January 30, 2005

...and before dinner right? Before dinner yesterday I went to play tennis with Scott...The weather was fine so there was only one court free, the center one of three. Playing deeply concentrated - trying to keep my foot from breaking again, it wasn`t untill half an hour into the game, that I noticed, that the cuoples playing at our left and our right was....guess what...more russians.

Yesterday, we had a small dinner party. An american joined us, and to be blunt I havn`t met a lot americans...being in America. We ate, we drank we laughed and then collapsed in the sofas with more beers. The disussions surfaced, the issues being everything seeking consensus, which ended up being America. For hours we continued, and Scott - the american - if he didn`t say more, at least said this:

Fuck the South. Fuck 'em. We should have let them go when they wanted
to leave. But no, we had to kill half a million people so they'd stay
part of our special Union. Fighting for the right to keep slaves -
yeah, those are states we want to keep.

And now what do we get? We're the fucking Arrogant Northeast Liberal
Elite? How about this for arrogant: the South is the RealAmerica?
TheAuthenticAmerica. Really?

Cause we fucking founded this country, assholes. ThoseFounding Fathers
you keep going on and on about? All that bullshit about what you think
they meant by the Second Amendment giving you the right to keep
yourassault weapons in the glove compartment because you didn't bother
to read thefirst half of the fucking sentence? Who do you think those
wig-wearing lacy-shirt sportingrevolutionaries were? They were fucking
blue-staters, dickhead. Boston? Philadelphia? New York? Hello? Think
there might be a reason all the fuckingmonuments are up here in our

No, No. Get the fuck out. We're not letting you visit the Liberty Bell
and fucking Plymouth Rock anymore until you get over your realAmerican
selves and start respecting those other nine amendments. Who do you
think those fucking stripes on the flag are for? Nine are for fucking
blue states. And it would be 10 if those Vermonters had gotten their
fucking Subarus together and broken off from New York a little
earlier. Get it? We started this shit, so don't get all uppity about
how real you are you Johnny-come-lately "Oooooh I've been a state
foralmost a hundred years" dickheads. Fuck off.

Arrogant? You wanna talk about us Northeasterners being fucking
arrogant? What's more American than arrogance? Hmmm? Maybehorsies? I
don't think so. Arrogance is the fucking cornerstone of what it means
to be American. And I wouldn't be so fucking arrogant if I wasn't
paying for your fucking bridges, bitch.

All those Federal taxes you love to hate? It allcomes from us and goes
to you, so shut up and enjoy your fuckingTennessee Valley Authority
electricity and your fancy highways that we paid for. And the next
time Florida gets hit by a hurricane you can come crying to us if you
want to, but you're the ones who built on a fucking swamp. "Let the
Spanish keep it, it's a shithole," we said, but you had to have your
fucking orange juice.

The next dickwad who says, "It's your money, not the government's
money" is gonna get their ass kicked. Nine of the ten states that get
the most federal fucking dollars and pay the least... can you guess?
Go on, guess. That's right, motherfucker, they're red states. And
eight of the ten states that receive the least and pay the most? It's
too easy, asshole, they're blue states. It's not yourmoney, assholes,
it's fuckingourmoney. What was that Real American Value you were
spouting a minute ago? Self reliance? Try this for self reliance: buy
your own fucking stop signs, assholes.

Let's talk about those values for a fucking minute. You and your
Southern values can bite my ass because the blue states got the values
over you fucking Real Americans every day of the goddamn week. Which
state do you think has the lowest divorce rate you marriage-hyping
dickwads? Well? Can you guess? It's fuckingMassachusetts, the fucking
center of the gay marriage universe. Yes, that's right, the state you
love to tie around the neck of anyone to the left of Strom Thurmond
has the lowest divorce rate in the fucking nation. Think that's just
someaberration? How about this: 9 of the 10 lowest divorce rates are
fucking blue states, asshole, and most are in the Northeast, where our
values suck so bad. And where are the highest divorce rates? Care to
fucking guess? 10 of the top 10 are fucking red-ass
we're-so-fucking-moral states. And while Nevada is the worst, the
Bible Belt is doing its fucking part.

