January 31, 2008

Since the 2006 dawn of in particular the british dubstep scene, the concert with french electronica duo JUSTICE last night at Vega, was nothing less than a groundbreaking experience, but also as far from dubstep as you can almost possibly get.

I had prior to the concert bought and enjoyed their album, but hadn`t experienced a lot of other original names on the electric clash/mash up scene except from the Swedish wonder of Familjen.
The 2 by 3x3 Marshall amplifier racks on both sides of the scene was a good laugh, but needed to deliever an aggressive and intensively massive sound. The mixes of old-school harmonic westcoast vocal arrangements, speedmetal, industrial, all in all made me think of how Kraftwerk would sound on a mix of ketamine and coke, however the lasting (sound) image of the JUSTICE concert was really uplifting.
Three words: Young, Fresh, Wow!


January 29, 2008

Negotiations on the final text concerning the much-talk-about (rejected)asylum-seekers starts today, most likely to prove that New Alliance is a done deal in danish poltics. Exitpolls shows that NA far from has the public voter support thats needed to get elected to Parliament, so my guess is they`ll sign what they are told to sign and call it influence.
That also sieen from the perspective that DPP leader Pia Kjærsgård is pissed, maybe even more pissed than Fogh Rasmussen was last week, because she actually have to negotiate with a man of colour, a n d generally she`s just had it with asylum-kids:

"By all means, it is important for for DPP to take care of those kids, who has discomfort in the destiny their parents chose for them..."

Quote Pia Kjærsgaard (Nyhedsavisen, today).

Parents of the asylum kids bear full responsibilty for mishandling their kids. Being rejected from Denmark - and choosing to stay - they have chosen. In no way is it part of her consideration that the re-patriation she so desperately sees as just, includes travelling back to countries as Iraq, Afghanistan, and Somalia. Spending 3 to 7 years in a danish refugeecamp, not knowing whether you are bought or sold, fighting poverty and assimilation doesnt count. They should have known better before leving, they should have stopped and smelled the roses in their homecountries, and by not doing that they have chosen.

Signed, sealed and delievered.

January 28, 2008

Check out a new fairly massive upload on my flickr account.

New "small narrations":
The Girl, The Dinner, and Jylland (yet to be posted as individual sets.)

if I ever get seriouly depressed I want this man to lift me up.
Ulrik Wilbek, he must be the most succesfull sports-coach ever.

January 25, 2008

4 hours subsitute for a 7th grade teacher today made me realize I need a holiday. I am putting in an application for a five week break.

Cornered but wellintentioned I feel how I seek the wrong explanations for the lack of discpline. I, myself, got kicked out of grammarschool in 7th grade for torching the roof of the "smokeyard."
I tell my self what I learned in school in I learned those last three years.

But Jeeeeeeeeeeeeese, it doesnt lessen the need for discipline.

January 24, 2008

Khader, you fucking clown...

So the race has been lost for New Alliance, a party that at its constitution in may 2007 seemed to be the most interesting political shift of paradigms, has in less than year been reduced a mere symbol of poltical life.
As I wrote yesterday Primeninister Rasmussen turned to New Alliance to regain his majority in the case og the much-to-do-about-nothing asylumseekers. And to nobodys surprise really, he got what he wanted. Naser Khader bended over, in a very unattractive pose, and agreed on a deal noy yet negotiated, but the content lined out by the hardballers of DPP.
Khader, as it is made clear by is statements in fx Nyhedsavisen today, is still convinced that he/they can have defintive influence on the deal yet to be signed and delievered.
That was the end of the rope Khader! And it was yet another public buttplug, a fullfrontal and very exposed lie, told by Fogh Rasmussen (to better condotions for the asylumseekers), that seemingly goes down well with the broader majority of buttercup Denmark.
They squirt, we swallow!

January 23, 2008

paintin by yours truly

The Great Cultural Lie.

A few comments today on headlines, ripped from various website and yesterdays news.

From the domestic political platformed shoe:

Primeminister Anderes Fogh Rasmussen is pissed. As he said yesterday at the posh weekly pressmeeting he is really pissed with focus on the commotion and turbulence concerning the ongoing negotiations about the situation for a specific group of asylum seekers.

