March 30, 2005

More listings. After 7 month the states this time and two other trips to this here motherload of the Good life, I have with the help of good friend Krisan Badkar and his wonderful limegreen Ford Mustang 1969 convertible been collecting numerous eating experiences researching burgers, sandwiches and Mexican chains and vendors. So if you ever go and get hungry, consider this:

Winchells: donuts, bad greasy stuff that explodes your stomach after impact.
Denny`s: an attempt to go upperclass diner junk.
Taco Bell: Mexi fast food, the lowest. Employees in the shop and the fields on slave like terms.
Jack in the box: OK burgers, first with the clown, but…
KFC: three letters: KKK.
In and Out burgers: outstanding.
El Pollo Loco: Another failed attempt to franchise Mexican cuisine.
Carl`s Jr.: OK burgers, but pathetic concept.
Subway: stuffed crap, too much wrapping.
Coles (LA): classy bar and restaurant, the oldest in LA. Hold back on the salami though.
Burger King: kill the rats, good vanilla milkshake.
McDonalds: what can you say? Meatcakes!
Tommy`s: a strange cultural crossover: sloppy burgers, sauerkraut. We never defined if it was in fact polish or german.
Starbucks: starbuckian choises. Just give me the goddamned coffee and shot the fuck up. Never again.
Dunkin Donuts: Yummi!
Chili`s: decent tex-mex joint.
Hardees: unenthustiastic multi-crap.
Arby`s: shitty but also cheap!
Fatburger: Now we are talking real burgers. Tell it like it is! Fat!
Jacks (Santa Cruz): a local highlight.
Campo`s: real Mexican, respect for trying.
Del Taco: La cucaracha!
Norms: Dinner, they never close, but they cant cook!
Waffle House: worst greasy dinner chain, a must see!
Pioneer Chicken: A bad KFC imitation.
Popeyes: decent southern food…mostly.
Rally`s: another shitty burger.
Dairy Queen: ok ice cream, terrible burgers.
Burrito King (LA): Lifesavers!
Wienersnitzel: awful hot dogs.
Pinks: starquality hot-dogs. Everyone goes there: Dr. Phil, Lionel Ritchie, Jay Leno, Jamie Foxx, Charlie Sheen, you name it..they eat it!
IHOP (International Hell of Pancakes): breakfast only please!
Home: another great LA breakfast joint.

Bon appetit. If you are what you eat I could be you tomorrow.

March 29, 2005

Maybe in the absence of friends, the social nadir and the posse flatliner, I have turned to nursing my immediate superheroes, and in a very American style making a wall of heroes to remind me of ambitions or maybe I`m just acting out a late adolescent fan and stalker attitude. Anyhow, so far I hung these on my wall:

Hunter S. Thompson, deceased: for putting the subject into journalistic writing and not beating around the bush.
Oscar Wilde, deceased: for his persistent beliefs, idealism, works and early modernity. “Portrait of Dorian Gray” for being a historic equivalent to B.E Ellis` “American Psycho”.
KRAFTWERK, alive indeed: for being the founding figures of electronica. None below and none above.
Henry Miller, deceased: for being Henry Miller (see earlier posting).
Steve McQueen: For his stoic performance in “Le Mans”. When is somebody gonna produce another decent race-movie?
Maria, Steso and Allan: fictional figures but very much alive in Ejersbo`s novel “NORDKRAFT”, now also a motionpicture, I havn`t seen. So I look at the postcards and think of the days...believing in love is such a...
Jean Michel Basquait, deceased: for bringing the umpf back into art: the Godfather of streetart.

Julius and Carl: for being brothers.

March 28, 2005

one thing

very wet at Club Bore

March 27, 2005

in a dream I ran around the transamerican pyramid for hours like little black sambo in the old fairytale untill the structure of the building started crumbling because in real time life they wouldnt let me and sunny in to take the esalator to the top floor in the dream my coffee cop was a bomb in realtime a coffee I should never have bought americans flavor everythting this coffee vanilla the choices the most american thing the constant choices which actually mean you never get what you ask for so in this dream I ran and ran and the building started to melt people disappeared totally uttered by this aggressive european running and running and running and then somebody called out from the crowd stop running the female voice said you were supposed to meet me here june 12 and I stopped and said I only remember playing in a band called all quiet on june 16 and thats in four days so what do you mean I was supposed to meet you here and I couldt even see who it was hair like a lion curly curly back and front and she said allright then Ill stay for another four days and then I started running again and then the building collapsed and I said so where do we meet now but at that point she had already left and for the rest of the day I was running up every possible hill I could find and thats san francisco right there