But two guys making out is going to fucking ruin marriage for you?
Yeah? Seems like you're ruining it pretty well on your own, you little
bastards. Oh, but that's ok because you go to church, right? I mean
you do, right? Cause we fucking get to hear about it every goddamn
year at election time. Yes, we're fascinated by how you get up every
Sunday morning and sing, and then you're fucking towers of moral
superiority. Yeah, that's a workable formula. Maybe us fucking
Northerners don't talk about religion as much as you because we're not
so busy sinning, hmmm? Ever think of that, you self-righteous
assholes? No, you're too busyerecting giant stone tablets of the Ten
Commandments in buildings paid for by the fucking Northeast Liberal
Elite. And who has thehighest murder rates in the nation? It ain't us
up here in the North, assholes.

Well this gravy train is fuckingover. Take your liberal-bashing,
federal-tax-leaching, confederate-flag-waving, holier-than-thou,
hypocritical bullshit and shove it up your ass.

And no, you can't have your fucking convention in New York next time.

Fuck you!

January 29, 2005

“The best hope for peace…is the expansion of freedom”, said El Presidente® in his inaugural adress. A comparative: I - inspired by Lennard at “don`t ask me, I just work here” - once knew a girl who said: “Your isn`t longer than mine is deep”. More details would be too graphic.

January 28, 2005

all day
hand on crutch
eyes on a distant dream.

the soundtrack of our lives:

I was surfing for a picture of danish pinup girl GRETA who I appeared in several issues of the old pulp adventure-zines. The early issue of Esquire was one of them, other zines with names like STAG, MALE, TRUE, MENS COMBAT; MENS ADVENTURE and so on, was the through the 30s through the 60s the magazines to look for nudity and staggering accounts of mens achievements in extreme conditions such as war, fighting bugs and snakes in the jungle, surviving shipwreck, encountering aliens and so on....and I stumbled upon this.


the search will continue

January 27, 2005

Inspired by Lennard @ "dont ask me, I just work here" and the posting about Chicago oddball painter Henry Darger, I remembered stumbling on his New York equivalent John Evans a few years ago in a catalogue back home.
His quiet obsessive labor ment that he over 37 years, from 1964 - 2000, everyday collected whatever remidies, playing cards, cigarette packs, flyers, businesscards, adverts, cookie fortunes, postcards, escort service leaflets, posters...whatever...lying around the streets of his neighbourhood, East Village in New York. He would then sit and meticuously put the pieces together in collages on painted backgounds. By the end of 2000 John Evans had created more than 10.000 "daily" collages filling more than a 100 notesbooks. He still lives and works in New York, now in his 70`s.

pick it up:

January 26, 2005

"revolution starts at home" I posted some time ago, but this perspective seems awful boring in revolutionary terms, why it`s with great pleasure to push forward this link. It is so definitely going on. It has so definitely changed...

fight the power:

January 25, 2005

chances are this will be my first ever and last posting celebrating a mere commerical event, and moreover I can say: "Hey, I knew that - you can get them here too, and even cheaper", which again - if it aint old news already - puts me with the avantgarde of the hi-tech revolution.

klikken sie hier

January 23, 2005

Whilst a circle of friends was celebrating the birthday in question yesterday, I went for a walk in Natural Bridges State Park. To my surprise parking this Saturday was free, which really means nothing but still…I parked close to the Monarch trail. A trail that leads through a little meadow holding an immense population of the Monarch-butterfly, a large beautiful speciment of a butterfly, this danaus plexippus.
The western population winters along the coast of Texas, California, and in Mexico, and return to the north in spring. Monarch butterflies follow the same migration patterns every year. During migration, huge numbers of butterflies can be seen gathered together. And this is one spot. Thousands and thousands.
Most predators have learned that the monarch butterfly makes a poisonous snack. The toxins from the monarch's milkweed diet have given the butterfly this defense. In either the caterpillar or butterfly stage the monarch needs no camouflage because it takes in toxins from the milkweed and is poisonous to predators.