The government had last week made a narrow deal supported by Danish Peoples Party (DPP). A deal that underwent a lot of critisism for being inhauman and hostile, keeping the asylum seekers and especially their kids in The Camps, for at least three years before they could apply for a moere normalized life outside. During the electorial campaign, the matter of the asylum seekers had much attention and primeminister Rasmussen, came out more than one time and stated that his primary focus in this matter was to do "a broad political agreement, that basicly would limit the asylumseekers stay in The Camps to two years."

But being what they are the negotiaters from DPP had to stab a little deeper with they nationalistic bitterness, and secured a deal that meant the beforementioned grup will have to stay at least 3 years in The Camps.

This spun turbulence and a possible alternative majority that c o u l d mean that the governments deal with DPP is overruled. And that pisses Fogh Rasmussen off. As he said yesterday at the press-meeting: "I will not put up with alternative majorities every time somebody do not agree with the government. It will have consequenses."

A threat! If you dont play by my book and rules, I will release political turmouil by issuing another election, which I will probably win - again - and then maybe you will teach a lesson, see that I am right and learn to shot up.

But, alas: Here we are in 2008, hearing the primemnister saying that he will not accept an absoulte democratic principle! Majority overrules minority. And as the proffesional he is, he uses FEAR to emphasizes his point by saying, that he will not accept the "alternative majority" evrytime it disagrees with the government. Firstly, it doesnt happen a lot. And secondly: He has to.

Ofcourse he can decide whether or not to have yet another election, but is it not holding the nation in arrogant and infantile powergrip: If I dont get it my way, I ll fuck you up?

Anyho, consider the total irony: The Primeminister now works at full throttle to secure his own alternative majority by look to the likes of New Alliance!!! A party that in their electorial campaign stated that their prime target was to lessen DPP political influence, is now on their way to make their first political deal ever, securing DPPs influence.


The alternative majortity opposing the deal that the Goverment has done with DPP consists of conservative renegade Pia Christmas Møller, the "collective" opposition including The Radical Left and two NorthAtlantic MPs from Kaalait Nunat (Greenland).

DPPs leader Pia Kjærsgård comment on the two Northatlantic members: "I dont think greenlanders has anything to do in danish domestic politics..."

And on the other side of the pond, not a surprise, but a confirmation. A documentation the lies told by El Presidente and his adminstration concerning the Iraq War.


I for one would like to get my head out of that ass. Of any ass.

January 22, 2008

I went to see Anton Corbijns movie “Control”, about the rise and fall of Joy Division and in particular, Ian Curtis.
The story of Smith is told with immense insightfull empathy, and luckyli avoids the typicall story of sex, drugs and rock`n roll and early death. I mean, there is beer, there is tranquilizers, but the movies keeps a precise focus on the time, and again avoids the worst clichés about the 1980s.
Corbijns background as fotographer allows the city of Macclesfield to serve as an extra narrative layer, that becomes an important substance of Curtis`strive, work and lyrics, but also an equally important substance, confronted with the choices that clearly constituted Curtis` struggle: Macclesfield, wife and kid – Joy Division, lover and success.
In that sense the movie comes out honest and without exploitation, and is really narrowed down to intense tale of love and hate.
I hadn’t listened to any Joy Division albums for quite some time before watching CONTROL, and it surprised me how the music in many ways came out with another outreach, more warmth, hope and expectations. It was in no way what I really heard listening to Joy Division in the 80s: I mirrored the pain and weltssmerz, did not in the same way observe the cry for, and of love, I just stigmatised and froze intellectual numbness, wanting to be just that: dark and twisted, troubled and depressed. Really I think in the 80s scizofrenia almost was, to those who wasn’t, a trend.
But besides that CONTROL also portrays the period with more quality to it than the flourescetn reminiscences that surface these days of shit silly close, and in my book, the worst coprperate music style ever.
When FACTORY records signed JOY DIVISION…in blood (by the way, a hilariousy funny scene), it was in way ways one the most important times in contemporary rockmusic history, pointing towards a brand new scene.
To me CONTROL is firstly a honest portrait of tormented and frightened, supertalented young man, constantly kept in insecurity by severe epileptic seizures, some early existensial choices, the dawn of instant success: things that sparkled a big gap of confrontional expectations, to which he finally sadly caved in.
CONTROL clearly stands out as one the best and important movies out for a very long time, and the performances by Sam Riley as Ian Curtis, and Samantha Morton as his wife Debbie was nothing less than brilliant.
I never doubted them for a minute..

