April 30, 2008

Just got back from a debriefing at the union concerning the perspective of serious cutbacks on social budget in Cph City.

Though being at the union it was per defintion impossible to discuss the proffesional problems and non the les, the social problems that surely will occur following cutbacks. It was primarely a economical debriefing, and the foresseable problems "would be discussed and related to when and if they occured..."

Saddening as it is it seems to be a reality that it is impossible not relate to, and it paints a picture of lack of proffesionalism administrating Cph budgets, but also a serious lack of respect for the proffesionalism that socialworkers at streetlevels have, the experience they gain and especially the relations they build to the youngsters in question. So basically my question is just: why hire educated people for streetlevel work, when all they want is loyal bend-overs who do as thet are told within an impossible economic framework?

The problem seems to me to be extra serious when arguments like trade proffesionalism at the Union is overruled by economial real politics...

But alas: Happy may 1st tomorrow. Whats the saying: hooray Hooray Its the first of may, outdoor fucking begins today?

April 29, 2008


Nyhedavisen today writes about supermarket Superbest and Spar that - because of a world food crisis - are starting to buy up and storing neccesities as flour, oil and rice.
In major part of the emerging and strugling world foodriots has been seen over the last month as a could be warning of a nearby recession with a nasty face. I too have felt the prices go up, but this one as performed by Superbest and Spar just aint ok. It reminds me of the YEAST crisis back in 1998. We are - where we are - in no immidiate danger of foodshortage, and maybe we should think about sending something the other way or start work the tradebarriers thats keeping a ladder part of the third world to its knee.

Same argument could be hammered against the proffesor who yesterday, in the same newspaper stated that ecological farming is egotistic and asocial and harmful to the progressive development in the third world. Hypothecal I give him the corner of of thruth in his perspective, but untill serious political will initialize to seriously revolutionize the structural mecanisms that keeps poverty as a funky capitalistic tool for getting it what you want, when you want it and where you want it, no third world country will rise above average.
If it do not happen sometimes I could,wish - as I did when I was a simpleminded justseeking child - that we would face severe poverty here, in DK, high and low and be left with nothing but yeast flour rice and oil and a fishingpole.

April 28, 2008

Bored? No, just monday. Makes me remember how incredible uplifting these aliens was at parties in the early 80s

The B 52s

Later that same monday: Now that I am at recommendations I will shop the movie "Half Nelsson" (2006/Ryan Fleck) that led a quiet life in danish and international cinemas in spite of a wellearned Oscar nomination for leading male actor Ryan Gisling in the part of Mr. Dunne:

Mr. Dunne, an idealistic teacher who thrives on teaching and motivation but who has completely lost his attachment to the surrounding society and people - a disillusioned force of talent.
He slowly slides backwards into abuse but on the way there he strikes up a peculiar quiet friendship with one of his students, also facing a much faster downfall.
The quiet opposition the two of them poses narrates the movie safely through without any extra layers, but basically its a very heartfelt and in many ways a confirmative existenstial movie.


from this early monday morning and on, each and every monday, each and every week, each and every year, decade, jahrhundert andmillineum, this praise will and should go out:


a recommandation.
John Kennedy Toole


April 25, 2008

today at work,

the disappereance of social dynamics and synergi leads to the excessive palace of violence

with time more on the subject, distressful friday: please, cant you just let me eat with that fucking knife and fork, you with your hands and fingers and then lets leave it at that - we eat what we eat-  and run naked through the woods howling with the grey pack of wolves to which we all belong and in which we all hunt?

April 24, 2008

today at work, Ahmed - a 6th grader - told me that he was wondering whether ethnic clustering and community formation could be seen as necessary products of migration to global cities and that cultural and political interaction should negotiated around complex processes of inclusion and exclusion, and of cultural transference.

later in the teachers lounge other stuff was aired like who is the boss of who and when and who to communicate it to and what tree can and can you not bark at which snake at the root of the tree can you be without pissing against the wind or poisening the tree and does 32 years of experience necesseraly have more body than 11 and who runs faster and how to sit tight and who to fuck and how to fuck who up.