March 23, 2005

3 things

1) driving home from Big Sur sunday, we hit some real heavy rain at Moss Landing, the clouds almost green, speedy winds, and...what looked liked funnelshaped toungues coming out of the sky. We all agreed it could look as the beginning of a tornando but that it wasnt, because in California they dont occur...Anyways, then yesterday in SF Chronicle I read that a tornando in fact struck in The Bay Area just north the Airport in San Bruno. Oops I then I remember than during a storm just over a month ago two tornadoes struck around Sacramento..."Tornado Alley" moving in closer from the Midwest. Though they still have to deside whether the tornado sunday in SF was in fact a tornado. Though it did do some damage, it is not certain that it actually touched down, which is the distinct difference between a tornado and a funnel-cloud. Tornadoes can be devasting, funnelclouds are but strong winds, but not as fierce, and do not touch the ground.

2) Silence on the blog for a few days, taking the family and friend to San Francisco untill sunday.

3) Had a mail from the Boboid today, he is back from Rome and continues to Dollerup Bakker, DK to celebrate easter - not Ester. Oh them sweet `ole Dollerup Bakker, in my dreams The Virgin Hills.

memories are made of this

I don’t who loves who climping up the stairs horny spooked by the stars I wrap for a later score in d-minor she is fucking sleeping what did I do wrong and I do care I think the other bone structure is perfect and now after 12 weeks we hug I am not a tree she is not a tree but we are in deep fucking forest country cold damp silent astray apart lost tall and split legs birth blood blast back to fucking trees in nostalgic copenhagen my dick is bleeding I cant unlock my bike my pants around my knees around my future future is always different future is never there his eyes never loose the one now wide asleep I cant believe it seems simple but nothing will stick no ends ties up we do not communicate more than we piss we do not even try we let it loose and flow it’s as fucking stupid as long hair slow traffic keep right do not yield do not merge or mingle the questions unanswered but we keep asking them we ask to the bones stick out what stuff are you into and what stuff means shit to you that doesn’t mean shit to me and is not retrospect and half asleep and she and her bones states everything I liked about the eighties where as they before sleep drift into everything I hated about the eighties which subsequently leads us to the inevitable talk about death and being a by gone you should check out the stars I say again but its too cold you say and choose to take a piss instead and I think we are doing this because it means stuff but here I wont even think any deeper because I find it too private even for my self remembering that reality is a construction remembering the secrets I revealed on highway 5 that I in the dawn of 2003 committed a severe massacre on my own sperm neglected my appointments with the shrink and basically didn’t give a shit the question being: do I give a shit, am I really the cynical, ice-cold fuckface I find so hard to escape? But would she just wake up, and state an head investment instead of rolling flat on her stomach I think I could stop thinking about other bone structures as the geography of my situation really denies me the pleasure


JOHN DeLOREAN (1925 – 2005) died this week, aged 80.
DeLorean was acknowledged as the maker of the first ever “musclecar” when he in 1964 crammed a V-8 engine into a Pontiac Tempest and called it and GTO.
He quit GM in 1973 to launch the The DeLorean Motor Car Company in Nothern Ireland and eight years later the DMC – 12 hit the streets. The charateristica of this futuristic design was the stainless stell body and the gull-wing doors, and this made cult-status after playing a major part in the “Back to the Future” films starring Michael J. Fox in the late eighties.
However, the DeLorean company collapsed in 1983, a year after DeLorean was arrested in Los Angeles and accused of selling for 24 million dollars worth of cocaine to salvage his venture. He was aquitted on the drug charges in 1984 despite a videotape shown in court in which DeLorean called a suitcase of cocaine “as good as gold”. After the 1984 case he was involved in more than 40 legal cases, and after the his divorce following the drugbust, he said in a interview: “I was an arrogant egomaniac. I needed this, as difficult as it was, to get my perspective back”.

His flamboyant hustler life may become more his legacy than he will be remembered for leaving a powerful imprint in automaking.
Godspeed DeLorean! Godspeed!

