passed away at a hotelroom in Florida today. Thanks for the billboards. Godspeed.

February 05, 2007

oppurtunistic mediaslot of the month, Karen Jespersen, with partner in crime, Ralf Pittelkow. Thats all there is to it.
"whats puzzling me is the nature of your game..."

February 03, 2007

On january 15th, I rubbed the crystalball and wrote:

TV2 news tonite:4000 new troopers enter Bagdad.Bush means business. Only days after having announced his wiseass strategy for stability, peace and democracy, the first 4000 of (at least) 21000 new troopers enter the Green Zone and the Anbar Province. Im not much for preminitions, and maybe you don`t even have to get one in order to fear another worst case scenario...."a new poetry of real experience and a reinvention of life are bound to spring..." (Raul Veneigem in his book: The Revolution of Everyday life...u can say that again)

Today, february 3rd: they say 48000 thousand new troopers.

February 02, 2007



1948 - 2007

though a radical islamist debaser also a man of great passion, which in a country that peaks at 148 meters and calls it The SkyMountain is...if not an absolute neccesity...then a way to keep things in perspective.