August 30, 2007

paperspåse/ selfportrait, june 07.

today I have freshened up my flickr account with a few snapshots from the last six months. untill my lap is up and running accordingly to my needs, quality is random as I merly use my cellphone for shooting.

August 28, 2007

Happy Day Express.

With nearly every craftman and handyman out of my life, completing a one year around the clock reconstruction project of my apartment I am as happy as my all time favourite kiddie-star Little Marcy, the most persitant positive force to have surfaced since astroturf in the late fifties.

Happyness includes, being back on the net, an automatic dishwasher, volouptious deepfreeze, spacious doublebed, rooms for the kids, 2x3 parallel velux roofwindows, for ever in depted to neolibralism and on and on...goes the happy day express.

August 23, 2007

A lazy blogger no, Ive just been busy dying.

About a week ago primeminister Fogh Rasmussen finally granted journalist Bo Elkjær of Ekstra Bladet (danish tabloid) an interview about the danisk engaement in Iraq. Having waited no less than 671 dyas for the interview is was no surprise that the primeminister, newly tanned and always newly travveled, came well prepared. More prepared than Mr. Elkjær anywyas. Denial, denial, denial, was the general approach to any question, and the most stunning answer the primeminister offered to the Iraq gridlock was. "We gave them the offer to accept democracy, which they declined!"

Well they you have it. Those bloody arabic ignorants! They we are with all the wonders of war and they doubt the general idea: Well then, they dont d e s e r v e it, do they?

Coluld the clearcut new impelism stick out more sore? It reminded me of the a book I read as a kid called "Conquest of the World" - discriptions of early explorer such as Magellean, Colombus, Bering, Cook and others and...yes...have they more or less conquered the world, wit the bible in one hand and christianity in the other. Read, weap or get killed!

Depressed I flipped to the page of this here newspaper and tumbled upon that particular weeks isting of "most viewed tv-shows" in Denmark. Not of the ten listen was anything remotely contemporary. O yes, sports, but....the list consited of listings such as "Huset på Christinashavn", "Olsen Banden", "Danamrks Sødeste hund". "BAronessen på slottet" and more of the likings and each of the programs watched by between 400000 and 700000 indivudals. Its old news, I know, but its scary news, because basically it means that each night the democratic models offers this: Sit down, shot up watch mindnumbning shit! And thats what happens. Approximately 1,6 million danes, thats almost half the population, each night follow the same pattern and behaviour. Thats a good part of the democracy the ignorant bastard arabs declined. Allthough im sure they love watching tv too.

back to getting busy dying

August 08, 2007

Raja Bjarne.

Having had a summer of much turbulence, freaky deadly weather situations, killer heatwaves, the gridlock symbolic suicidebomb that is The Iraq War (also know as Enduring Freedom), it seems to me to be a good idea to point out to te teachings and ideals of being humble.

On sunday august 5th danish Raja Bjarne of TM (Trancendental Meditation, founded by Mahareshi Mahesh Yogi and in particular famed for rubbernecking with The Beatles one weekend in 1967), in Politiken tells about one of the perspectives of his work inside the TM Organisation: World Peace.

Having just bought the most expensive manor in Denmark (56 millioner kroner) he is now looking for 250 devoted people to form a collective meditation group, to secure or initiate: WorldPeace. But for this he is short of fonding, and his humble wish goes:

"It is not stricly neccesary with a 56 million kroner mansion. But the property is suited for other acticvities, and offers a good oppurtunity to prove that TM is more than a joke or a trip. Thats it is not a secterian utopia, but that we have clear knowledge and technology, which have helped - basically - every one who ever attended a seminar here. But we still need economic support to establish the group, that can secure WorldPeace..."

See, humbleness. Is that too much to ask?