April 23, 2008


Some readers of this here blog will notice, that as of today the layout has changed. I thought that after a good 40 months with the same set up, it was time to freshn`it up, which in my book meant calling Lennard - again - setting up a date, and with his patient, competent, emphatic, humourous and bitchy approach, the result are as you see: different.

In the meantime I need help to figure this one out.

If numerous politicians of the danish opposition during a electorial campaign promises to fond a collective 5 billion kroner payraise over a 5 year period for every danish public servant, wouldt the way to figure it out - trying to define the monthly raise -go like this:

5000000000 divided by 60 divided by X (number of public servant in dk/800.000)divided by 12?

Help me! I suck at math. My mathteacher beat me up in 6th and 7th grade, and in 8th grade he kicked me out of "his" school, which was a relief but didnt help my mathematical competences.

April 22, 2008

...and who said socialdemocrats dont have a sense of homour. today Karen Hækkerup - off a long string of Hækkerups in danish politics - says to freebie talbloid Urban, that young juvenile delinguents younger than 15, doing graffiti or smashing windows and more of the same, should be punished accordingly by cleaning up their own mess.
She wants the job done by the colloborating unit SSP (School, Social, Police) and the actual verdict to be carried out and controlled by Schoolmanagement. So much for thinking in terms of positive relationwork.

The real joke is, that again it is proposed to make social politics using criminal justice. It cant be done.

I have also uploaded my 1021st photo on my flickr account. a proud little selfmutilating gunslinger am I. And this is my 750th posting on NOASRP. Tonite I get drunk. Dickheaddrunk.

April 21, 2008

Who said conservatives dont have a sense of humour:

Minister of Justice, Lene Espersen says in Polititken today that she will expel terrorsuspects - captured in Denmark - to countries that uses torture, if, and read IF, they promise not use it against the one She hands over.....

April 17, 2008

Fuck It. Once again it seems I am a losing my job. For once I had a 7 month period lined up without any plans of travelling or anything similar insecure, I had in other words assimilated the white thrash middleclass values of getting born, working, shopping and dying. 

And getting fired, this time not due to me being a Loudmouth, but by the continuum of Idiocy as praticed by the lefties in Copenhagen Citycouncil.
More specifics on the matter later, today I am just a really pissed off second rate poet. Its not that I like it but this one feeling of being ditched is pissed and fucked.

April 16, 2008

Going through some old notes yesterday, I found a bundle dating back to 1998, when I was working as a postman.
At some point in 1998 Denmark was confronted with a a political crisis that - then as now - led to a big strike, which again led to the fact that the average dane went into a shoppingfrenzy ensuring to fill their friges and freezers. Especially YEAST disapperared from the shops quickly and people went in to a YEASTPANIC, which among other things meant that YEAST was flown in from Norway. Nobody faced death by starvation, and as a loyal postman I had no time to participate in the strike and yeastpanic, as I for week after week still had to deliever one kilo of printed commercials leaflets on each doorstep, letterbox, mailbox on my route. It raised serious doubts as to which planet I inhabited. And still does.

April 15, 2008

poetic recycling.

After 8 months in this job my alarmclock has worn out. I find it lying at the floor one morning, frozen at 0547, stopped and somehow a mash up. I decide to bail work today and install the typewriter closer to my bed, and write it out, but not before I have spend half an hour repairing a alarmclock - a russian brand - that I bought at an openingsale recently to encounter this situation. I find an old battery under the kitchen sink, lick it, and define there should be enough power for at least three days wake up calls.

Its boring. It doesnt work, the dream that was the goal here disappears like popping steamed almonds. My boss is on the phone. 0615.
"I happens way to often" he says, and it gets to me that he is right. I hang up, my moral shredded and my loyalty to the idea of work flatlined. But I care. I relate to my neglect and the indifference.
12 minutes later I am at work. Nothing happens here besides work: The tired greetings, a silent cry, catatonic, we barely communicate.