March 21, 2005

Sunday, another drive south on Pacific Highway One – PCH 1. Sunday after Sunday, it is the closest I will ever get to a religious experience, I don`t know whether to smoke it, drive it, fuck it, fight it or pray for it. PCH 1, is the edge of the world, the beginning and the end. First stop: Point Lobos, sea-otters and seals in Chinamans Cove a little secluded beach in an area once called the most stunning meet of land and water.
From Point Lobos we continued to Big Sur to visit the Henry Miller library. Miller, the punk of punks, the bizarre, brilliant and obsessive fuckball, the writer and the painter whose work was an constant struggle for freedom of expression, a passionate quest in the dawn of an industrialized and rapidly changing world. Tropic of Cancer was among other materials written in Paris in the mid 1930s, and should, I think, be considered as one the most influential pieces of modern literature.
Miller settled in Big Sur in 1944, and was during the fifties and sixties a central focuspoint for many writers of the beat-generation and upcoming actors like Jack Nicholson and Peter Fonda.
The library is NOT as many think, where Miller actually lived, but the house of friend and companion Emil White which he often visited, but nonetheless a place full of vibe and goodspirited humans.

Yesterday I met a guy working there: Magnus from Sweden, who have been living in the area for 21 years. What puzzled me when I entered the library was the sounded of swedish rockband KENT coming from the speakers, which quickly let to a conversation on music and lyrics and the general state of things. I introduced him to the world of BOB HUND, and promised to send some outtakes his way. One can not possible begin to grasp contemporary Sweden without listening to the track: “PaperspĂ„se” from the brilliant album “Omslag: Martin Kann".

small gods looks like this

and this

March 20, 2005

I can smell the future and the party is over...

March 19, 2005

You gotta be kidding but no: the court meeting once again was ajourned. The point of dragging me down there was merely a control, to conclude that I would actually get there when called upon! So the actual day in court, preceding judge Kim Baskett will happen Monday due to the following principle. You get there, to the court before 1.15pm, que up, and from there on it’s the all American principle: first come, first served.
So instead of being in court I went to shop for a pair of soccer shoes as I have joined a oldboys soccer team. I knew there was an outlet store downtown which I headed for, I found it and parked. The humongous sign of the outlet store reads: ROSS, DRESS FOR LESS…it made me think of the pictures Kris just send me from The Dragonfly night in LA, and more naturally the sign morfed into saying: CROSS DRESS FOR LESS., and I should be headed out on a graffiti venture to set the record straight.
Hmm, which again made me think: Whatever happened to the life and doings of R. Crumbs “Mr. Natural?”

get crumbtural

March 18, 2005

silence as today is the day I am having my Day in court, that was ajourned bout a month ago. What is wrong with this picture?
That you know even before standing there in front of the Judge that you will bend over and take the beating, accept the fine and get out of there. With all my postings, with all the disgrace I pledge to the flag, there I will be, clean and scrubbed, maybe even a suit to keep up appearences and the fine at a minimum...and I`ll tell myself thats not the place to do the figthing right now, choosing your conflicts is a "matter of extreme delicacy" said old mate Sigurd at famed punk hangout 1000fryd 9000 DK in late 1989, and he was right.
...I just want to get it over with....

March 17, 2005

My daily routine surfing the net to cover my need for newscoverage in danish includes the Politiken website, Danmarks Radio, Ekstra Bladet, and various random hits. Monday and Tuesday was spent surfing to see if could find news about the counterfeit newsproduction that made headline in the US this week. I couldn`t, so in an attempt to keep the flottenheimer-mantra of “keeping the bad guy honest…” I`ll try to throw you a bone of the hideous tricks and turns of the current US administration.