January 21, 2008

two words: go to: http://www.lennardgrahn.dk/

here at NOASRP its monday. The cruel reality of fucked up socialpolitics, cultural and social distress, sugarchoks, racing hormons and sexuality, domestic violence, kids in the ghetto, boring weekly offers at Netto lies ahead.

January 20, 2008

Now here is a general with a name with a ring to it: General Butt Naked, once a feared ruler in a reign of terror in Liberia, Africa, the prostitute, conviniently tugged away under the smelly armpits of Europe.


Besides, had a pretty laid back weekend. Johnny Luger, the rocknroll bartender, was mixing cocktail in his and girlfriend Mettes spacious apartment, Cph. Complete with different living rooms in different colours, of all The Safari Room took the price, complete with big hunting trophees, stuffed turtles, fans, bamboo furniture, light dressed and light mindewd women, and that beat and that drink : the daiquiri with basil.

More on Luger later

January 18, 2008

Close to a million vierwers tuned in on wednesday night and watched the documentary "From Thailand to Thy". Mission accomplished, partly. I think a lot of Thai-women and thai-danish couples living in Denmark, today can walk a little more upright, which was one of the primary purposes.

And the debate is ongoing.

But it also means that my girlfriend will be on the run again. The fine reactions of movie number one, will probably feed number two, which will be filmed on location in Thailand, which means that I will be in dire need of time and sex.
Or just a hug, yea, forget about the sex. Theres way to much talk and turbulence on sex. Whats wrong with a little hug?

The smaller perspective, but still a perspective. Supply and demand.

January 16, 2008

dollarhouse in MoBan, Isaan, Northeast Thailand.
Build for remittances.

a few more words on migration.

I strongly recommended the documentary "From Thailand to Thy" which will be broadcast at DR1 @ 2000h tonite.

The documentary is a hardearned result of my girlfriends 4 years anthropological fieldwork among female thai migrants in Denmark and in Thailand, and a result of director Janus Metz thorough approach to the subject.
The documentary describes some crucial dilemmas and paradoxes concerning globalization and migration, which I think deserves being implemented in they way migration is percieved.

Moreover its a documentary about love on difficult and different terms.

check the links below more more information

January 15, 2008

firstly: As tradition goes: Happy Birthday to my favorite blog-head the young evangelist Lennard Grahn, who turned something on sunday.


secondly, busy day selling my soul to big business.

CSC purchased two of my recent paintings for a stunning good and low price of 7000 d.kr. Still thats an hourly pay of approximately 3500,- if you catch my drift.


January 14, 2008

Went north over the weekend to gain a different perspective. In Ålborg, at Studenterhuset (http://www.studenterhuset.dk/), I ran into notorious filmfreak Jack Stevenson, who this night screened some obscure rarities of old 16mm rock`n´roll movies.

Jack Stevenson is known to have one of the largest 16mm and 35mm filmarchive in Denmark/Europe: A rare collection of everything subversive.
A good part of these film will be presented the nextcoming weekend at Huset in Magstræde, Copenhagen. Check the links below.

January 11, 2008

sign on the dotted line. in sickness and in health till death do us part.

have a nice weekend. driving to the fiords of northern jylland to get some vastness under the skin and another perspective on things.

January 10, 2008

eyecandy: miss world 2006.

bush, clinton, bush, clinton? are we looking at 16 years consecutive family run superpower?

did osamas surpising win in iowa make white america realize that a man of dark complexion were headed for the w h i t e house. and did it make hillary cry and win new hampshire?

i need me some poontang eyecandy

January 09, 2008

Accordingly to yesterdays posting, I have ripped this article from the Adbuster organisations newsletter.
More on addbuster: WWW.ADBUSTERS.ORG


by Clayton Dach

The last few years have been hard on poor old television.
Viewership has fallen across the board as core audiences -- guys aged 18 to 34 in particular - are abandoning the device that raised them, opting instead for game controllers and the internet. Meanwhile, those who have remained loyal to TV are failing to remain similarly loyal to the advertising that makes it profitable, increasingly choosing to get their tube fix via commercial-annihilating digital video recorders, advertising-light DVDs, and (horror of horrors) pirate downloads.

