March 27, 2008

Spend today looking for contemporary art in Bangkok. 

At Siam Square it stumbled upon ARTGORILLAS:

Check out the the fun figurative works of Chaiwat at

I am making this posting short due to powerfailures still. Bangkok is, depite one of the most lid city in the world, also numero uno when it comes to highly dubios electric wirering.

March 23, 2008

leaving the beutiful Island of Koh Lanta tomorrow. Must have found a very secrettive spotas the presence of Larry is non heard off, they call me a liar when I tell yhem what they have been missing out of and dread the day I will bring him here, allthough there is nothing to dread, that is why people look for Larry I tell hem.

If I ever loose, I want to become a looer here.

March 20, 2008

Three nights ago on the beach - still ooking for Larry, and watching the tide come in, I saw the longest lasting meteor or shooting star, that I have ever experienced. Maybe an eight second sighting. 20 years ago I would have phoned the good people at Scandinavian UFO Information ( immdiately, but last nigh, as Larry didnt turn up, I had time to watch and think.

The falling object had a clear tale, that at some point broke off the object itself and threw sparkles and flares wildly around, I was flabbergasted! And I was so relatively there or not there, the incident being maybe a million years old made me realize just how relative my existence is, that added by a sky that in the southern hemiosphere seems utterly chaotic and new, every sytem I know, more or less failed, except my will:
I smoked my last cigarette.

March 16, 2008

Powerfailure and IQ fallouts.

Our idyllic resort have been struck by random powerfailure over the last 4 or five days, which menas that espeically my flickr uploads have been radom and unorganized and my blogging non existent, all the same as I do nothing than pristine beach life with everything that it means.
I am however a little concerned with tha lack of power, and have questioned the lack of a emergency power genarator, as we are on the socalled tsunami side of Thaiolnad, more precise. Halfmoon Bay, koh Lanta, in the krabi Province, a muslim province of Thailand, not far from the border to Malyasia.

But due to these powerfailures, my barreies are ow on the laptop, and I havnt sud=cceded in organising my shit as i want to, but I think we will survive.

One thing though that is constantly on my mind is: Howcome I havnt met larry yet, or anyone who knows him.... well it cant be long now.

March 08, 2008

Celebrating the Woman...

My inbox is being spammed with the danish sex-ban initiative (makeyourchoiceman), set to work for a criminalization of sex custormers in Denmark.
First Ill say this like Lennard at DAMIONW, I am kind of fed of by opinions, but this one pertition brings my piss to boil.
Checking the website of, I learn that their prime target amd mean to prevent prostitution is to ban and criminalise the sex buyer, the custormer....
This leaves numerous areas and problems not dealt with.

The mere name of the website and the initiative, has a limitied and lame ring to it. Yes it is primarely MEN who buys the services of the prostitutes , but the name of the initiative also states something else, namely that it is primarerly up to MEN to solve the manny issues and problems concerning prostitution, simply by not doing it, and thus stating that it is an isolated problem that only stems from the male sexdrive. Thats more or less like saying that its is only up to GAYS to fight for GAY rights.

And believe me, I do not believe that men has a right to b u y sex, but I do believe in the necessity of choice.

Anyways, the initiative also says, now that countries likeSweden and Norway have gone forward with legislation banning the sexindustri and in particular the sex-custormers - and the fact that Denamrk hasnt, puts our dear nation in dire danger of becoming the next and new RedLight district of NothernEurope.
By saying so, the initiative points out a very central argument of NOT goping a(dick)head with the ban. The sexindustry as such works by the logis of the basic marketyeconomic principle of supply and demand. Closing a market here or therewill only mean it pos up somewhere else, which do not equals solving the probleming, it only means moving it, and that maybe to countries with way less restrain than that of the scandinavian welfare-model.
Again, I am not defending prostitution, but I am trying to point out that the debate needs to be put in the global economic context in which it rightfully belongs.

Prostitution is first and foremost a problem that stems from poverty, which again points to the crucial insecurity of frre mar keteconomy, which ironically have ment an immense increase of people - men and woman - willing to face great risk by choosing for instance migration as a personal startegy to achieve what personal problems they set out to solve.