El Presidente© has come under a lot of criticism for its attemps to air government propoganda as genuine news reports. The New York Times documented this week in a article by David Barstow and Robin Stein, that more than 20 federal agencies, including the State department and the Defense Department have been creating fake news clips, and that the administration in an overall estimate have spent 254 million dollars in its first four years on contracts to public relations firms – more than double the amount spent during the Clinton-years.
Most of the tapes and news clips have been done skillfully and talented with “reporters” in the field who look like the real thing and only more trained viewers have been able too recognize these clips as actually commercial announcements for the White House and the administration. Numerous clips clearly cross the line into the proscribed territory of up front propoganda.
These clips have been distributed and aired by many stations without any hint where they came from. So the responsibility goes two ways: 1) The persistent, convincing and dubious attempt from the US administration to bend truth and moral in the public sphere – their, so to speak, attempt to own it (The Republican Noisemachine) and 2) The lack of research with smaller networks, who in an attempt to lower cost trying to survive and produce cheap news-broadcast, without questining or making distintions, airs whatever clip that lands in their laps.
However it more than anything else shows a somewhat incredible will to rule! I mean 254 million dollars (!) is….if nothing else a fucking lot money in a country that, for example have the highest number of children living in extreme poverty in the industrialized world.
And it more that proves the point that objective communication in this day and age is no longer an option, the thought of independent news and mass communication is gone haywire. In other words, the principle to uphold news – credibility – is down the drain: where as the the saddening news is, as emphasized yesterday: we are all a bunch of cocksuckers and we swallow on a day to day basic.
BUT: what also pissed me off – again and again – is the righteousness of El Presidente© when he adresses the issue of democracy in the third world, using the States as a rolemodel. Government sponsored messages disguised as independent news are NOTHING less than government PROPOGANDA™ and a quickstep on the pavement to fascism.
And chances are I am the jerk here, for believing that it has ever been different, but at least now: it is more fucking apparent.

So Fuck it and go Blog yourself! That’s where the subjective news are, but at least their frank about it. Frank and Ernest. As song by Shirley Q Liqor: "Tell them who you is".


yea well
excuse me for overposting

the sovereign principle of democracy? Its a fucking disgrace! A double whammy one that is! Fuck You again and again and again. Squirt and swallow! Thats a interpretation of democracy that goes down well...

klikken sie hier und da

March 16, 2005

”make `em dance, make ´em dance” wrote blog-buddy Lennard yersterday at DAMIJWH, which made me associate to the brilliance of a band lightning up a lot of 80s parties, making the at least the new romatics in vast majorities feel cornered. The band in question: New York and based DEFUNKT lead by Joseph Bowie, and not-to-forget, the funkiest and sweatiest female bassplayer ever: Kim Clarke!
Allthought the name spells and associates FUNKthe band first jazzed and punked and then funked, and was so far from the likes of Rickie James and other leatherclad, curly haired monsters of the funk scene you would want to be..
The single “Blues” from DEFUNKTs 1980 album “defunkt” was even by New Musical Express nominated and given the prize for best single punk-release at some point in the early 80s.
Also the defunct-sideproject “The art Ensemble of Chicago” should be mentioned here. Done.

oooooooooh baby!

some promising news from America, or in fact it would be more correct to say, from California.
A San Francisco judge ruled monday that the California ban on same-sex marriage is unconstitutional. He said the law denies citizens the basic human right to choose whom they can marry and discriminates on the basis of gender. The ruling will be appealed to the state Court of Appeal in SF. Meanwhile, opponents are considering a plan to go to the ballot with a constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage.

So good news: partly, because I mean whats the deal, what the big fuzz about same-sex marriage? I hope that some future-snapshots will read this: what was the fuzz on the issue?

But, living in an inescapable NOW, the court-ruling of course pinpoint the sharpened polarization of this here country – and the ruling could be said to be the wet dream of the religious right. It is definitely fueling their fire. So I´ll leave this posting breathing for a day before turning to the backstapping of a nation.

March 15, 2005

I`m picking up Pernille in SF flying in from Berlin, me backpedaling up highway one in a stream of sunlight. Her, not being our first visitor here and not the last emphasing how fucking right I was in a posting on November fifth 2004. Globalisation is only stratisfying a new UBERKLASSE©

I had a call from the Child Care Center at Family student Housing. For months now we have been waiting for an opening for our youngest son Carl, and was more or less turned down three weeks ago, although it all depended on them to hire some more staff. So when I heard yesterday it was Nydia from Childcare, I thought: yabadabadoo and when she asked me to be at their office within an hour, because she had some papers for me to sign I thought: that’s it: a spot for Carl, he needs it, I need it: Harmony.
So I jumped in the tub with him, cleaned up and went to the office. Bummer. Disappointment, all I had to sign was a paper on Julius` whereabouts in the spring-break. But I asked about the opening, any chance of it happening soon: ”No”. And then Nydia started asking me loads of stuff: “What is it that my wife does?”, “Oh, she is here on an anthropologist scholarship from Lunds University , Sweden, scoring nothing but A´s like she was on some kind of shopping spree, using all our time and money, but nonetheless head on results. And me; Im writing my BA in socialwork to become what we in Denmark call a peda..”
and my answered was interrupted, as Nydia replied:
“Oh so she is the anthropologist and you are a socialworker. She is the academic, and you…. you are down with the people!”

anyways: a snapshot from highway 1.