With viewers putting up blinders to the ad-program-ad rhythm of for-profit television, the desirability of conventional 30-second commercial spot is tanking. For the first time in decades, a number of key markets have witnessed decreases in the amount spent on traditional ads, as marketers demand the ever-elusive bigger bang with in-program product placements and full-on brand integration within storylines. The result: as much as 15 full minutes of every hour of programming in North America is now dedicated to thinly veiled product placements, with shows like American Idol topping out at over 4,000 placements per season -- all of this in addition to the average of 14 to 22 minutes out of 60 still set aside for traditional spots.
Given televisions' incredible shrinking credibility, especially in the case of broadcast journalism, it is little wonder that we have suffered through the ceaseless debate over whether we live under the thumb of a "liberal media" or a "conservative media." Luckily, we can safely disregard the question of television's political affiliation, since we are rapidly approaching a sort of McLuhan-esque implosion which will render the answer irrelevant. It's that moment when the specifics of the rock 'em sock 'em, talking-head debates may be school massacres or missing pageant queens, but the message itself always remains the same. That message is television, an ingenious device for the capturing of eyeballs. Increasingly, this device is being pressed into the service of a singular purpose. While this purpose could hardly be called a philosophy in the proper sense, as a system of narrow values it does require the exclusion of dissonant ideas to efficiently function.

Adbusters began, in large part, as a product of outrage over just how destructive, self-serving, and at times downright insane the deliberate exclusions of this system have become. We've learned, for example, that the keepers of the airwaves will permit you to expose the perils of cardiovascular disease; you may not, however, tell the truth about a major advertiser's fat-laden products. Similarly, you are allowed to tell kids to get more exercise, but you can't tell them to turn off their TVs in order to do so. You may encourage women to ignore the images produced by the beauty industry and to feel good about their own bodies, no matter the shape or size -- but only if you're selling soap in the process. And, most gallingly, you can pay lip service to the urgency of tackling climate change, and yet you can't challenge people to buy less stuff as a way to actually go for it.

But it's possible that you don't care. Maybe you gave up on television a long time ago. Maybe you don't even own a TV set anymore. For your personal peace of mind, that was probably a good move; with an estimated 112 million television households in the United States alone, however, we ignore the stirrings of TV at our own peril. The last couple of decades have seen unprecedented levels of consolidation in the realm of mass media. Today, the movers and shakers of TV are the very same people and corporate entities who control the majority of newspapers, of radio stations, of book publishing, of outdoor advertising, of music distribution, of film production, and of your favorite social networking sites. The dirty tricks and the sleights of hand that are used to keep urgent, dissonant messages off the air aren't in any way specific to that TV. They are the natural consequences of corporate rule, and they will be brought to bear whenever we are too distracted to stand in the way.

Not by accident, more and more people are doing just that -- stepping up to join the ongoing battle against a media system that has left civil society out in the cold and in the dark, a media system that has been busily propagating itself at the expense of our social, cultural, political and environmental health. It's a battle that Adbusters has proudly taken up with its ongoing lawsuit against CanWest, Canada's biggest media conglomerate.
What's at stake in this struggle is not just access, but the creation of a whole new media aesthetic: a messier one, more spontaneous and unpredictable, one that fosters participation and social relevance, a genuine engine for the positive change. If Adbusters' lawsuit is a success, one of the first manifestations of this aesthetic will be a strange new mood - exciting, challenging, even slightly dangerous -- every time you switch on the box in your living room, where previously there was only a moribund device completely sewn-up by private, for-profit interests.

This strange new mood will prove once and for all that television (just like newspapers, magazines and radio before it, and just like the internet after it) has the capacity to perform services other than selling us on the idea of buying, services of vital importance to the health of our species and its democracies. And like with all exciting, challenging, and slightly dangerous new moods, we're betting it will prove to be pretty damned infectious.

January 08, 2008

todays soundtrack: http://www.detsnurrariminskalle.com/

It comes highly recommended.
FAMILJEN: more totally original swedish cutting edge electro-clash with an immense and missed humorous approach to production and life.
Listen up!

On TV2 and how The United States ultimately can safe the existence of DR.

