January 29, 2007

First day in court.
The opening statements was....as tv, but not tv, but very real. Exiting, twisted, arrogant outburst, protests from the audience, a judge with a cold, but first and foremost: tense, very tense.
And first of all I am very interested to see whether or not the court will allow the accusing part (www.gk2003.dk) to take primeminister ti the witnessbooth for interegation. If allowed, he, Anders Fogh Rasmussen, will be summoned to court within the next two weeks.


January 25, 2007

Prímeminister Fogh Rasmussen is enraged: claiming that Danmarks Radio (Danish National Broadcast www.dr.dk) have provided series of incorrect information, concerning DR`s airing the much talked about documentary movie The Secret War (http://www.dr.dk/dr2/hemmelig), about the war and Denmarks presence in Afghanistan.
He wants an investegation, and allthough he is also minister of the press, and thats the Free Press mind you, he seemingly wants the whole concept of Denamrks Radio shot to smithereens.
"Dealing with serious matters like this, it is of utmost importance that you get yor informations and facts straight" he says, after there have been raised doubt about the credibility of some of the participants in the docomentary

"....it is of utmost importance that you get yor informations and facts straight".
Hold on there Mr. Rasmussen, thats why some wish to see you in court. The war! Remember, bending the constitution and the UN charter, based on what?

see you in court

Think again and remember this: minister means servant.

January 24, 2007

I did something I havnt done for years:
I signed up, supporting a political initiative: The Constitutional Comitee 2003 concerning the war in Iraq.

Short: 4000 danes are suing the danish goverment, personalized by prime-minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen, decision leading to participating in the war in Iraq. The case opens in court on monday. This decision is in clear opposition to the basic fundament and principle of the the Danish Constitution of 1953.
First obsticle: To get the compentence approved to even take the matter to the court.
Primeminster Rasmussen is off the opinion that there is no case, as is his rapid answer everytime he is cornered: But thats really up to the legalsystem to decide, and the risc of having the case a turned down by the court could (and should) be considered a huge democratic problem, and an explicit and depressing result of instant historical revisionism.

It is, I admit, a complex case, that I will follow from the sidelines in the court and more...


January 22, 2007

two democrats are aiming for El Casa Blanca 2008:
one woman, one white woman, and one of colour, I mean coloured, black, no... afro-american male.

Anyways, I dare you: None of them will be president of Estadas Unidas 2008.
My 50 dollars I bet on Jeb Bush, Florida guv`nor, and one stand up charecter from the winning team!

January 20, 2007

Australian Open is on! I am a cheering for this piece of perfection to take the Womens Title:

Maria Sharapova

January 18, 2007




The case of a copenhagen goldsmith who gunned down two burglars (in the back) have apparently for BT meant a good case to discuss the right to selfdefence, or to take the matter of law and justice into ones own hands:
I have a preminition, again. Crystalball is my middlename, but: A pertition is own the way: 12000 danes will sign a statement, take it the minister of justice, demanding the man to go free...not at least expecting it. Like it has become a trend to over the last years in Denmark with similar case, that touches something in the depths of our national consciousness...

January 17, 2007

reading Lennards blog, I got to think of:

Johannes Holbek, an almost forgotten danish artist who died 31 years young in Paris, suffering from serious scizofrenia. Befriended with especially dansih sculptor Rudolph Tegner, Holbek was a mulittalented artist, not the least a very sharp minded satiric cartoonist


January 16, 2007


text tv tonite, tv2

Fuck that is the clever response from danish refugee council. Not the UN, not the war in Iraq justifies an interference with dk domestic affairs or any a special law.

I hate to say it, but I said it weeks ago, but there I said it didnt I?It had to happen. Oh What a proud and vain nation from which I origin.
What the f... is going on? Have we totally lost it?
Refeguees is defined by the danish government more constituted as a cultural social failure by their own doings, and totally neglect the push and pulls of the world, an in particular, totally in neglect that the warfare in Iraq justifies a humble wish of seeking your feeble happiness elsewhere!

My days of recycling thus are over, from now on I will reload!

January 15, 2007


TV2 news tonite:

4000 new troopers enter Bagdad.

Bush means business. Only days after having announced his wiseass strategy for stability, peace and democracy, the first 4000 of (at least) 21000 new troopers enter the Green Zone and the Anbar Province. Im not much for preminitions, and maybe you don`t even have to get one in order to fear another worst case scenario....

"a new poetry of real experience and a reinvention of life are bound to spring..." (Raul Veneigem in The Revolution of Everyday life...u can say that again)

January 13, 2007

if your boss asks "how much do you think is enough?" remember to answer "how much is possible?" and if he says "jump" you ask "how high?"

then we all will be elvis` now. baby, we can all be elvis now, baby we are all elvis now.

