December 31, 2008

pfffffffffff, the small apocalyptic feeling, the sisyfosiac hustle and pushing, the great curve, all in all counting, crawling through the retroport to 2009...

happy whatever in the year to come...

December 30, 2008

Always have ridden me like a nightmarish paradox that The Holy Land 2000 years ac still is the epicenter for one the most deveasting imbalances feeding the consistency of war. And having just celebrated christmas and the Coming Of The Lord Jesus Christ, just adds to the paradox and utter loss of meaning.

Oh Oh Oh The Isarelites! (Desmond Dekker)

May 2009 become yet another a-rambling year for democracy!

December 23, 2008

One more flag man that should make familyfascist Langballe have a better christmas, The Pope Poul Benedikt:

And to eloborate the mental where abouts of the Pope, heres a posting from april 21 2005, about the popes religious and progressive approach to The Modern

Today, For a brief moment, after having neglected it and my house- mantra of “revolution starts at home” , I`ll return to the ongoing soap of WHY THIS secondrate poet doesn’t LOVE BIG BUSINESS™, this being part 45, and turn to the fuzz about the new Pope:
Joseph Ratzinger aka Benedict XVl.

In an earlier posting in December 2004, I emphasized the conflation of state, big business and church, and in the same go I generally outlined the Church as being an equivalent to Big Business™, with the following three arguments:

Why is religion currently to be identified with economy = Big Business™? There are 3 significant features.
1: With the free market religion has changed and is now anchored in three specific capitalist characteristics: competition between religion and churches, commodification and choice. This makes it a part of market economy.
2: Religious ethics makes people choose economics, that is, religion determines economic decisions.
3: The sacredness of religion is applied to the understanding of economy.

So that allows me to consider the new Pope as a CEO – Chief executive Officer – who, as a young man was a passionate Hitler Jugends Luftwaffe – reigning abusiness controlling the mindset over a vast amount of catholics worldwide, with a set of values on 6 important issues, that goes as follows:

Secularism: “We have moved from a Christian culture to aggressive an intolerant secularism. A society in which God is completely absent self-destructs.” (J. Ratzinger, November 2004)Other religions: He has repeatedly condemned ”religious pluralism” and relativism, the idea that other religions can hold the way to salvation, and has been instrumental in blocking the advance of priests who think differently.“This trhuth of faith does not lessen the sincere respect which the church has for the religions of the world, but at the same time it rules out, in a radical way, that mentality of indifferentism characterized by a religious relativism which leads to the belief that “one religion is as good as the another”: (J. Ratzinger in The Vatican Document “Dominus Jesus, November 2000)

The Catholic Sex Abuse Scandal: “One comes to the conclusion that it is intentional, manipulated, that there is a desire to discredit the church” (J. Ratzinger, December 2002)

Women: He is pro-prohibiting on women as priests and criticises feminism for ignoring biological differences. In a church statement august 2004 he called on governments to “mange conditions so that women do not need to neglect their families if they want to pursue a job”

Sexuality and Marriage: He is a leading voice enforcing the traditional doctrine on homosexuality, extramarital sex and artificial birthcontrol, writing a letter to American bishops in 1988, for example he critized their acceptance of condoms to stop the spread of AIDS, saying the American view supported “the classical principle of tolerance of the lesser evil”

About homosexuality and same sex-marriage he rams on: “There is absolutely no grounds for considering homosexual unions to be in any way similar or even remotely analogous to Gods plan for marriage and family. Marriage is holy, while homosexual acts go against the natural moral law”.

Abortion and euthanasia:“There is a last border we cannot cross without becoming destroyers of creation itself. (J. Ratzinger, “God and the world”, October 2004)

December 21, 2008

man of the year, Klaus Doering.
Please, check it out, this is as humanas it gets

December 19, 2008

Jesper Langballe (DF)
The attempted go for a ban on gay marriage seems to have failed for the Danish government, now that the proposal to allow it have been put forward. Following yesterdays posting on the governments declared cultural war, the same government wish to ban gay marriage really just adds to a picture of mono cultural entity.
“Its an ideological attack on the marriage institution,” says flag-man Jesper Langballe.
Langballe is really showing his true colour here: After also earlier this year, opening for the debate on parents a right to violently punish their children, and his utter homofobia, he more and more resembles those of the radical Islamic milieu he so desperately also wants to blow from the face of the earth. Convert my man, convert!