March 14, 2005

I should have returned to blogging yesterday but I got really sick, I don’t know, some kind of American bug gave me fever attacks, and I was strung out at the toilet most of the day.
But:Jean Michel Basquait I LA: I am still exillerated.
Why? I have been a fan since the mid-eighties and after his death in 1988 and Andy Warhols in 1987 I hounoured their souls by plastering my condemned apartment in cheap large xeroxs copies of the two. I went downtown to steal some marker pens to colour up the xeroxs but was lured into to drinking and when I came back hours later with the markers - red green black and blue - my friends staying over, the apartment had a sharp stink of smoke cause they had had meticiously dug a hole in the stonewall, taken out brick by brick and made a fireplace and lit it up with old newspaper and a broken chair. The fire had spread up the wallpaper and the apartment was salvaged only when my friends in a common effort pissed out the fire.

Jean Michel Basquiat painted and drew from childhood and on, and his aquiantance and collaboration with Warhol in the eighties was important, but driven merely by JMBs groundbreaking art, and Warhols sense for business.
JMB was, and still is, one the most influential black modern artist and his work broke out of Soho and Lower Eastside, New York about the same time as hip-hop broke out and became popular culture. He worked predominantly with the social inequities of American society in ways that were engaged, formal and available but with great aesthetic force, a language and semantic that was very much his own.
He worked like a demon for seven years and died, 27 seven years old I 1988 of a drug habit, and personalized like no other artist the center over the overheated 1980s art scene in especially New York.

of 115000 hits I chose this one

March 12, 2005

one thing: I am exillerated. The most comprehensive collectio0n of Jean Michel Basquiats paintings are being shown in LA from july 15th.

More tomorrow, i am off to tennis. The clean up, the sobriety. I surprise myself. Tennis makes smokes tate better.

March 10, 2005

two things

1) I finally remembered their names: The Clayton Brothers! After having seen their show at The Wacko Bookstore in LA 2003, totally hung over with bodily fluids leaking from every crack of my body, the strong impact of their art made me sick and I simply had to leave, and I forgot. But if you are feeling nice and dandy, check them out at:

2) THE BLOGGIES are the Web`s answer to the Oscars, but this one award you can attend smoking, drunk and buttnaked. The fifth annual Weblog Awards to be posted march 14th on BLOGGIES.COM will name winners, chosen by readers in 30 categories. Favorites to take the grand prize (140 dollars and a dvd) this year is BOINGBOING.NET and WONKETTE.COM

Go Bloggers!

March 09, 2005

Three things:
1) consider the irony of this: El Presidente© said yesterday during a speech at the National Defense University in Washington DC on undemocratic gonvernance in the MiddleEast:

“The Lebanese people have the right to determine their future, free from domination of a foreign power, and the Lebanese people have the right to choose their own Parliament this spring, free of intimidation.”

2) A humble excuse for my poor English grammar and spelling abilities. Yesterday I ranover some of my postings and was horrified to see the numerous mistakes. I will work on that issue. Sorry.

3) While chewing on this, check out the work of brilliant French artist SKWAK and his world of puking Koogais, at

March 08, 2005

A little selfcelebrating news from the world of blogging mentally moved me up in the world yesterday as I in The Business section of New York Times read an article under the headline:

At a suit`s core: Are Bloggers reporters too?