From the meadow I walked on to the beach, which lie like a bay in the bay – a cove. It was a specific low tide which means you can hike about two miles on the rugged limestone cliffs. That its, its like a sidewalk that takes you two miles out parallel to the ocean. The cliffs are beautiful, scattered pattens of fossils millions of years old. The tidepools thoúgh are the most staggering sight out here. Big holes in the rockhard ground, they form a surface that looks like the moon, houndreds of little tidepools, each with a little biological reality going on. The larger pools with starfishs and sea-anemonis. It’s a walk like this that leaves you numb.And then at the endgoal of my hike, where the rocks plunge into the ocean and you can go no further, a large group of people were taking family snapshots with the setting sun as background. I sat down to enjoy the sun race to the dawn on the other side of the world to rise with the hangovers of my friends, when I heard them talk.
More russians.

the beauty:

January 22, 2005

I`m missing out on another great event: the 40th birthday of my dear friend Hans Jakob Asbjørn Pedersen aka: multi-Jakob, Putte, Puttegrisen, Hans, Puttesvinet, quizmaster Pedersen...
A 20 year aquintance full of love, beat, dub, dope, wires and road. All the best!

meanwhile in outer space:

January 21, 2005

only this: Though the pictures are 4 years old (from the inauguration 2000 coup de etatè), the song remains the same...

klikken sie hier:

a few outtakes from el mundo Americana©. First a reference from the interrogation of ice queen Condoleeza Rice on Capitol Hill Tuesday, concerning her moving up in the world to become secretary of state.
Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-California): “I just feel you quote president Bush when it suits you, but you contradicted him when he said, “Yes, Saddam could have a nuclear weapon in less than a year". You go on TV nine months later and said. “Nobody ever said it was…”"
Condoleeza Rice: “Senator, that was just a question of pointing out to people that there was an uncertainty. No0 one was saying that he would have a weapon within a year for it to be worth to go to war.”
Barbara Boxer: “Well, if you can’t admit to this mistake, I hope that you’ll…”
Condoleeza Rice: Senator, we can have this discussion in any way that you would like. But I really hope that you will refrain from impugning my integrity. Thank you very much.”

Boxer: “I’m not, I’m just quoting what you said. You contradicted the president, and you contradicted yourself.”
Rice: “Senator, I’m happy to continue the discussion but I really hope that you will not imply that I take the truth lightly”

Chew on that.
Number two: San Francisco Chronicle have now for three days in a row stated the same number of dead american GI`s at 1368, even though they add more names to the list. Hmmmmm, chew on that too.
One of the conservative semi religious groups backing El Presidentes® campaign, Focus on the Family, are now accusing the cartoon character SpongeBob Squarepants for being a “pro-homosexual icon”. SpongeBob Squarepants has been seen in a video featuring 100 wellknown cartoon-charecters. A video that have appeared on Nickelodeon other channels, are called “We are family” and is, says producer Nile Rodgers

(yes, he did in fact write the 70s disco one-hit-wonder ) a video promoting multi-culturalism, and nothing in it refers to sexual identity.
Dr. James Dobson, who raised the matter says: “I urge my allies to stand up and together and join the spiritual battle for the country…We see the video as an indious means by which the producers is manipulating and potentially brainwashing our kids. It’s a classic bait and switch.”

Chew on that for a second:
who’s manipulating who, and brainwashing, where, how much, when,…Well there`s got to be an enemy outhere somewhere to make sense of it all.
The red scare in emperor’s new clothes...

were they all dikes and gays? klikken sie hier

he does look a little gay dont he?

January 20, 2005

at the the inauguration itself, the swearing-in of El Presidente©, it will be done with a supreme court recogniziton of a prayer per se.
Apart from the average mumbo-jumbo about Gods claimed admiration for El Mundo Americana®, this time apparently the ceromony will, with the prayer, emphasize the ultimate conflation of state and church.
So the question ofcourse remains to be answered, with various religious congregation backing the campaign to put El Presidente© in La Casa Blanca©, when history will define the current US administration as a religious dictatorship, and how long the extreme polarization of this nation can keep the lid on?

O Ye, where thau men are men and thau sheep is nervous...

And I was wrong: the deathtoll has gone beyond the 1361. Its now, and will be tomorrow more than 1370, and about 11000 wounded.

January 18, 2005

In memoriam

THELMA WHITE: leading star and drug addict in the 1936 "REEFER MADNESS" anti-marijuanafilm, that resurfaced in 1972 and became a cult claasic, dies at 94.

inhale und klikken sie hier: http://www.hightimes.com/ht/news/content.php?bid=1132&aid=10
the poster: http://www.cyber-cinema.com/british/ReeferBPS.jpg

...mountains I said. A mild exaggeration but what can you expect from a person who orignates from a country which peaks at a proud 400 feet?
Well, back in the US: Though called the Santa Cruz Mountains they are considered to be hills by the local great outdoor aficianados, the question remains to be answered: What the fuck are all them russians doing up in all them hills?