January 09, 2007

who is "we" sweet queen?


a daily, weekly or whatever-ly comment on headlines from the vast reality of The Medias, espically motivated by the excessable access to free newspapers.


Yesterdays edition of URBAN had chosen among others, these two headlines for the frontpage:

1.Book your hairdresser appointment online

No it wasnt a commercial. The article emphasizes that danish hairdressers now have introduced on-line booking, as part of a project developed by it-company HAIRTOOLS, in an attempt to widen the use of the digital signature.
Thats good news.

2. The elite is selfsufficient.

A research project have concluded that "the rich wanna live where other rich lives". The project have been facilitated by Ugebrevet A4, and was carried out by Epinion and Arbejderbevægelsen Erhvervsråd (The Business Council of The Worker Movement, in it self somewhat of a contradiction).
But I mean, what a waste of...business. Anyone can take the train up the coast from Copenhagen, and from Hellerup and north conclude its like a fucking layercake of The Elite, the flower of fucking nobility.
They isolated themselves, they wash hands, they wipe blood and nurish on blood, they inbreed, they make friends and blah blah blah... Thats why its called the cocksucking elite aint it?
Thats old news. It aint news, thats for sure.

January 07, 2007


I have only few personal info on Monika Pallesen, who died on friday night.

But Monika, was untill a few years ago the owner of copenhagen-bar Cafe Intime, a classic hide-out at Frederiksberg which bid welcome every thinkable gender and age with immense warmth. Other than being the perfect hostess, Monika was graced with an incredible voice, which she on more occassions shared with a very loyal audience. A crossover between Billie Holiday and Lill Lindfors.

I have more than one time entered the cafe ready to blow, but with the ambience and friendliness with which you are always met, left lighthearted and senseless. I have shared many precious moments at the bar with locals and friends from The Big Abroad, who all agree, that this is one of the most original corners of danish cultural life.

I wish all the best for Monika and her family, and all the best for the new owners of Cafe Intime, who over the last years have succeded to keep the place running acoordingly to the style Monika guarenteed by her presence. I guess that the essential word describing her, and the bar: style.

Godspeed Monika and thank you


January 05, 2007

"Chain", see flickr account for more pix.

Of the art-openings I have attended over the last years, the one I went to on wednesday was by far the most strangest one.
Rene Schmidt of
http://www.3deconomy.dk/ had, as 1 of three contributing artist – the other ones being Malene Landgreen and Malene Bach, produced two sculptures, PONG and CHAIN, to be placed and installed at the new headquarter for The Supplyunit of the Danish Army ( Forsvarets Materieltjeneste, hard to translate).
Anyways, the following statements should give a clear picture of what I am trying to say:

“Yes, we are the department that keeps the war running. The logistics of sending material overseas is crucial as it complex, and central to the fact that we are a country in war” told the officer who accompanied the civilian guest to a cantina ajoining The Atrium where a very militaristic New Years Parole were being held, of which I understood nothing other than the somewhat hegonomic rituals. Details can be found here:
Dealing with the military, it has always puzzled me that these highly manipulated individuals in uniforms are in fact adults. But then again, adults do stange stuff. In uniforms or not.

After a 90 minute parole we at level 3 (the 40 civilians), was led into The Atrium, where the same officer who explained me the layout of his work in the cantina, presented the art project represented by the three artists. The three artist then gave a brief presentation of their work, the officer then yet again took to the mike and encourage the good 300 guests to “take into sight the artwork by independently utilize our mobility and move around in the domicile”.
So be it, so I did, that’s why I came. But not before having I joined the excessive buffet: cheese, fruits, sandwiches, chickens legs, meatballs, bacon wrapped sausages, and handmade chocolates, coffee, tea and sodas…no alcohol.

I then proceeded to the courtyard where Renes large steel sculpture is placed. His work is, I think, firstly characterized by a highly original form-language. He has succeded to duplicate and further develop the 3D significance normally associated with digital images. The result I think, is the forefront of a new school, also represented for example in the works of australian artist Ricky Swallow: http://www.theprogram.net.au/featuresSub.asp?id=1549&state=1

My participation ended after two hours, at the reception where I had exchanged my drivers license for a laminated guestcard to even get in. I then spend a good half hour lost in the vast space of the new industrial landscape in the surburbs of Ballerup. Company after company, mostly hi-tech industries, in new massive domiciles, most of them square as cerial boxes surrounded by predesigned teletubbie landscaping, hills and lawns. Planet Commute.

The yearmachine is on the run.

January 03, 2007

the yearmachine is on the run, them big wheels just wont stop spinning