I`ll try to boil it down:
The case which involves company secrets (filed by Apple) that Apple says were disclosed on several web sites, is closely being followed by fellow bloggers worldwide but have broad on complications for juournalist working in the more traditional news organisations as well.
If the court in Santa Clara County rules that bloggers are journalists, the privelige of keeping news sources confidential will be applied to a large new group of people.
Apple has long had a devoted following, and leaked information about new Apple products had apperared on web-sites for years. Apple has asked the court to compel the websites that displayed their product information (,, to disclose their identity.
The discussion thus goes under what circumstances an online forum should be forced to sdisclose a source behind information being posted, as the is no principled distintion between a Nww York times reporter and a blogger for these purposes. Both operate news sources for wide swaths of the general public.
Blogs and blogging, are already becoming much more powerful and influential and some have a readership that exceed those of smalltown newspapers. At the recent lecture with superwoman Naomi Klein she also so emphasied the importance of blogs, especially in connection with the war in Iraq: specific blogs with different specific focuses had given her contact and insigt from within iraq, that does not come a through the corporate media-apparatus.
CBS and anchorman Dan Rather suffered a major defeat by being “blogged” after being under intense scrutiny in the case of El Presidente© records from his time in the National Guard.
As the mainstream media has become more and more corporate and more and more like the government and corporate bodies that mainstream journalist used to report on, a lot this stuff haa now fallen into the hands of bloggers – to do what meainstream folks used to do: serving the same purpose as to keep the bad guys honest.

March 07, 2005

succesive dream of superstars who all say I owe them stuff: thats fucked! but there is one, and she races through my head like a truck.

Now also the official death toll of American GI`s in Iraq has reached well over 1500. Of the 1500 its said that a good 1200 in killed in a direct line of fire, the rest in more normative casualties such as car accidents, suicides, self inflicted gun-shots, and a number of deaths by FRAGGING (fragging/fragmentation) , which is GI slang for:
assassination of an officer by his own troops, usually by means of a grenade.

In other words: a discontent GI drops a grenade in the officer-mass.
An estimated 5% of the officers killed in Iraq and Vietnam died by fragging.

the eye in the skye

facts and figures

March 05, 2005

WHY THIS...part 43

I can and can not fucking believe it.

Livestyle-guru, all American Hausfrau Martha Stewart was being released from Alderson Correctionall Facility (AFC), West Virginia yesterday after serving three of a 5 month punishment for insider trade way back then.
Zoned out in front of the tv - zapping - three of the major news broadcasters CNN, FOX and NBC had reporters and camera crews stationed at the entrance to AFC awaiting her release, as if she would walk out of three, greeting the hungry crowd and tell them how much better a person she is now. Jesus. But there they are, the camera crews plus hundreds of reporters in a fucking snowstorm waiting, and crosscuts to the studios, packed with experts in legal matters, lifestyle, weather and what not – all creaming up this news which is nothing, but non the less headlines as breaking news.

Then: Oh Oh its looks like something is happening back to the reporter at the gate, some one is coming, she is blonde, is it her, no its its it’s………. a prisonguard and another official with a pressrelease and the vultures rips it from his hands, zooms in, get on their cell phones, what does it say, what does it say? Nothing but: that Martha has left the building like hours ago. Then a car comes out with tainted windows, oh my god is it her, is it her, and jseus did you see that, they ran a stop sign, that’s another violation right there, Martha Martha, what have become of you…
And then, and then: as it dawns she will not come wandering out the gate, crosscut to the Greenbrier Private airstrip where they think she will be taken off from shortly, choppers in the air, rumours that she has her own stylist waiting in the plane, and what couldn’t have happened to your hair after five months among hardcore inmates and how hard it is to generally do hair in a plane in a snowstorm: what is wrong with you people? And I almost cry again and zap on and what do I see on E-news: A fucking en-actment of the case against Michael Jackson. They have hired fucking actors who on a day by day basic act out the cour tmeetings according to transcripts, and three experts and a reporter in the studio.

Is is sick or is sick or is it just really fucking deranged?

going away for holiday?

save the whatever

March 03, 2005

A busy day, trying to shape up the motivation for taking the next crucial steps in finishing the larger part of my BA – project, and also a day – a recordholding day 9 – awaiting a moneytransfer from DK, famished, surpised and anguished by the fucking slow pace banking hi-tech or should we could it no-tech..

But I will also launch The Flottenheimer Quiz “ASK THE BRAIN” part 8, with this reservations:

After a disappointing participation in the last round of the quiz, this one will be the last one, after which I will conclude it from first hand was a jackass idea or that you – dear readers – simply isn`t competitive.

But heres the question:
Which flamboyant rapper from one the 80`s most influential rap-groups are currently dating fucked up danish would-be starlet on the American reality-show “Strange Love”? (aired on Vhr.1)

In other words: Who is the odd couple?

The answer it self is the price.