January 17, 2005

from nowhere sun and spring temperature. A race up to Big Basin National park, the creeks bursting with water, beautiful, the dynamic of nature being the one thing I cant curse here, a subtle shake of an EQ, Im wondering if I can cope if this was winter, its gone, do I need the dark?
But I cant finish the thought because what really puzzles me the most is the amount of russians I always meet hiking in either the mountains or the forest.

to curse the can from which you are drinking

January 15, 2005

saturday, the first sun after weeks of pouring rain, this small almost washed out graffiti I so downtown yesterday:

"Poor Mexico. So far from God and so near the United States."

or the day before I went to an opening of an art-show by Sheila Pepe called "Hot Lesbian Formalism". The show had two works of art. One installation, a video called "Blue dress" (20 minutes free play) and another "Girders, Fence". The video was...allright though static and ultraminimalistic, and did not put forward the " vision of sex in the city as not yet seen on TV" as it said on the flyer.
The other work, a gigantic web made of industrial rubberband and shoelaces (crocheted, in danish: hæklet) was well crafted, the symbolism a bit too tacky, also lost strength in the confined room.
What I noticed most however was this quote from the flyer saying: She`s here, she`s queer and she`s crocheting.

January 13, 2005

In the days leading up to the inauguration of the 43th El Presidente ® de los Estados Unidas de America it`s time to take a short stroll down memory lane to recuperate some of the nations that, over the last four decades, have been so fortunate as to have felt the compassionate strength of American foreign policy and democracy as defined by…the US, and thus having their governments overthrown by…the US and CIA covert operations:

Egypt: (1953), Angola: (1952), Iran: (1953), Korea: (1953 + 1960-61), Guatemala: (1953), Laos: (1960), Zaire: (1960), Dominican Republic: (1963), Vietnam: (1963), Bolivia: (1964+1974), Brazil: (1964), Indonesia: (1965), Ghana: (1966), Greece: (1967), Cambodia: (1970), Chile: (1973).

With that in mind, back to the inauguration:

”Our system of government is rooted in the sovereign principle of democratic authority bestowed by the people” said homeland security secretary Tom Ridge in an article in New York Times yesterday. “And the people, both the inauguration participants and city residents, are resolved to go forward with an event that so deeply reflects that ideal.”
To reflect this ideal Mr. Ridge continues: “You can well imagine that the security for this occasion will be unprecedented. Protective measures will be seen. There will be quite a few that are not seen. Our goal is that any attempt on the part of anyone or any group to disrupt the inaugural will be repelled by multiple layers of security!”

This means that more than 6000 civilian and military personnel trained in in crisis response, crowd control and dignitary security will be in place and thousands more available to respond if necessary. Sniper-teams will be in position on rooftops. Specialists in chemical, biological and radiological terrorism will mingle the crowds, carrying hand-held detection devices to pick up any sign of unconventional weapons. Squads of plainclothes agents with federal prosecutors among them will move along the parade route scouting for potential problems.
Major General Galen B. Jackson, commander of the Joint Task Force Armed Forces Inaugural Comitee, said at a press conference before that of Mr. Ridge, dressed in full camouflage gear in front of a group of battledressed soldier carrying automatic weapons: “We believe we are ready to deter any type of attack!”

The cost of the inauguration could cost millions of dollars, and apart from the sponsored gifts mentioned in posting of 1.11 2005, there`s still a serious dispute between the federal covernment and the District of Columbia, where the inauguration takes place. The city of Washington is paying 17,3 million dollars, but Mr. Ridge stated that he did not know the full amount of the costs, why chances are that the inauguration will be paid for by the city, by cutting in the budget for fundings otherwise set aside for everyday needs like protecting buildings, bridges, subways, waterways and so forth.
Mr. Ridge finished off by stating, that the nations color-coded alert level would not be raised for the inauguration. The alert is now at yellow: for a heightened but not imminent threat.
“This is the most visible manifestation of our democracy” he said, adding “so there`s very little intelligence, but we are as vigilant as ever.”