I have bought a new alarm clock, a plastic mosque. I now have three alarmclocks up and running. I rented two flicks, "Twister" and "Fresh Meat 3". John Leslie debut directing porn. I have already masturbated three times today.
I fall asleep around eight and wake up at 0411, all the lights on. I turn it out, rewind the porn to a random fuck, watch it for five minutes. I am really too tired, I dont get turned on. I feel like throwing up, the porn...I mean, it is not very subtle, refined: Some fingerfucking, a blowjob or a rim job, then fucking untill someone is being almost strangled in cum. Tired, plainstruck eyes, hate. Industry. Non the less I fall asleep with my dick in the palm of my hand.

Next day, afternoon. Harbour bridge is a killer in the storm. I am wet to the bone, still really tired. I meet her entering a supermarket, which she is leaving with her daughter. We recognize each other instantly allthough we havnt met for more than 10 years. We talk for about five minutes. She is either busy or nervous.
"Who is that strange looking man?" her daughter asks, no answer. Its been years, and years for a reason and we do exactly what we shouldn`t. We set up a date that same night.

I cant remember her name. At the doorphone I dont know what button to ring, I cant remember her fucking name. I leave. Its 1998 and raining.

April 14, 2008

Ooops. Forgot to mention these guys, dont know much about them, only that they post a new track every monday from their bunker at Amager, Cph, DK:
thus the name: Mandagsmusik - mondaymusic.


random outtakes from frontpage story in Nyhedsavisen today:

Kimmie is so looking forward to come home and show mommy, her friends and her boyfriend her new breasts.
"You will be the most good looking girl in the family", Mommy said to Kimmie before she went off to Poland.

"A lot of danes wants to combine surgery and holiday a n d safe money at the same time" says initiator of SurgeryTravels, Atef El-Kher (Elkjær?).

Today (and basically) everyday three woman in Denmarks are having voloumious breastimplants made.

"The younger generation will no longer accept, that they look like they do..." says Chairman of Danish Society for Cosmetic Plasticsurgery Per Bjerregård.

promising perspectives: lots of humoungos tits and pretty boys.
We want the future and we want it now.

April 13, 2008

Swedish film-maker Roy Andersson in Politiken yesterday:

"I am not a romantic, I do not believe in The perfect Society, I do not think it exists. Socialism was a natural protest but was cruely mistreated in Eastern Europe, so now, here we are and do not really know what to do. Capitalism hasn`t proven to be any solution either..."

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7ofPRv29RMs (worth a click!!!! Commercials by Roy Anderson, beyond beyond!)

April 12, 2008

Copenhagen kindergarten and related institutions and daycarecenters are - once again - facing strikes, following tight negoations.
Not only am I really annoid that had come this far again, and find the whole juxtapose somewhat ridicuous and anachronistic. A sad reflection of class and powerplay that I think we should and move beyond beyond, proportionally with the speed the General Public has ousted any reminiscens of socialistic thinking and anything related.

Future "navigator" Liselotte Lyngsø said in an Interview in Søndagsavisen, that the society as such should start looking for a whole new way of thinking when it comes kid-care and institutions. One of her central points is this:

"While mom and dad are getting footmassages at work, their kids are getting squashed luchpacks, which they eat accompanied by halfsnotty and halfsick kids in a rundown institution whit way to little room and to few adults - whick winds the kids more more up."

Moreover she points to the fact that familys with kids are being treated by one standard. She continues:
"We force them to get up at the same time, get stock in traffic at the same time, go on holiday...together, while in the meantime the rest of the soociety lives in a 24:7:365 around-the-clock open society. We should help the families, by creating the same criterias..."

The woman Rocks!


April 11, 2008

Conversation at work yesterday, in the teachers lounge...