March 02, 2005

WHY THIS second rate poet DOESN´T LOVE BIG BUSINESS part 42:

In many earlier postings the conflation between State, Church and Big Business have been emphasised and concluded basicly banging the same drum and I can recommend to go back in the files and read the postings 1 through 40, and swallow the inescapable facts.
But as my purpose isn`t to be right, but to keep feeding the arguments and disclosure of the unfortunate marriage between the three in question, here is another one:

El Presidente© has renewed his commitment on tuesday to promoting social welfare through religious groups with taxpayer funds, calling on a sceptic Congress to lift its “roadblocks” and implicitty rebutting critics who claim he has gone back on his “compassionate conservatism”-agenda.
Setting out in his second term advancing his faith-based initiative, El Presidente© highlited legislation heading today to allow religious groups to hire and fire based on religious beliefs even while receiving federal funds. If Congress doesn`t allow his lead El Presidente© warned, he would try to circumvent lawmakers by using executive powers.

This is exactly what the religious right have been waiting for: The Payback for their more than generous supprot of his rally for El Casa Blanca!

March 01, 2005

After having celebrated, only yesterday, the 40th posting in the ongoing WHY THIS secondrate poet DOESN´T LOVE BIG BUSINESS I hurry on in the pursuit and present part 41 on the blog today, on this beautiful first day of spring.

Taser International have over the last years been supplying US police forces with a gun known as the TaserGun, supposedly a “non-lethal” weapon to restrain fleeing criminals, violent people and aggressive dogs and so forth. Non the less the TaserGun have in the hands of officers killed 94 people since it was introduced. TaserGuns fire twin metal barbs that emit 50.000-volt charge into a suspect, causing them to collapse from loss of muscular control.
In most cases resulting in casualties the suspect have had up till 25 single shots from the gun, causing their hearts to explode – a ventricular fibrillation- but also in most cases the officers have walked away from inditements and being sued, because the suspects have been either drunk or drugged, which have been stated as the conclusive reason for their deaths.
Taser International states that company studies where researchers shock anesthetized pigs confirm that the TaserGun can not trigger erractic heart beats. Other researchers, not employed by Taser International, says that a knocked-out pig will not have the same panicked adrenaline response of a suspect clashing with the police.

It might be safe with the pigs, but not with humans. A metaphore full of contradictions.

stunning good news

end February: the ongoing continues with this one being a proud little motherfucker, as WHY THIS secondrate poet DOESN’T LOVE BIG BUSINESS have reached a jubilee part 40, about the same day the deathtoll of American GI`s in Iraq reaches 1500.

Well then its good to know that there`s stand up dudes running companies like Halliburton, which this week by the US Army, was approved to receive subsidiary bonuses for their work in Iraq and Afghanistan, even though the US administration havnt yet approved final cost and terms of the contracts. Bingo!
Halliburton (formerly headed by Dick “don’t be one” Cheney) have among other bonuses received a 4.4 million dollar bonus for a 758 million dollar of logistics work in Kuwait in support of the war in Iraq, 5 million dollar bonus for logistic work in Afghanistan and Uzbekistan, in total a 9,4 million dollar bonus. A 10 million dollar bonus for yet non-supported cost. On behalf of the taxpayers- heyho wonderland!

Having in mind what superwoman Naomi Klein concluded after having vistited Iraq and American contractors in general in the troubled Middleeast-region: She documented that 60 percent of all projects, industrial, buildings, whatever…inside Iraq were spent on security-measurements, thus leving crumbles for the actual planned activities.
Moreover, regarding the election on January 30th, she also emphasised the fact, that in the spring of 2003, only month after the invasion, Iraq per se, experienced a – in perspective – much more peaceful and hopeful time, than now, and in fact there were elections in many local and rural areas seeking out to establish local governance and democracy. Elections which for a large part were overruled by interim dictator Paul Brenner and a company called Research Triangle Institute – based in a business complex in North Carolina – hired by the US administration to write the new Iraqi constitution, even before the invasion.

These facts in mind are among the numerous reasons that Naomi Klein, called the US engagement in Iraq for a “free fall”, and why she did not speak of the resistance as “insurgents” but a an national rise against the occupation, an intafada, which have escalated proportionally with the disclosure of the US agenda in Iraq: The Free Money; The Market and The Oil. Year Zero! The extreme makeover.

good intentions dont do the trick