Reflecting the soveriegn principle of democracy? Wow, wait up, where is it, stop, I didn` t see, ups, oh no, shit - it`s gone...

as seen on CNN and read in The New York Times, and San Francisco Chronicle...

my heads exploding with spasms, migraine attacks, my oneeye red, dripping salt. in other words: my heads on the block. but hey, don` t cry for me argentina. tomorrow never knows.

January 11, 2005

WHY THIS second rate poet DOESN´T LOVE BIG BUSINESS part 33:

from my little secluded knoll in nothern california, I, a working poor, a social non-achiever, rest my case against the simpleminded people promoting simple-living. I am simply out of words, and really, who gives a simple blind fuck about the simple quasi-segment in question. One thing however, stands out: The Class-society is alive and kicking. Now, more than ever. It`s as simple as that.

So instead I turn to a upcoming national event:
The second inauguration of El Presidente next week. The Presidential Inaugural Commitee, which under law can accept contributions of any size and from just about any domestic source, including corporations, has set a 250.000 dollars limit on donations. Eight californian entities, including five companies and three individuals, have given the the maximum as of last saturday according to the informations on the comitee`s website. The goal is 40 million dollars, and so far these donors have lavished an even 18 million dollars.
The big donations are possible because the McCain-Feingold campaign finance law of 2002, which set limits on how much individuals could contribute to political campaigns, didn`t limit contributions to the inauguration or to the political parties` national nominating conventions. Corporate and union contributors are forbidden to campaigns, although political action comittees representing corporate and labor interest are still allowed.

Among the highlights of the inauguration taking place over three days you`ll see:
"Saluting those who Serve", a musical and multimedia show to honor the US Military, and tenor Guy Hovis, who will sing "Let the Eagle Soar" written by Attorney General John Ashcroft.

So with the deathtoll today at 1348 dead american GI`s, numerous but not accounted for, dead iraqi police officers and servicemen, the inauguration wiil squirt and be swallowed while GI`s number 1360 and 1361 will go down in burning pain.


The December issue of some lifestyle magazines that the family left behind had an article about this new craze simple living, I’ve been wanting to give a go at .
I cannot control myself, the reaction to the sheer rage I feel, to hear about these overwhelmingly super-functional rich white upper class people who have the privilege of actually being able to cut down on their expenses, their appointments, their consumption, their carparks and so forth to seek a simpler life, a richer inner life, as they say.
I’ve tried to translate a few statements said by the representative of the Danish branch of simple living, Kirsten Stendevad, portrayed in the magazine, in fur coat, silkscarfs, a chic Gucci straw hat Italian leather boots in front of her 3 million kroner apartment at Frederiksberg, Copenhagen, DK, looking stunningly good and well kept, leaning up her Opel Corsa 1986:

”I lived in hotel rooms with deadlines choking me but a lot of money, stress and general just being very busy. Today we drive an old Opel Corsa, that we bought second-hand I 1986. And for sure, that’s not considered a pimp ride.”

Kirsten Stendevad has in her pursuit of inner balance among other things initiated ”The
Faculty for Inner Career
”. She teaches kundalini-yoga (and as the article states: its the fastest growing yoga-ism within Swedish business-life!), and Goddess-classes, and donates some of the income from these to women of the third world.
Another thing that seems to be of great importance for this 100% superoverclass luxury problem, is how to have friends over for dinner:

”Dinners can be expensive and it takes time to prepare. You know, we want to see our friends, so we started another type of events, another type of dinner set-ups. The ones we invite bring their own vine (!), and we provide coffee and snacks, but then we’ve arranged that someone within our circle of friends will give an input for a debate. Like once, we had a theologist over and he gave an executive summary of the Bible, and then we discussed the relevans of Christianity today passionately. We also had some good discussions about why you’re bound to become an optimist by reading history, about the challenges Europe faces and so on. In that way we all get some spiritual input and an exiting evening, without big cost for neither the hosts or the guests.”

Get a fucking grip Kirsten Stendevad! Why is it interesting to hear which frustrations it takes to be a rich bastard, and how you have the actual choice of cutting down on “thousand of kroner worth of impulse shopping each month”…

Help the suffering upperclass is allright, but for God sake – shut the fuck up! Stay on your own turf. I`m sorry, im so cornered here and pissed off that my vocabulary is dried out.

