July 27, 2006

with literally only minutes to go (
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/William_Burroughs) it hit me last night staring out my AsiaHotel room 575 window, that I have no way of concluding where the groundlevel of Bangkok is, besides the waterline, which I cant see from there.

The skytrain passes me at one and two levels higher than I live. I have to take the elevator to the 12th floor to get to the swimmingpool, from where I can look up or down at the city, but nowhere in sight can I see ground level. Highrise buildings, some being build night and day, some at a standstill since the economic breakdown in 97, freeways in three and four layers constitutes a rare collection of ghosthouses and raw capitalism, everything is free flow.

I take the elevator down to the second floor from where I can walk directly to the skytrain station, though I have to go one level up to get the right train. I commute to Siam square, to a 10 floor brand new shopping mall, get off at level four, elevate to level 2, then escalator to level M, which you can say is minus 2. If I had taken a car and wanted to park here I would still have another minus four levels to go down. I visit the OceanWorld extraordinaire, then escalate up to 6th floor to 2000 sq. meter bookstore, then down to level four to the trainstation to catch the BST (Bangkok sky Train) which leaves from level five. A sense of a constant and very noisy vertigo.

Generally it seems nothing is left non-utilized.Thus, I see and I have the future at hand. I leave this country with a silent promise of returning.

July 20, 2006

a humble celebration at NOASRP: photo number 100 have been uploaded.

thanks again to lennard.

July 18, 2006

summer shave your pussy
im coming home
diving out of a dream at the end of days

July 16, 2006

The currently ablazed situation in the Middleeast, concerning The Israelites, Palestinians, Syrians and Lebaneze, pales out the haywire situation of Thai domestic politics, but on the other hand paints an even brighter picture of an International Society on the verge of collapse. Maybe because the IS has more often been a day by day reference point, a mindless creation to fit the political climate, an illusive figure of speech, that might had a thing going in the first years after World War II. But now, as every schoolboy can conlude, the raveging Zionist problem is a clearcut epilogue of WW II, which only serves to emphasize the nonexisting will of the IS, and which also leads me to conclude, that war is not a matter of culture or ethnicity or hate. It isnt darwisnism, social or physical: Its boredom. It must be. It must be boring, and it most be out of boredom.

July 15, 2006

this country (Thailand) seems to be on the verge of a genuine political breakdown, or even worse a coup. I have totally given up on holding on to either head or tale in the cronologi of the cases in question. The link below is just one of many.
It kind of makes me happy for what I am, a tourist, a tourist with the most divine of choices: to be able to come and leave, anytime I want, how I want, and to where I want. Tourism is the most underrated ism of them all.


July 12, 2006

in english newspaper "The Nation" the following is quoted from article under the headline "Brits are in danger here":

Thailand is one of the most hazardous destinations for british holiday-makers, according to a leading insurance provideres analysis of claims made by its globbetrotting clients. The Kingdom (Thailand) was the place where tourists were most likely to suffer from 1) food poisening, 2) theft, 3) traffic accidents, and 4) loss of belongings, Norwich Union says."

Without being particually prejudice, this is really why The Brit tourist face so many hazards.

Food Poisening: The reluctance to eat local thaifood, make the Brit crowd european style resaturants, where they are served imported fish and chips and jelly made from generally lousy produce, and more of the likings. And this to a price that only The Brit (tourists) are able to pay. Underpayed thaiworkers in the kitchen run by non-educated british (s) ex-pats, shove them around cooking up food they have no heart for and knowledge of. Thus, the foodpoisening often occurs.
The survey should have warned the tourist to avoid european style restaurant and eat local, which they more than often, dont.

Outside on the street the streetvendors sell perfectly fine local food to one third of the price.

Done with the meal The Brit leaves the restaurant in his ENGELAND soccer outfit, fat and pale, to jump his rented scooter and drive piss drunk home. Even though thais also drive in the left side of the road, this seem to be a trouble to cope with for anyone who drives drunk. Thus the traffic accidents is often another selfinflicted hazard.
Then returning to the hotel drunk and bruced the maid havent done the hotel room properly, and that pisses The Brit off, and someones gotta take the blame for something, and he calls up the insurance company and claims his digitalcamera to be stolen...

The survey really makes aout that Thailand in it self constitutes a hazardous destination, but do not mention the fact that is is in most cases selfinflicted hazards due to lack of respect and thoughtfullness that puts most brits and tourists in general in danger.

Enough said from a falang who got thrashed by an elephant.

July 11, 2006

"By plane, car, horse, camel, elephant, tractor, bicycle and steam roller, on foot, skis, sled, crutch and pogostick the tourist storm the frontiers, demanding with inflexible authority asylum from the "unspeakbale conditions obtaining in Freeland", the Chamber of Commerce striving in vain to stem the debacle: "Please to be restful. It is only a few crazies who have from the crazy place outbroken."

"Pictures of men and women, boys and girls, animals, fish, birds, the copulating rhythm of the universe flows through the room, a great blue tide of life."

from NAKED LUNCH p. 44 + 81 (by William Seward Borroughs).

July 07, 2006

and in danish...

jeg har spekuleret paa hvorfor alle disse jyder i deres pisse praktiske sandaler og naermest uniforme paaklaedning pisser mig saadan af, der er flere grunde. foesrt. hvorfor finder de sig i det. hvorfor er den homogenitet, som ikke har en skid med faelles vaerdier saa betryggende, eller rettere tilfaeldet. hvorfor kan de holde ud af gaa rundt i bankok i grupper paa op til 30...fordi de er bange for de sorte ikke, men de vil gerne have oplevelsen, men det skal ikke koste dem en skid, og af de millioner af mails der bliver sendt hjem med ALLE detaljer, og jeg mener alle, maden, vejret, lagenerne, pis mig i oeret, ikke fortaeller at de bare er en af de 30000 der ser pracis det samme som de andre. de tager alle sammen paa de samme trekking ture, de samme oer, som fiske paa en krog med et underligt fjernt blik i oejene, fulde af mistillid til guiderne, stoler de mere paa deres egne fordomme og forestillinger om hvordan det virkeligt er, fordi, hvis det er anderledes kan de ikke forstaa det, og det er maaske problemet. Vi vil saa gerne forstaa det, forstaa det som noget HELT andet, nogle andre systemer der faar folk til at loebe hurtigt og knokle og kneppe og roevrende og stige op og stige ned og stige af, men det er en fuldkommen spejling. der er ikke noget at forstaa. vi er ens. det er systemer. det er systemer. af ingenting, gentagelser, afslutning, opture og nedture, men mest af alt aflsutningen ikke....det store punktum, det endelige udraabstegn, paa et eller andet tidspunkt, holder det hele op. Bange, gruppen er en hodepude, den er nem, bekraeftigende, men i hodet et ynkeligt forsvar og mulighed for at oppe individualisme...

four words
quting danish painter Tal R.


July 02, 2006

the way things are, shit comes violently and sudden, equally propotional with the lack of consistency, metaphorically speaking.