The discussion of whether or not gay couples should be allowed to adoption, might as well be followed by an debate whether or not to ban marriage. It is, if anything a rightfull debate on marriage as an institution, because it has become evident that the idea/institution/construction no longer is a contemporary and fit idea. The debate of gay-adoption, is only one of the much needed debates to develop the free choice (ironically so celebrated by liberals ), and to develop a form and new consensus under which the individual is free to choose – you could say life-form, and so mirror contemporary and modern thinking, instead of desperately, as Langballe, look back in anger
The attempted ban on gay-adoptions is more an ideological attack on democratic institution than gay-adoptions is an attack on marriage as an institution.
The considerations of whether two men can raise a child to be “normal", is so lame and practically saying that a dad (man) in and man/woman relationship has no influence either.

A gay-relationship adopting should and would of course undergo the same public scrutiny. And let it be said loud and clear: The demands put forward now in Denmark, concerning lesbian couples wanting to have an insemination is already close to discrimination. I am convinced that, when you are confronted with those demands and still choose to go forward with the idea, the decision of whether or not to have a child is so thoroughly considered, that there should be no doubt depth of that decision or the competences the couples in question holds.

Stating that a man/woman relationship, and that is what they say – generally has a better statistic chances of succeeding in a long term marriage and relationship and upbringing to me, seems blindfolded and of the perception that only in the company of pigs can we truly become men.

December 18, 2008

The berlusconi-esque colourgrade of danish official govermental cultural policy is still, that culture is a matter of figthing, eradicating the benefit of doubt, being judgemental (rindal-mental), being prejudice, afraid, in other words: lets breed the mono-culture: in more words: culture is something you can win by stigmatizing, control and supression, The Arts is best under strict control and quota regulations...beautiful up to date approach. Drop the bomb!

December 15, 2008

While everybody awaits the return of Stein Bagger from his US prison, danish multimillion corporation, PFA, a company with an economical foundation based on the obligatory pension payments of joe average, is deeply involved in yet another scam masterminded again by a celebrated Wall Street investor Bernard Madoff. PFA faces loss in the area of 165 million danish coronas, Danske Bank(Bank of Denmark) and insuracecompany Nordea, another estimated 350 million danish kroner. Bank of Denamrk is already looking at a 350 million corona loss in the Stein Bagger soap. Thats approx. a 500 million corona loss for Bank of denamrk within three weeks, and I speculate weather its fair if the goverment has considerations letting their crisis-pack for the banking-world cover that loss.

Following a downfall of the economical sytem per se, I cant help to wonder if a ladder part of the hot-air balloon that consituted the capitalistic hard-on over the past years, is anything but a hypthetical construction, an economic wild west, a klondyke, a New Era Goldrush, that understood the subtle art of individualizing the profit merely on socializing the risc, thus, as raw capitalism in its soulless core-value is, a self-consuming monster set to crash hard, pulling a flappergasted half breathing world to it knees, to the abyss.

The conflation between capitalism and democracy is dead in the cradlle, and the cultural war still racing, terrorising and vacuuming the US and large parts of the MiddleEast in particular, into utter poverty cant never be said to be a mission accomplished.

Save our Souls. There is no more moral highground. Stop praying and start running.

A New Order classic "blue monday" here: to kick off a week of more Hammergeil Cereal Box Life and Leisure Structuralism...

December 14, 2008

Following Rene Schmidt - of - around Berlin, to check out the gallery scene, you gotta get up early and et ready for a nitty and consequent show-down.