For more white supremacist stupidity klikken sie hier:

January 09, 2005

another kind of simple living?

klikken sie hier: http://chicken.meetup.com

How would you define power if your steady income and occupation was founded sitting in a 3X3 foot security gatebooth for 8 hours at the west-entrance of UCSC on Heller Drive saturday night at 2330 pm supposedly trying to keep unwanted and questinable characters away from campus?
You would keep the on-coming cars waiting, keep them in the pawn of your motions, waiting in their cars at the stop sign not reacting to the sound of roar from the lone car stopped there, you would ignore their presence at least for - lets say 45 seconds.

nothing looks quite as deserted as a closed, off-season amusement park smack on the beachfront after a winterstorm,the pouring rain, the debris, the san lorenzo river ends here, in the sea, a loner with a metaldetector looking for lost properties, me...


January 08, 2005

I had planned a go at the simple living craze, but was distracted by an article in New York Times under the headline: CIA Report finds its officials failed in pre-9/11 efforts.

The findings, which are still classified, among other things, pose a quandary for for the CIA and the administration, particuarly because El Presidente just last month (see posting 12/15 2004) awarded the presidential Medal of Freedom to CIA intelllligence chief George Tenet, for building a strong case for going to war with Iraq.

Already and selbverstaendlich, the article also empahsizes the methods of how the CIA and the administration is covering their own asses by removing and relocating personal involved in the pre 9/11 efforts and strategics.
An official reprensenting the CIA puts it this way: "To round up the good guys and shoot them for doing their jobs - I can`t help shaking my head."
That the planes actually did hit WTC and Pentagon on 9/11 and the only conclusion possible must be, that the goods guys didn`t do their job doesn`t seem to have any effect.
This kind of bending the thruth and information per se is by some called The Republican Noisemachine.

the deathtoll today: 1333 GI´s in Iraq, 119 in Afghanistan, and an estimated 100.000 dead iraqi civilians, but still there is no official count.

January 07, 2005

with the in-laws out the house heading for europe, i`m again simply too busted to do any serious posting, and with no-one answering yesterdays quiz I consider that the demand will ok me slipping in to oblivion. Maybe I should go simple living and learn how to upscale the finer values of rubbernecking The Family for three weeks, but I can`t. I aint rich enough.
I will however quote from a mail a recieved yesterday: in the land of the blind the one-eyed is king.

he said it:

January 05, 2005


Though totally ingnited and ready to explode by the growing presence and pain of constantly being confronted with white rich jerks promoting the new craze of simple-living, I will as promised launch part 6 of "ASK THE BRAIN", so here it goes.

Who said:

"...anyone wishing to see what is to be must consider what has been: all the things of this world in every era have their counterparts in ancient times...since these actions are carried out by men who have and always had the same passions, which, of necessity, must give rise to the same results."

post your answers as a comment. the prize this time is a book! not just any book, but still a book.

inspired by my friend lennards blog "don´t ask me I only work here", here`s another link in the wonderful genre of pulp-art. more should come, but no, go surf!

klikken sie hier:
und hier:

January 04, 2005

antoher attempt to pick up where I left the ongoing...in 2004: I was writng about the MAI negotiations, and ended where WTO (World Trade Organisation) director Renato Ruggerio, stated that a implementation of the MAI, would "constitute the new global economy". He is right so far that the chances of the few to run global economy is....global, but as to covering the the concept of being global, meaning the world under your wing, he couldn`t be more wrong.

The Citizen is not considered part of the game unless he submits to a fullrange identity as The Consumer.
This is no place for small potatoes, this is merely BIG BUSINESS.

The US Council for for International Business, representing 600 corporations as the US affiliate of the International Chamber of Commerce, has been integrally involded in the MAI-negotiations. The group helped shape the US negotiating positions by providing business views and technical advice on specific issues at regular meetings with US negotiators immidialtely and after each MAI negotiation session (source: Censored 1999, The news that didnt make the news).

Some countries thought that the WTO should oversee the implementation of the agreement, while others, principally the US wanted the MAI kept within the much more exclusive OECD (Organisation for economic Corporation and Development).

So whats the status of the MAI-negotiations today, 2005: The mainstream press has almost completely ignores it, and when the treaty is submitted for ratification, chances are there is no room left for public or legislative discussion.
Me? I`ll set out to find out the status, because I dont know, I`m only driven by indignation, and as long as I dont know this posting will not count for being a part in the ongoing... WHY THIS second rate poet DOESN´T LOVE BIG BUSINESS.

tomorrow: its time for another quiz. Sharpen your pencil and tune in the Brains.