This posting is not really new, nor is the core criticism particular original, but the stigmatism of the issue makes the issue the more compelling.

Over the last few days I have been observing – not watching – the program-profile of Danish TV broadcast station TV2, nursed partly on commercial and public licens-fondings.
Of 41 programs aired on Monday January 7th 2008, 19 programs were American produced. That’s approximately 12 hours – 50% - of a station that broadcast around the clock. Reruns of Beverly Hills 12345 (on year at least 7), Friends, The King of Queens, Reba, Sams Bar, Sopranos and what not.
Apart from the troublesome and non-reflecting cultural flatliner this profile constitutes – as the day to day TV2 program profile is very similar, meaning up to 60 hours or more of American TV a week – there is, I find, more troubling issues concerning the program-profile of TV.

Firstly: Around the clock TV. Who needs it? The ability to choose? Oh yes, but the signal of placing “young segment” TV till 0600 in the morning? Or really: why the fuck shoud anything be broadcasted after 0200, that is not actually news? I mean why waste the money?
Which takes me to,

Secondly: The price of it. I do not doubt that TV2 can do the reruns on low costs, but anyways: A serious cut back, a very unliberal cutback in the “around the clock tv” they represent, could and should be able to re-direct some of the public licens-funds to the marooned DR, which – though under heavy pressure – by far fullfills the public service obligation more qualified than TV2.

And thus: A cut back in the one-eyed American profile TV2 represents could ultimately safe the serious economical problems DR undergoes.

And no, I am not a l l anti-US. But any such one-eyed profiling should in my book raise concerns. Imagine the noise in the media-machine if DR went ahead with 6 hours of iranaian or Northkorean tv-productions a day.

January 07, 2008

on Iraq and the US presidential campaign, check out this little promising statement from John McCain: "Make it a hundred!"

On the other side of the border, in Iran, things looks equally midevael. Executions are escalating, two rapists have been convicted to be thrown out from high altitude. Not defindng the rapist, I am more baffled with the context.

I dont know where the fuck to look. Imploding in the family-unit is strangeling.

It is starting to look like one major incompetence:
Humans being the worst at what they are, being humans.

January 05, 2008


The two books about in the infamous Blekingegadebande by danish writer Peter Øvig Knudsen, have created so mush turbulence, that the demand now goes that a political majority supports a commision to do research and clarify the many questions left behind by the lefti terrorist. The reign of the Gang (!) came to an end in 1988.

Not to devaluate the precise work Øvig Knudsen, but I could expect that now we are at it, a politcal majority could be formed to let a commision look into to decision of letting Denmark participate in a war (Iraq, yes). A decision that blew open a lot of questions that sooooo needs to be answered but that have been hushed to smitherreens at any occasion.




January 04, 2008


commemorating the four decades that have passed since the heydays of the Summer of Love and the somewhat overrated "Youthrebellion" (http://da.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ungdomsopr%C3%B8ret), and the many and dubioous cultural offsprings, among those especially the lingvistics, but most important the Freedom of Speech movemnent.
Anyhow: Of the cultural counter terms, "fucking hippies", came out pretty strong and in that tradition - commemorating - NOASRP today in the Age of Affluence introduce yet another and new term, namely:

"You fucking HAPPIES!"

January 03, 2008

IBC, Iraq Body Count, states today that approximatly 24000 cicilians was killed in Iraq during 2007.
Though the war in Iraq was baptised "Enduring Freedom" by the US led coaltion, the amount of bad blood, I assume will gridlock the hate and the feed the war/crisis for a considerably long and saddening amount of years.
And the status? If any? The war hits year 5 in march 2008...Do you feel more safe? Is petrol any cheaper? Do you trust your arab neighbour more, and still enjoy your sharwarma? Do you have hope that the american presidential campaign that will kick off today in Iowa will change a lot? And of Afghanistan and Pakistan? And Iran?

The bedspread of 2008 seems promising in one direction. Casualties and blindfolded repetition. God its cold.


January 02, 2008

Again, winter comes with the precision of a neurotic clockwork.
January 1st. A new year, freezing.

Nature did never betray the heart that loved her.

January 01, 2008


One down and a lot to go.
Welcome 2008. I hope the view is better when you come to an end. So the climb up hill is worth it.