May 31, 2006

May 28, 2006

After a good month of traveling, things in general starts to settle in. You forget that you ever left, though you still miss something, somethings different, but I cant say thats a new sensation. Its like this: when you have more qustions that you get answers, everything is exactly the way it is intended to be. A nadir that keeps you running. Here or there.

May 25, 2006

back in Kholat, left Yokam today, two weeks of rice, chicken, rain and frogs. The pool smoothes me like a tailorcut suit. Cool, yes but safe, never!

May 20, 2006

in real time: I dont know if the rainseason started today, but it sure has hell is raining. Apocalyotic roars of water colour the village in a fluid red and brown, a paradox the dust turns to water. At night everybody hunt for and eats the gigasize frogs, but me: im the falang (thai for white) with the chicken in cultural distress asking for a knife and fork.

I wrap up my few belongings in a little backpack. A notebook, a laptop, a luger, and not the least your favourite levis jeans, which I now, after a summer of 100 push and sit ups a day, look, if not good, then decent in. I disappear at a Cambodian bordercrossing.

May 17, 2006

it aint africa but it looks like it
it aint vietnam but it smells like it
its thailand and i didnt now it looked like this
it looks like africa
but it isnt

May 06, 2006

touchdown but a nightmarish one. three attemps, the last a dramatic pull back from decent to a quick rise, the plane shaking and making unsetteling noises, people under cuishins and pillows, some laughing some cryimg, but non the less, this is bangkok, but not yet grounded.

May 02, 2006

tomorrow is liftoff, no postings untill well after succesfull touchdown.
my fairy and hairy mates, have a wonderful summer.

and pia k: how long before the paparazzi nudeshot? can anything oust the ugly duckling? the more housetrained they are percieved to be, the more shrude the spin.
the presidents of southamerica plus castro: get that latino free trade rocking.
the latino immigrants of The USA: Even though you couldnt care less I am with you all the way. A Day without a mexican-day. Brilliant concept
People of Iraq: dont worry, we are now biulding four superbases to emphasize our not-presence.

and the rest: two words