January 03, 2005

for days there I was slipping out of focus and sticking my head up my own ass - pfff, the precious smell, get over it.
Let`s not forget where this blog was going LAST year, and as routines started again today, people running off to work, people running faster for each year passed by, people buying stuff, people throwing stuff that meant stuff away, people believing in stuff, people fighting for stuff, hoping and praying for stuff, people dying wituout ever having owned stuff and people drowning in stuff: let me for a second recuperate the direction the blog was going and that I intend to stick to, mostly barking at BIG BUSINESS and bruising my karma on El Mundo Americana.

On America, I will pick up from here:
The US is the most prosperous nation in the history of the world by far but inly so far..This affluence, however, has not brought happiness. Rather, the US is tormented by numerous domestic problems: racial tensions, poverty, a faltering economy, decaying cities, pollution, drugs, fat, stress, guns, fear and what not. The US have gone from one war to another, the people divided politically, physically and spiritually. There is a breach between the races, religions, and generations. Despite the most advanced communications systens, or because of, people are unable to communicate. Alienation of the self and severe mental diseases seems to be the agenda, the virus of this system which on the other hand no longer can be stated as an US-profile more than it is a general mock-up of globalization.

and so, back to the laundrette...

indepth, klikken sie hier:

just two days into 2005, it dawns on me that I have succesfully participated in five major cultural highlights on american soil: Labor Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Hannukah, Christmas and New Years Eve, and thus have earned the right to consider myself more american than I want. But then again: integration is a phenomenon and not an actual physic action.

here`s hows it feels:
and here`s how it looks:

January 02, 2005

january 2005. Circle, square, figure of 8 or tipping into the ocean?
New year never escapes contemplation, wishes, talks of the future, wrong-doings and corrections, guild, morals, promises, all in the feeble construction of living.
So we ate the craps. Lust and mumbling as we dismantled the claws from the body and almost sucked out the juicy proteinrich meat. Bilingual cheers under the stars, music, dance and these messages in fortunecookies we had with the dessert:

Kim: May the song in your heart spread music to the world.
Morten: You are going to have a very comfortable retirement.
Ignacio: A financial investment will yield returns beyond your hopes.
Cora: You will bring sunshine to somebodys life.
Andreas: Time makes one wise. Ask advice from someone older than you.
Christine: If you are leading the race, don`t turn around.
Javier: Your good deeds are never forgotten.
Julius: Love can make a summer fly or a night seem like a lifetime.
Sine: To know truly is to know by causes.
Camilla: Your strength inspires others.

There were more, but some hung on to their readings, secretly and accordingly to tradition, I think. The party ended quietly absorded by morning come.

January 01, 2005

an early morning wake up call: "We are going to Moss Landing to pick up the craps like half an hour ago." I dress, burn my self on the lousy coffee I buy 10 minutes later at a gasstation with the terrible honest name "Rotten Robbie". We hit the 1 south, escaping the heavy rain stalling at the Santa Cruz Mountains at Watsonville. Vast empty fields covered in plastic reflect the sunlight agressively, and we simultaneously but on our shades and light up a smoke.
The harbour lies still, not an engine running and only a few people is around. We wander aruond the boats and in the far corner we spot one boat "Beatrice" with rinsing water spilling out. A large tank on deck holds about 100 huge live dungeon- craps. In takes us about half an hour and three faild attemps to wake up the sailor, discret knocks and yells. A harbour patrol guy walks buy and tells us he came in just 4 hours ago and that it she was the only boat fishing in the storm that hit last night. Back in the car we try to figure out a plan B, as a freaky looking hippiegirl monster walks up to the boat and jumps aboard. We run out, get hold of her and purchase 14 craps at an average weight of three pounds, 7 dollars a piece, which is 60 percent lower the market price. We drive home like hunters almost feeling we actually went to sea and caught the craps.
On the patio, back home, we set up the propane stove to boil the fuckers red and dead. I call friends in Denmark just in time to hear the CityHall-bells go off, people singing the national anthem in the background I almost cry. For a minute there I`m nowhere. Not the past, not the present, not the future.

Best wishes.