I really loathe the somewhat moralistic, narrowminded, naive highpitched tone by anachronistic feminists that cries out from the top of affluence. Being implented, the initiative - banning sex buyers - would ultimately ban a lot of womens choice.
NOBODY WILLINGLY CHOOSES PROSTITUTION the Feminist cries out, and they are to a certain degree right. But instead, why not turn the table and call the intiatrive BAN POVERTY, because it would be a more - and as naive - right place to start.
And in the meantime - because I really do not believe that you can stop prostitution - why not start working on prostitues right, as women today partly celebrates the womensright they have won over the last many years.
Inititiaive in Denamrk is already on-going, trying to set up a union for sex workers, and why the helle jot, its the only way to control whats going on to some degree, and a chance to outthe human traders more.

Still in Thailand, this subject bites me. I meet women all the time, who knows Denmark, and knows the case, who constatnly wonders: What the fuck is going on in Denmark? as they did when DPP and Pia Kjaersgaardlandslided the nation, as the did during the Mohammed Crisis, as they did and as they do.

Happy March 8th'

March 07, 2008

Sp the pendling between Pattaya and Bangkok has come to an end for now. We are jumping on a nighttrain, to do a 16 hours tour to Sotuh Thailand, the Trang Province, Krabi, nd island Koh Lanta. 100% oldschool neocolonialism.

Spend the last night with oldest son Julius in state of the art cinema in Bangkok watching a boring flick. At one point during commercials, the audience rose from their chairs when a mtvish hymn to the king and the national anthem was played.
It hit me that we are actualy in a country run bythe military, due to the somewhat undramatic coup in 2006. And they love The King, that they do, and if that is the reason why the country seems fairly at ease with the situation I cant say

March 03, 2008

Suck it up. aSSIMILATION IS FREE. mY LAST VISIT TO THAILAND I NEVER DID MAKE IT TO massage parlors, because of a heavy grose infection on my right legs. But today I did. I went in for a footmassage before a long walkthat so far has taken me to another internet cafe. A footmassage: Im a afloat. Yes it was good, and its was greyzone, and it was with my dick until the kneecaps. Not because that it was an intimate massage as such, but bacuase this very strong thaiwoman could squezze a hardon out my pulling my big- toe.
But A good boy I am, I had seen it coming and but on very tight tights, and struggled to control myself so I could concentrate on what it really was: A plain footmassage, where every caucasians at some point starts up and then ventures in to....

Moreover I found out that being fat in Thailand, or being a fat western in Thailand, is percieved in many ways, where the first is really amusing. I talked to one thaiwoman who explained me that he thought that the amount of fat guys in Pattaya was equally proportional to the lousy weather condotions in europe. Meaning: FAt is protection against the cold.
Secondly, being or being really skinny and muscleless is also concieved as an expression of tremendous wealt because too many thai it proves that, we have the time and money to grow fat or: time to do notning, therefore we go thin and woobly.
So basicly: signs on luxury, which is not altogether a lie.

I like it here, i do not understand it, but systems are becoming clearer.

3.3: My dad would have turned 80 today. Hephep!

March 02, 2008

We are losing the cultural war.

Back in hedonistic center of the universe, Pattaya, I suddenly notice that the classic overweight and stereotype british sex-tourist is being outnumbred by nouveau riche russians and arabs, and partly japaneese seeking out russin prostitutes in Pattaya. Oh yes, the Russian mafia is very present, and have surpressed the west-european sextourist to their small local-patrioctic bars, where they sit and eat norweigian koetbullar och rokat makrel or, opposite in the danish bar, the apparaent and highpitched cheers in honour of Pia Kjaersgaard reaches the street, while they sms their 16 year old prostitute, ordering a quick handjob before bed.

I cant say that I approve of the scene, but again it comes natural, as the end result - the true picture of marketeconomy without any kind of restrain. Allthough it holds potential relief of offer oppurtunities for the indvidual, its still the fast lane to total deprevation.
The oppurtunities making it possible for especially girls to earn more money, helping their families, making money at a pace that well outruns the pace at the industrial wasteland sorroundning for example Bangkok, where the wages are way lower and the working conditions a saddening remeblance of WorkCamps. Thousands of woman, working six days a week, 10 - 12 hours a day, making not more than close to 30 dollars a week. Many of these major actory sites are gated, really meaning they are fenced in, the women who works there lives there. It has been proven that the traumatic stress that occurs among these women, often - by numbers - is way higher that the same diagnosis among prostitutes in Pattaya.

Alas, it just adds to the depravation.... The pont being: could the politival system riderict the political will of change to emerging democarcies instead of pissing against the wind in the Middleeast.

...ill simmer into the night now, trying to keep the good spirit and lousy moral fueled by cheap drugs and alcohol.

forgice, for I am a babbling here...