48 galleries in 48 hours. With galleries clustered together the number it self isnt the issue, its the amount of galleries that stand out: We ofcourse encountered less furtunate exhibitons, boring exibitions, bad exibitions, bad art and bad taste, but that said, The Berlin Gallery scene adds flavour to a the city that comes out super-dynamic, open and welcoming. It also elaborate the problem and many issues in the progression of the commodification of art.

But that aside I was blasted away by the works of photographer Yeondoo Jung (For Your Loneliness II), painter David Schell, photgrapher Jay Mark Jonhson, sculptors Tony Cragg and not the least american sculptor Chris Larsson.

Larson, Minnesota-based scupltor, was represented at gallery, with a midevael looking contraption, build in wood. What firstly came out as a giamt toturre instrument was dotted with references to mythlogy, magic, music, science, farming and neurology. The complex constructions was clearly functional, and created a strange dark but somehow romatic feeling. A truly original and new form, a new scuptoral language.

Moreover or besides the arts. I made it to HARDWAX, treptower park and some plastered night life and openings, and I`m looking forward to spring in Berlin.

December 10, 2008

from today, a virgin trip to berlin. at last....

December 06, 2008

after a long visual nadir, check out the new uploads at my flickr account.

December 05, 2008

Never been a great blues fan and this just adds to my pleasure. Gary Moore ripped off his pathetic hymn to heartbreak "Still got the blues" from an obscure german band....Gary No Moore royalties...

December 04, 2008

without being judgemental or in any other way taking part (except for the high entertainment-value) in the on going soap of IT-mutant and crowdpleaser Stein Bagger, who seemingly have disapearred with 500 mill. danish coronas and leaving hundres of individuals in the dust, danish tabloid Ekstra Bladet, in their editorial today emphasis a point about Stein Bagger that seems, firstly very ekstrabladsk, and secondly...really really strange. They write:

"The system was so blinded by greed, that Stein Bagger, standing only 170 centimeters tall..."

Ill leave it open for interpretation...

December 03, 2008

A little aftermath of the american presdential-election was left in my inbox today, from compadre extraordinaire, Kris Badkar, from across (and beyond)the pond. I quote:

".....Finally, I was so wound up and expectedthe Republican bastards to steal the election that I had a sense ofimpending doom... riots in the streets, an overthrow of government,revolution and rebellion. Fortunately, my boy Obama won and I was allemotional and relieved. Then O addressed the crowd and I thought, man, isthe guy really going to be our President? I mean I don't want to puke whenhe speaks. He speaks English, like an educated person, can he really bePresident of the US? Isn't it elitist to be so eloquent? Won't "Red State"America grab their guns and a 6 pack, hop in the pick up truck, and juststart shooting at schoolyards because it's UnAmerican to discuss politics inan intelligent manner? Is it possible that America has turned around andgrown-up after Bush beat the brains back in them? I was in Las Vegas for a business convention, watching the election resultsin my hotel room. I had to go down to the casino floor to see thereactions. I half expected to see people throwing dollar bills in the airand celebrating, dancing on tables, making toasts to the New One. No, Iknew it was just a pipe dream. I came down and there was no change indemeanor, just business as usual in the gamblers' den. So I got myself adrink at the bar, shoved $10 in the video poker machine, and listened toconversations floating by. Red State bastards. They are afraid, veryafraid. He's going to increase taxes. He's a socialist, going to take fromthe rich, hardworking whites and give it to black welfare mothers. He'sgoing to infringe upon the right to have a loaded gun in every room. It'sthe damned "liberal media" that elected that mutt. He's going to killbusiness and capitalistic principles. The terrorists must be celebrating.He's not an American citizen and he's really a Muslim. He's acceleratingthe Apocalypse and the End of Days. He only won because all those blackpeople voted for the first time. Blah. Blah. It just took the wind out ofmy sails. No celebrating now Morten, I've got 47% of Americans to convert, kill, or bekilled trying. There is a serious divide in this country. Someday soon,there's gonna be civil war. Even if Obama is a grand success and can turnthis economic and global relations mess around, "they" will find a way ofblaming him for all the evils in the world. He'll have to be our nextLincoln to save the Union, or be killed trying, and I'm like John Brown on arampage to alert the people, something is rotten in the state of America...."

squirt or swallow...