"What day is it today, wednesday or thursday?"
"Hmm, thursday..."
"Yes, thats another week gone by right there, thats amazing...!"
"Hmm, wasnt Rita just here?"
"Yes, she left...."
"But there is coffee, guess she is pissed off then. Again."
"Is there anymore coffee? Thats another week right there pasing by, amazing."

Nothling like observant and loyal workbuddys.

April 10, 2008

The other day I mentioned APPARAT ORGAN QUARTET, today i bought the dvd: SCREAMING MASTERPIECE (for dkr 20, at TIGER, Vesterbro Torv, Copenhagen, hurry...).

A really intersting documentary on 1000 years of musichistory from Iceland, for me must interesting focusing on the stunningly active and original punkscene which gave sound to KUKL and SUGARCUBES, which apparently did the groundwork for a seemingly exploding musicscene, among those APPARAT ORGAN QUARTET.

Recommended!!!! Hurry!!!


April 09, 2008

68 years today since The Nazis like water osmosised into Denmark facing little resistance.

"Yes we kill real people", Ekstra Bladet http://www.eb.dk/ headlines today and continues, "..we are at a real war now" refering to Afghanistan. God, I gotta stop reading that shit tabloid.
Now? March 20th was the 5 year aniversary of Iraq invasion which sofar has cost an estimated 100.000 civilians death, a war that raced to, but didnt win a headstart to the invasion of Afghanistan... Whats more real about it now than 5 years ago, and what exact species is real and which is not as to which you can differ what you have killed?

I think I wrote it before: war isnt war from war to war, war is a constant, a continuum. A soap. A cliffhanger...

strange dream as night became day, clouds became mountains, and then as day became night mountains became clounds, and so it went on. standing somewhere isolated and observering not knowing, what was day or night, whats was mountains or clouds.

she then races through my head like a truck screaming grow up or get up dreams dont mean a fuck grow she screams grow the fuck up

April 08, 2008

April 07, 2008


Maybe its because I quit smoking or maybe it is just at genral lack of consistency, because: if any I a moan and i bitch on this here blog but p-leaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase:
If we can ban cigarets in cafes and what not could I or we at least expect a little privacy or...I mean, could I at least be freed from participating in the obsessive bitcing and moaning, I mean, this morning right: I went to a cáfe to have a slow breakfast, to read a newspaper thoroughly, to let my mind wander in and out, seeking grounding after last weekends touckdown and mondays reentry to the small reality of steady work.
I ordered my coffee, the croissants, the jam and cheese, sat down at the high chairs with an excellent view to the park overlooking a sunlid spring morning when two women entered the cafe, and sat down next to me, and started to talk. No thats not true, they were speaking as they entered.
I do not mind conversation, I love them, and I cannot escape bitching nor moaning, but I am however a ferm believer in discretion and the noble art of being humble.
Its close to prejudidism to say the blabbering is a female charecteristica, but nontheless. these two never stopped! 65 minutes nonstop, bitching and moaning on an estimated 12 or 13 common friends: about the psyche, their careerchoices, their marriages, their kids, and all related: Judgemental, backstapping, nonreflected blabbering. And not one fucking pause in the conversation, which make it to something else than a conversation: a kharthasis, a cleansing. Letting out steam of build up bitchery. And loud bitchery, not a discrete conversation no: A message to the world of the semiholistic insights and how-to-help-your-self routines.
What I wabnt to know is why? Why do I have to hear or even know of their seemingly miserable lives? Could we allow signing asking people to shot the fuck or at least be consider the extent and volume of conversation?
As I said, maybe itrs because I quit smoking but please. Shot the Fuck Up!

April 03, 2008

back in Denmark,
awake in a stream of sunlight.
Sweet april: One of the most celebrateds moments in my life ever, the reoccuring of spring, find the spot where the first beam of sun awakens you, no wind, just skin and heat slowly getting under it.