December 02, 2008

Oh Yi Come decemberreligion worth billions
away the mystique from the shopping spree
this is what we see and can truly believe

December 01, 2008

Like every christmsmas is basically a rerun of emotions, rituals, consumerism and urban tales I join the corps of howling wolfs with a 2004 tale of poverty, which I intend to do every chritsmas for as long as I blog: Through repetition to create a plausible cultural narrative.

In the first days of december I was poor, and that in it self is a very good reason not to be head over heels in love with Big Business. I was poor and poverty is embarrassing and paralyzing. I was poor and I was out of cigarettes. Two things that is not a sociological surprise in The States; being poor and a passionate smoker, but nonetheless: I needed my smokes, and I’ll be damned not to get them.
I had about 3 dollar and 75 cents in coins, that’s about 140 coins because I was down to counting one-cent and five-cent pieces, and 2 dollar 16 cent, sitting on my debit-card. I took the car down to the local Seven Eleven Foodstore(!), on the mercy of big business reluctant to shop there, but that was as far as the car would take me, running really low on fuel. When you are poor, it’s hard to uphold your principles.Once in the shop not wanting to disclose my poverty to the afro-American woman at the register, I asked for a pack of American Spirit Lights, and ran my card through the slit.And no surprise to me: the display says: “Declined”.“Let me just try again” I told her, and I did, and it did. The card was declined again. “I don’t understand. I’m awaiting a transfer from Europe, and it should have gone through…like…days ago” I lie in total self-denial. I’m ordering the transfer tomorrow, and only threw in the Europe fact to deroute the focus of my situation.“You know what, let me just run to the ATM-machine on the other side of the street to see if it looks different.”I actually did it, and I almost believed that it would look different, but I knew very well that it didn’t, I was in other word HOPING that it did, knowing that it WOULDN`T and it didn’t. No tengo dinero!The three dollars and seventy-five cents I meticulously had counted before leaving and left in the car in a plastic bag, were just waiting to picked up and spend. And so it goes: I picked up the coins in the car, which I wouldn’t even call money, and went back into the shop.“Well, the money hadn’t come, but if you would be very patient with me, I’ve got my parkometer coins here, and I think if I count them, it’ll pay a pack of smokes..”“No problem” said the clerk, and I emptied the bag on the counter, just as about a group of people entered the shop, and lined up behind me. I had counted as long as 2 dollar 80 cents, and piled the coins up, when the sweat started to drip. I looked at the price tags under different pack of smokes and saw the cheapest, a pack of Gold Coast: 2,79.“Allright, give me a pack of those” I said and pointed to the Gold Coasts.“Which?” says the clerk, and brings out a pack of Chesterfield, 3,89 dollars, from the rack next to the Gold Coasts.“No, no, the ones left…”“Oh, the cheep ones…-of course…sorry” she says.“No problem” I reply, as I get the pack and scrape the rest of the coins into the bag. I leave the shop stumbling, pushes the door instead of pulling, though it says PULL on a big sticker. Once outside I rip the pack open, not having smoked for hours. The smoke is good, but loose, and disappears in 6 drags. A one-minute fag to ease the long pain of being poor. A week later when the money had finally come through I went back to the same shop to buy more smokes and in that sense expecting to prove my credibility to the same clerk: I`m not poor. It was a freak situation. But she wasn`t working.Instead it was this incredibly fat, toothless woman, who almost took my craving for a glassy donut and a cup of coffee away. On the counter lay a laminated pricelist stating the many prices of different donuts, which I by accident push of the counter with my coffeecup. The woman then picks it up places it on the counter again and with a smile saying.“Oh you guys! All you wanna do is to see me bend over….”

I havn`t shopped there since.